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On certain public holidays, a young girl with Melusine feelers and human face can sometimes be spotted upon the streets of the Court of Fontaine — She is none other than the head nurse of the Fortress of Meropide, come to enjoy her vacation.
But why does she have such an appearance? Though nearly every Fontainian has their own theory, it is still a matter of speculation, with no consensus reached.
But few know that the answer to this question is closely tied to a matter that lies centuries in the past, and is one of the very few memories that brings a smile to her to lips.
However, this part of her past has been buried in her heart for far too long, becoming but a beautiful story. Should you be willing to be her friend, she will relate that story to you.

The Warmth of Lies is the first act of Sigewinne's Story Quest, the Nereides Chapter. In order to unlock this quest line, the player needs a Story Key, must have completed Chapter IV: Act V - Masquerade of the Guilty and Diluvies Chapter: Act I - The Remains of the Past Day, and reached Adventure Rank 40.

During the Story Quest, the Traveler helps Sigewinne solve a mystery revolving around peoples' identities suddenly changing.

List of Quests[]

  1. Beauty Expert
  2. Switcheroo
  3. Underground Crime
  4. The Truth of What Was


Beauty Expert

Walking around the Court of Fontaine, the Traveler and Paimon discover a beauty promotion occurring outside a store. They soon run into Sigewinne, who had come to the city for a vacation per the Duke's insistence. She had likewise run into the promotion, which made her curious as she also writes for a magazine owned by the Fontaine Beauty Association. As Melusines perceive differently from humans, Sigewinne considers that they consider a person by their "cuteness," and her knowledge has gained her many followers. Paimon then asks her why she looks like a human and wonders if she's a half-Melusine, causing the Traveler to give her a stern look of disapproval.

Sigewinne is not offended and reveals that she isn't a half-Melusine; instead, she chose to retain her human-like appearance long ago. She explains a story in the past regarding a Melusine who traveled to the surface when they were discovered by Neuvillette, where the Melusine befriended a human girl. They enjoyed playing, primarily roleplaying that of a doctor and patient. However, the girl became gravely sick one day, and the Melusine tried to treat her, but was shunned by her parents as the Melusines were viewed with suspicion at the time. The Melusine, determined to save her human friend, decided to visit a "witch", who had a potion that could give her a human appearance, but warned her that she would lose everything that attracted her friend. The Melusine disregarded the warning, consumed the potion and returned to treat the girl, successfully doing so before leaving. Ever since that incident, Sigewinne had decided to remain in her human form.

Paimon remarks that the story felt more like a fairy tile, while the Traveler compliments Sigewinne for her kindness. Paimon then states that Sigewinne had sacrificed a lot for her friend, who tells her that as a doctor, they must always be ready to make self-sacrifices for the greater good. Suddenly, Calcagni begins the official sale of the new skin lotion, created by a Mr. Rawat from the Fontaine Research Institute. As Rawat explains his product to the audience, he notices Sigewinne and has her examine one of the samples. She finds it an extremely high, one-of-a-kind product, prompting everyone to buy it in a flash. As Sigewinne continues her conversation with Rawat, the Traveler and Paimon decide to try it too. Rawat recognizes the Traveler and Paimon and agrees to answer some of their questions before taking his leave.

Sigewinne states that while the product is impressive, it could still use refinement and explains that she had avoided offending him by omitting it from her conversation, as doing so would likely upset him and he would not give them free samples. Sigewinne decides to make them a better version of the product and asks them to fetch some materials for her, as she has to return to the Fortress of Meropide to treat inmates at the infirmary.

Returning with the materials, they arrive at the infirmary to find Sigewinne treating a patient, Erick, who claims to have seen his doppelganger at the prison. Wriothesley explains what was going on to the Traveler and Paimon, while Sigewinne finishes up her diagnosis, though she is not sure if he has a mental problem. Wriothesley decides to have him sent to the ward for further observation, as a rumor would be devastating. He also has Sigewinne handle the case, as the Marechaussee Phantom were needing his assistance in another matter. Wriothesley informs Sigewinne of their guests. While she appreciates their arrival, she is handling another patient and asks them to wait at a nearby bed.

The next patient comes in, and as Sigewinne treats them, the Traveler and Paimon are shocked to see the inmate's face "melt" off. Odilon informs them that the Marechaussee Phantom and Wriothesley had made a major breakthrough in a case and arrested many suspects, with this particular suspect being a grave offender. Sigewinne finishes treating the inmate, Potton, before Odilon brings him back to his cell. They give her the materials, while Sigewinne decides that they could help her with another patient. She asks the Traveler to lay on a bed and feign sickness. While they had impressed her before, she needs them to do it for her next patient.

A young boy named Luc darts into the infirmary, where Sigewinne has prepared a cup of medicine for him. Luc does not enjoy the medicine's bitter taste and asks her if she could just give him a note telling him he was recovering, but Sigewinne encourages him to drink it, or they would end up like the Traveler, who feigns sickness. The sight of the Traveler convinces Luc to drink the bitter medicine before leaving. Sigewinne reveals that she learned this from her teacher, who was a human and had died long ago. Her teacher was a traveling doctor who helped the needy, and she also scared children who refused to take her medicine. Sigewinne has fond memories of her teacher before realizing another patient is about to come and asks them to continue helping her.

With the day nearing its end, Sigewinne states that she still has one more job to do; preparing the meals for inmates who had been overworking themselves. As they would refuse to eat it if she made it in front of them, she had to prepare them for the Coupon Cafeteria, who would finish up the dish for her. Sigewinne guides them through the preparation, which includes Slime Condensate, Xenochromatic Crystals and finally some frog meat. The meal was being prepared as she saw an inmate working two days in a row, prompting Paimon to state that she has everyone's interests at heart.

Delivering the serving to Wolsey, another guard, Courbevoie, informs Sigewinne that Erick had made a full recovery and wanted to leave the ward. They head to the ward and Sigewinne gives him another test, finding nothing is wrong with him. Erick admits that he had been overworking himself and had a slight breakdown, apologizing to Sigewinne. Sigewinne recommends that he take two days off to recover, and as Odilon brings him back to his cell, Sigewinne remembers that she still had to make the lotion for them. Paimon insists that they could wait tomorrow, as she had done a lot today.


After spending a night in the prison, the Traveler and Paimon look for Sigewinne at the infirmary. All of the suspects apprehended in the previous case were now claiming mistaken identity. Some of them were also intended to be released, so Wriothesley orders Lambersart to not release anyone for the day, claiming that they were out of forms to do so. They decide to look for Erick, who is unable to complete the test Sigewinne gave him. Thus, the possibility that the serious offenders were swapping identities with inmates who were about to be released becomes more realistic, but Ceasth states that they would have spotted any changes. Sigewinne reveals that there is a possibility of them having used a potion that not even a Melusine could detect. Lambersart then comes in and informs them that despite his efforts, some prisoners ended up being released, which included the serious offenders.

Wondering how they could catch them if the Marechaussee Melusines could not detect them, Ceasth then realizes that they could go to Rawat, as the criminals had stolen his research. Sigewinne decides to go with the Marechaussee, much to Morgane's concern, but relents after seeing the Duke approve of her decision. Arriving at the institute, they inquire for Rawat's location. The researcher, Bognor, suggests that they ask his friends, though he reveals that despite being a researcher, Rawat doesn't get into a deep conversation with them, which he believed was no way to make friends. The two split, with the Traveler, Paimon and Sigewinne inquiring about Rawat through his "friends," all of whom show signs of disdain due to various reasons.

Finishing up their side of the investigation, they regroup with Morgane and Ceasth. Though there were few leads, they ultimately decide to visit his mother's house, as it was the legal address that he had put in when registering his brand. Upon arrival, Sigewinne senses that someone is extremely ill inside and asks how they could get the door open. Ceasth manages to open the door and they find a sickly old lady, who Sigewinne treats. While she treats her and has the Traveler fetch various items, they discover a note revealing a secret lab. They inform the Marechaussee of the discovery and they convene outside the entrance.

Underground Crime

Storming the facility, they discover the criminals who had escaped and apprehend them. Morgane orders Dupont to stand guard at the entrance with other guards, telling him to call reinforcements if they didn't return. As they explore the facility, they realize that it was actually a production plant for "Butterfly Dew," though Morgane questions why the facility would be in such a remote location. Sigewinne states that they would only know the answers when they found Rawat, and they continue further in. Eventually, they come upon the rest of the inmates, who were arguing with Potton over the potion, as they were angered that their faces would "melt" off like his and he had not told them about it. Potton agrees to help them if they could bring him an undiluted sample just as Morgane and the orders storm in and detain them, but Potton had snuck away in the chaos.

Potton then closes the chamber and begins to leak poisonous gas inside, while Sigewinne manages to stall him by revealing that the potion would not work, as she had deduced that the lotion was made from the remains of dissolved Fontanians prior to Neuvillette abstaining them of their sins. She reveals a potion that could mimic it without relying on Primordial Water, which gets his attention. After learning the formula, Potton agrees to release them if she gives it to them. Sigewinne calls him out on his claim, knowing that he would leave them to die and has him open the sluice gate first, which he agrees to, allowing the party to escape.

Outside, Sigewinne reveals that she had a potion that could neutralize the gas, much to Morgane's confusion. Sigewinne reveals that she knew where he was going and urges them to head to Rawat's house. There, they find Ceasth having dealt with a criminal, who they recognize as Potton. Potton claims to be Rawat, much to Morgane's chagrin, but he explains how he used a potion to change his appearance and become popular, as he was reviled in his original state. Potton calls out Sigewinne, knowing that she had used a similar potion and believes that they are both the same. Despite his crimes, Sigewinne convinces Morgane to let him see his mother a final time. Inside, Potton tries to get his mother to recognize him, but fails to do so, but she recognizes Sigewinne. As Potton demands to know why she was answering her, Sigewinne sadly tells him that she was gone, and he is soon apprehended and hauled away.

The Truth of What Was

Returning to the Court of Fontaine, Calcagni begins promoting a new product, "Romaritime Flower." Sigewinne reveals that she was helping Morgane wrap up the case and that they had taken all of the "Butterfly Dew" from the market and were going to safely dispose of them. Morgane then arrives and hands Sigewinne interrogation papers. After seeing his mother a final time, Potton confessed everything to them, and had been working with Vacher. After the flood reduced the supply of Primordial Seawater, the gang was desperate to acquire more and had resorted to attacking people, which ended in failure and their apprehension. Before leaving, she asks her to keep the potion a secret, which she agrees to.

Sigewinne later has the Traveler and Paimon accompany her to the Morte Region to pay respects to her teacher, where they find both Wriothesley and Neuvillette. Neuvillette reveals that Sigewinne herself was also a former inmate at the prison, as the story was true and she had broken an ancient Fontanian law regarding the forced change of a species to be a human, which he believed was Egeria wanting to keep the true origins of Fontanians a secret. Her teacher had also discovered the truth, but left her a potion she could use. As the Traveler and Paimon head to Sigewinne, they realize that her teacher was actually the "witch" in the story and remark on her personality. After serving her time in prison, she ultimately chose to stay and became beloved, before getting an invitation where she reunited with her old friend, who recognized her despite her now-human appearance. She had wanted to tell Potton the same, but had sensed the warmth in his hand fade away. Sigewinne then reveals that she had made an extra potion.

Paimon refuses it but wonders if Sigewinne would want to use it on herself. She also declines, stating that she's fine the way she is and they destroy the potion.


32 Characters appear in this Quest:


No.Soundtrack NameAlbumPlayed In
13Perilous PathCity of Winds and IdyllsShadow Over Mondstadt, Kaeya's Gain, Mondstadt Glider, Justice, for Books' Sake, The Fond Farewell, Festering Desire (Quest), Archon's Rival, Involuntary Sacrifice, Blind Loyalty, Reckless Courage, To Hear Mortal Hearts, The Snowy Past, The Oni's Pride, Sky-Gazers, Land-Walkers, A Centuries-Long Dream, As by a God's Side, Where the Boat of Consciousness Lies, Dream of Falling, Fragmented Testimony, Shade Upon Red Silk, The Truth Shrouded in Shadow, An Opportunity for Rebirth, Fiction and Reality Inside and Outside the Frame (Quest), Memories That Should Not Exist, Switcheroo
Event Gameplay
23Slight DistressCity of Winds and IdyllsKnights of Favonius (Quest) (cutscene and dialogue), Wild Escape, Behind the Scenes, Should You Be Trapped in a Windless Land (Quest), The Fond Farewell, Defender of Childhood Dreams, Dishonorable Trial, A Flower Blooms in a Prison, Victory Banquet, The Oni's Pride, Jnagarbha Day, Dream of Falling, Unfathomable Defenses, The Night-Bird Falls at the Curtain's Call, A Thorough Investigation, The Lone Isle Glimpsed Through Fog (Quest), Stained Spots, Birds in a Cage, Vanquishing Phantoms, Switcheroo
28Deductive RenditionFountain of BelleauLies Cast Shadows Under Gathered Lights (Logic Chain), The Truth Shrouded in Shadow (Logic Chain), Mask, Switcheroo
29Contemporary TestimonyFountain of BelleauLies Cast Shadows Under Gathered Lights, Fortress of Meropide (Quest) (cutscene), Underground Crime
49Les murmures des flotsFountain of BelleauDeluge of Wrathful Waters, Fiction and Reality Inside and Outside the Frame (Quest), Hunters' Gathering, Buried Honor, The Truth of What Was
57Nocturnal IlluminationFountain of BelleauDeluge of Wrathful Waters, Hunters' Gathering, Vanquishing Phantoms, Underground Crime, The Truth of What Was
28A Wicked PlotThe Shimmering VoyageInvoluntary Sacrifice, A Herald Without Adherents, Dishonorable Trial, A Flower Blooms in a Prison, Jade Chamber Rising, The Stars Inscribe the Year's Wishes, Foregone Conclusion, As by a God's Side, Jnagarbha Day, The Strongest Opponent! The Biggest Crisis!, Pride and Prejudice, Shade Upon Red Silk, It's What He Deserves, The Woven and the Cut, Underground Crime

Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishThe Warmth of Lies
Uso no Nukumori
The Warmth of Lies
Korean거짓말의 온도
Geojinmarui Ondo
SpanishMentiras piréticasPyretic Lies
FrenchLa chaleur des mensongesThe Warmth of Lies
RussianТепло лжи
Teplo lzhi
VietnameseSự Ấm Áp Của Lời Nói Dối
GermanDie Wärme der Lügen
IndonesianKehangatan Sebuah KebohonganThe Warmth of a Lie
PortugueseO Calor das Mentiras
TurkishYalanın Sıcaklığı
ItalianIl calore della menzogna

Change History[]

Version 4.7
  • 2024-06-25: The Warmth of Lies was released.