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The Unexpected Guest is the first part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Interlude Chapter: Act II - Perilous Trail.


  1. Go to the lower levels of The Chasm
  2. Talk to Yanfei
  3. Go deeper within The Chasm
  4. Discuss matters with everyone
  5. Go to where Yelan is


UI Quest.png Quest Description

Concerned about the situation down in The Chasm, you and Paimon decide to go investigate, only to run into someone altogether unexpected there...
(Upon logging in or completing the requisite quests)
Paimon: Hey Traveler, remember that pit at the bottom of The Chasm? You know, the one that the giant pillar smashed into.
Paimon: Paimon took a quick peek before we left last time... There was some kind of light coming from inside. Don't you think that's a little strange?
Paimon: Oh, so you've been wondering about that too, huh? Now that we have some time on our hands, let's go and take another look.
(Approach the location)
Paimon: Whoa... Well, this place is just as creepy as Paimon remembers it. If it wasn't for our little investigation, Paimon wouldn't ever come anywhere near this place.
Paimon: Huh? Hey look, there's someone over there!
(Approach Yanfei)
Yanfei: Oh? (Traveler) and Paimon? I didn't expect to see you two here.
Paimon: Yanfei? Shouldn't you be at work in Liyue Harbor? What are you doing out in the middle of nowhere?
Yanfei: Well, to be perfectly honest, this case is a little out of the ordinary... In fact, this is the first time I've ever witnessed the bottom of The Chasm.
Yanfei: Oh, but before I forget! Could you do me a favor, please? If anyone happens to ask about me or my present whereabouts, just tell them you haven't seen me!
Paimon: Huh? What are you talking about?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yanfei, you didn't...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Do something illegal, did you...?
Yanfei: No, no, it's not like that. Look, it's quite a long story.
Yanfei: So if you could, please just cover for me. I'll see you later.
Paimon: Hey! And there she goes... Huh, what in Teyvat was that all about? Paimon's starting to feel nervous all of a sudden...
Paimon: Do you think she did something illegal and now she's gone into hiding here? *gasp* Or maybe something super scary happened...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Doubt it, Yanfei is a legal adviser, after all.
Paimon: Don't be so naive! The world is complicated these days, you know. We should be prepared for the worst, if something really did happen, we might find ourselves becoming her accomplices!
Paimon: Oh, what a dilemma... Should we really cover for her...?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Paimon, you are the one that's both naive and complicated...
Arataki Itto: Hey! You over there! Yeah, you!
Paimon: Ahhh! Someone's coming!
Paimon: But that voice sounds pretty familiar...
Arataki Itto: Haha, it's you two. So uh, what are you two doing in a place like this, huh? Wait, don't tell me... you're on vacation!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's the one and oni Itto.
Arataki Itto: I must say, you two are lookin' pretty good, things been going your way lately 'cause I have been doing amazing.
Paimon: Uh Itto, who's that behind you?
Kuki Shinobu: Hey there, I'm with Arataki Gang, Kuki Shinobu. Nice to meet you!
Arataki Itto: Ahahaha, right, I almost forgot she was back there. Let me introduce you to Shinobu, the pride and joy of the Arataki Gang!
Paimon: Oh! Another member of Itto's gang!
Arataki Itto: Lemme tell ya, she's one of Hanamizaka's best and brightest, so of course she's in the gang. Shinobu takes care of practically everything in the Arataki Gang. She can protect you guys, too, you know.
Kuki Shinobu: A friend of the boss is a friend of mine. You must be (Traveler) and Paimon.
Paimon: Yep yep! Nice to meet you too, Shinobu!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Nice to meet you, Shinobu.
Kuki Shinobu: The pleasure is mine. I have a feeling that we'll be working together soon enough.
Paimon: So, uh, Itto, if she's the one that takes care of everything in the gang, then doesn't that kinda make her the gang's real boss?
Arataki Itto: Pff, are you kidding!? Of course I'm the boss. To the four corners of Teyvat, there is only one boss of Hanamizaka's legendary Arataki Gang. Me!
Paimon: Hmm, okay Paimon gets the dynamic now. A useless boss with an ultra-capable subordinate...
Arataki Itto: Hey, you...! Ugh, you know what, forget it. The average person couldn't possibly understand the dynamics of the Arataki Gang. As the leader, I can't let myself stoop down to your level.
Arataki Itto: Anywayyy, have you seen a pink-haired legal... uh, mage lady? Wears a goofy hat, knows everything, kinda short.
Paimon: Uh-oh!
Kuki Shinobu: Her name's Yanfei, she's a legal adviser from Liyue. I thought perhaps you two would know her.
Paimon: Oh, no... we haven't seen her! We don't know this person at all! Hehe...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Seriously, Paimon...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You let it slip the moment you said "uh-oh."
Arataki Itto: Aha! So you have seen her.
Paimon: Uh, no, what gave you that idea!? Paimon didn't say anything!
Arataki Itto: Aww, look at you getting all antsy. Ha! Seems I was able to get to the truth after all.
Kuki Shinobu: When someone is lying, their eyes often start wandering subconsciously.
Kuki Shinobu: Anyway, don't worry. I assure you we don't have any ill intentions.
Paimon: So uh, you guys know Yanfei?
Arataki Itto: Well, she uh, kinda saved my life. So yeah, you could say we've met.
Paimon: She's saved your life? Wait, hold on, what are you two doing in The Chasm anyway?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Sorry, Paimon can be a bit slow...
Arataki Itto: You know that the Sakoku Decree has been lifted recently in Inazuma, right?
Arataki Itto: Well, Shinobu wanted to come to Liyue and pick up her graduation certificate. I came along because it's safer to travel in numbers.
Paimon: Graduation certificate? Did you study in Liyue?
Kuki Shinobu: Yes, I studied law at the Tongwen Academy in Liyue. Unfortunately, the Sakoku Decree was implemented just when I was home visiting my family before graduation... so I'm a few years late getting my graduation certificate.
Kuki Shinobu: We were taking care of some errands in Liyue and the boss got tangled up with some Millelith while we were standing in a line... He was about to get arrested when, luckily, Yanfei happened to be walking past and helped us out.
Arataki Itto: Yep. If it wasn't for her, our trip to Liyue would've ended with me in the slammer, hehe. So, you know, I just wanted to do something nice to show my heartfelt gratitude.
Arataki Itto: But she said she didn't need my help with anything. I thought there's a chance she might run into trouble here on her own, so I followed her here... just in case she needs me to come leaping to her rescue.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So, you're forcing her to accept your help.
Arataki Itto: What? No, it's not like that at all! Look, I just want to protect her, OK? She looked like she was in a hurry, so I thought she must be out doing something important.
Arataki Itto: People can get into trouble when they're out in the world dealing with serious business, you know? I'm just being considerate, really.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Do Oni usually repay acts of kindness like this?
Arataki Itto: Listen, Granny said that a man must learn to be grateful, and I'm gonna help this legal adviser lady, no matter what it takes.
Paimon: That's nice and all, but what if she really doesn't need your help?
Arataki Itto: Haha, you're joking right? I mean, that's not possible. Of course she needs my help.
Kuki Shinobu: Ahem, (Traveler).
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (Is Shinobu trying to hint at something?)
Kuki Shinobu: ...(that way)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (Maybe she's hinting for me to distract Itto...)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Uh, Yanfei went that way.
Arataki Itto: Ah, great, thanks! I'll go after her. Shinobu, time to roll!
Arataki Itto: Fear not, my savior! Itto's coming to your rescue!!!
Kuki Shinobu: Appreciate the help. Until next time.
Paimon: Uh Traveler, did you just send Itto the wrong way on purpose? Shinobu seemed pretty sharp, Paimon doesn't think you can pull one on her like that.
Paimon: Or maybe, she knows that Itto can be a big nuisance, so she's trying to stop him from bothering Yanfei... Oh if that's the case, then wow, she really knows how to call the shots.
Paimon: Well, at least this way, nobody will be bothering Yanfei. If we run into her again later, we should let her know that we helped her out!
Paimon: Alright, now let's go take a look at the crash site from last time.
(Approach the bottom of the nail)
Paimon: Look, Yanfei is here, too!
Paimon: Hey Yanfei, we've sent away the people that were following you.
Yanfei: Oh, good, thanks a lot. The guy with the weird outfit seemed super outgoing. Normally, I don't mind making friends, but I've got work to do today.
Paimon: Oh? So what kind of work are you doing in a place like this? Don't tell Paimon you're thinking about becoming an adventurer, too!
Yanfei: Well, as a legal adviser, sometimes I also have to travel in person. I came to The Chasm to deal with a will.
Paimon: A—A will...?
Yanfei: That's right. I found a will inside an old book, I'm guessing it was left by someone of great importance. It appears he lost a magical device and wished to retrieve it.
Paimon: Paimon didn't know legal advisers have to deal with that kind of thing. What a job...
Yanfei: Will execution is also part of my work as a legal adviser. Of course, cases like this are quite rare. The Chasm is not the kind of place you can just waltz into whenever you want.
An athletic figure leaps down from above...
???: Oh? So, you do know what kind of place this is...
Paimon: Eek! Who's that?
Yanfei: Ah, I thought I might find you here.
???: Whatever case you're working on in The Chasm, I'm sure Liyue's top legal consultant can handle it without my input.
Yanfei: Huh, that's funny — I thought we'd established that my legal opinion doesn't count for anything when Yelan's around?
Paimon: Uh, who is she?
Yanfei: This is Yelan. Liyue's uh... Well, let's just say she works in the Ministry of Civil Affairs. I can at least say that much, right? Anyway, she's a friend of mine.
Yelan: Sure. Coincidentally, I have something to do here as well. Seems chance has brought us all together.
Yelan: You may not know me, Traveler and Paimon, but I've certainly heard about you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Oh really? I guess I do have many friends in Liyue...
Yelan: You're all here on business, and it's my job to monitor The Chasm. According to regulations, I should accompany you.
Yelan: But as it turns out, I have other things that require my attention. I'm afraid I can't join you this time. You may go about your business, just try to not make a ruckus.
Yanfei: Aww, that's most unfortunate, I was about to ask for your assistance.
Yanfei: Could you spare a little time to help me take care of this will... for old times' sake?
Yelan: Hmm, I dunno... depends what's in it for me...
Yanfei: Fair enough, I suppose even a guide needs to get paid. It just so happens that Madame Ping gave me some nice tea. I'll treat you to a cup, if you agree.
Yelan: Hehe, why don't you tell me a little more about how you got here first? Then I'll...
???: Hey! You!
Paimon: Uh... Itto? What is he doing back here!?
Arataki Itto: I know what you two did... You really tried to throw me off, didn't you? Hmph, and I thought we were buds, (Traveler)!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, they're also my friends, so...
Yelan: That's close enough.
Arataki Itto: Huh? Who are you?
Yelan: Sorry, this area is part of The Chasm. It's closed to the general public.
Arataki Itto: Are you kidding me? I don't see any warning signs or fences, what gives you the right to keep me out?
Yelan: Kid, where there's real danger, you'll never see a warning sign.
Paimon: Uh, Paimon never knew this place was so important.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It really is an unusual place...
Yanfei: It's true, this is not a place you can just go in and out of as you wish. That's also why I didn't want anyone to follow me. Unfortunately, you didn't listen...
Yelan: The Traveler has done a lot for Liyue in the past, and Yanfei is a renowned legal consultant in Liyue, so I can trust their intentions. As for you two...
Arataki Itto: Hey, what's that supposed to mean!? You trying to say I'm not famous enough and my intentions are no good?
Yelan: I don't know your background, so I can't give you free passage here. Besides, Yanfei doesn't seem to need your help, does she?
Arataki Itto: Hah! How would you know what Yanfei needs? What, are you two joined at the hip or something?
Yelan: Right... Anyway, I don't need to be a mind-reader to see that...? In any case, as a visitor from Inazuma, I'd suggest you defer to a local when in doubt. Stick to the local rules and keep yourself out of trouble.
Arataki Itto: Argh! Why you...
Kuki Shinobu: Please, try not to be impulsive. She is right, you know.
Paimon: Uh-oh, things are starting to get a little heated here...
Yanfei: Not good... He really shouldn't start butting heads with Yelan.
Kuki Shinobu: It's true that we don't know anything about the unique conditions of this place, so we'll heed your advice and leave immediately. But if this really is a dangerous area, seriously, you should put up a sign.
Yelan: Thanks for the suggestion, I'll consider it.
Arataki Itto: Oh yeah? And what if we don't leave? Hmm?
Kuki Shinobu: Boss!
Yelan: Then I'm afraid things might get... unpleasant.
Arataki Itto: Is that so? You really think you can take the two of us? Gotta admit, I like your optimism.
Yelan: Although you're friends with the Traveler and Yanfei, I'd still suggest you heed my warning.
Arataki Itto: Haha... thanks for that, but too bad I'm not buyin' it! If you're so strong, then why don't you show me what you got!
Kuki Shinobu: Hold on, Boss. There's no need to start a fight here!
Arataki Itto: Oh, no, I'm going in whether she likes it or not.
Yelan: Heh... You think I was joking around, huh?
Paimon: Oh no, these two are about to go at it!
Yanfei: Please wait a minute, you two. This whole thing started because of me. Why don't you save me the embarrassment and just... huh?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (The ground is shaking!?)
Yanfei: Uh oh, it's a... Ahh!
Arataki Itto: Hey stop trying to change the subject! I'm gonna... huh?
Cutscene's Travel Log summary:
Following the violent shaking, the ground collapses and all of you fall underground...
(Itto screams as the ground collapses)
(After the ground collapses)
Paimon: Ugh... Ouch...
Paimon: Wh—What happened? Hey, (Traveler), are you alright?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm fine.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Did we fall... into this place?
Yanfei: Oww... putting my books under me to break the fall didn't help at all.
Yelan: This place...
Paimon: Wh—Where are we...?
Arataki Itto: Ugh, gonna feel that in the morning... Hey, Shinobu, Traveler... and my savior! Is everyone okay?
Kuki Shinobu: *sigh* Well, this is an unfortunate turn of events.
Paimon: Hey, so uh, how far down did we fall?
Yelan: ...
Yelan: It seems the ground collapsed during our little confrontation up there. Perhaps because we triggered the elemental forces...
Arataki Itto: Well, don't look at me. If you weren't so rude, maybe I wouldn't have gotten mad. Who can put up with that kind of 'tude?
Yelan: It's my duty to stop intruders from breaking into important places. If telling the truth sounds rude, then I'm afraid you're just a little too fragile.
Arataki Itto: Hey! Life's too short to give in all the time!
Kuki Shinobu: Boss, I'm afraid you're not going to win this argument. I suggest we stop provoking her.
Arataki Itto: Hey, whose side are you on here?
Kuki Shinobu: I'm simply pointing out the facts. I understand how you feel, but you're making my life difficult by starting random fights with everyone.
Paimon: Heh, looks like Itto can't argue against either Yelan or Shinobu... He's in a real tough spot now...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So Itto and Shinobu are kinda like you and me.
Paimon: Huh? Hey! What do you mean? Don't you dare compare Paimon to Itto!
Arataki Itto: Whoa, whoa! What do YOU mean? You lookin' for a fight too?
Paimon: P—Paimon was just saying how it is... Everyone knows you're a bit of an idiot.
Arataki Itto: You calling me an idiot!? Oh yeah, well you're a puny little flying Lavender Melon. Hah!
Paimon: Flying Lavender Melon? Ohhh that's it, Paimon's mad! Time to give you an ugly nickname... Uh, Bull-Chucker! Hmph, you better mind your manners, Bull-Chucker.
Yanfei: We seem to be a long way down from where we fell. It's impossible to see what's going on up above.
Yelan: It's unlikely we'll be able to climb back up that far. We'll need to find another way.
Yelan: I'm sorry to interrupt your lovely little chat here, but I think there's something you may need to know.
Yelan: The Chasm is regarded as a mysterious area in Liyue. It was sealed off for years due to a mining accident. Whatever goes on down here, I suggest you remember this: You didn't see anything, you didn't hear anything, and you're not gonna ask any questions. Save you from getting caught up in things you shouldn't know about.
Yelan: I won't treat you as hostiles, and in exchange, I hope you won't make things difficult when it comes to keeping secrets.
Arataki Itto: Huh? Where does she think she's going?
Yanfei: Like she said, to search for an exit. Chances are that Yelan is the best among us at survival and handling emergencies, we should just let her go.
Yanfei: I'm afraid I must apologize... I don't typically disclose details of a client's will to third parties, which is why I couldn't tell you the truth... I'm sorry.
Yanfei: I came to The Chasm in search of the Fantastic Compass, which is mentioned in the will. Many years ago, my client gave this magical device to someone ambitious, hoping that it'd be handy in times of need.
Yanfei: According to an eye-witness account, the person who received the device took it into The Chasm and has been missing ever since.
Yanfei: Throughout history, many wars have been fought in the vicinity of The Chasm. Even if that person died in one of the wars, I still wish to do my utmost and find the device, and fulfill the client's wish.
Yanfei: Yelan's words of caution were not unwarranted. There are dangers lurking in The Chasm... I'm sure you've all realized that by now. Given that we're all caught in this mess, let's try to find a way out together.
Arataki Itto: Whatever you say, my savior... I'll do whatever you ask. From now on, we're a team, all of us. And as for that big jerk... Well, hmph, I guess that includes her, too.
Paimon: You said Yelan works for the Ministry of Civil Affairs, huh? Paimon could tell she's tougher than most, but wow, her job sounds demanding.
Yanfei: Well, that's what she tells outsiders... I can't disclose too much about her identity, but I'd say she's the only person who can handle this type of work.
Arataki Itto: What kind of lame job would have someone go out to the middle of nowhere?
Paimon: Oh, Paimon knows! An adventurer!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ???
Paimon: Hey, what's with the face? Did Paimon say something wrong? That's literally what the two of us do, isn't it?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm the adventurer, Paimon. Not you.
Paimon: Ugh, you're so stingy these days... Just let Paimon be an adventurer by association, okay?
Arataki Itto: Yeah, she's got a point, (Traveler), you're Paimon's boss. Take it from me, as a great leader, you should learn to be a little more generous... You know, let your sidekick share some of the glory.
Paimon: Ugh, you really don't understand anything about us!
Kuki Shinobu: Paimon, don't take him too seriously. He's just joking.
Paimon: Hmph, for the sake of Shinobu... Fine.
Arataki Itto: Hmph, I'm the boss, so I'll let it slide.
Yelan: ...
Yelan: Perhaps this was another sealed location, but an undocumented one... What could be in here?
Kuki Shinobu: I've got some food and water on me. If anyone needs some, just let me know.
Paimon: Great! You know, Bull-Chucker, you may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but your subordinate here seems super capable and reliable!
Arataki Itto: Hehe, I know, isn't she the best... Hey! I am too a sharp tool!
Yelan: There seems to be an entrance up ahead with a path inside.
Paimon: Wonder where it leads to... Well, let's go take a look.
Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

Concerned about the situation down in The Chasm, you and Paimon decide to go investigate the area, only to run into someone altogether unexpected there. Amidst a clash of differing agendas, the very earth suddenly collapses beneath you... Looks like you will all have to work together and find a way out, whether you like it or not.
(Approach Yelan)
Paimon: Who woulda guessed we'd find a Domain entrance in a place like this...
Arataki Itto: If there's a way in, then there's a way out. Let's go and take a look.
Yanfei: The rocks here seem to be old Liyue Mountain Rocks, they're similar to what I've seen in books. This domain must have existed for quite some time now.
Yelan: ...!
Yelan: (What's that sound?)
???: ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...!
Paimon: Ah! Oh, it's Xiao!
Yanfei: Conqueror of Demons? What are you doing here?
Yelan: ...
Xiao: Oh, I came down from above. I heard a noise, so I followed it here.
Paimon: So you're not here by accident. Wanna team up?
Xiao: No, I have something else to do.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Is it something important?
Xiao: ...I'm looking for someone.
Xiao: You shouldn't be here. I would urge you to go back as soon as possible.
Xiao leaves...
Paimon: Well, that's Xiao for ya... Shows up without warning and disappears without a trace.
Arataki Itto: Heh, that guy looked pretty tough, maybe almost as tough as me. Seems like a solid dude.
Paimon: Seriously, Bull-Chucker, where do you get your confidence from...?
Kuki Shinobu: Should we really be letting him go off on his own?
Paimon: Oh, he wouldn't listen, no matter how much you tried to talk him out of it... He is super tough, though, so don't worry about him.
Yelan: Everyone, keep your eyes and ears peeled from here on out. We don't know what lies ahead, so we have to be ready for anything.
Arataki Itto: Oh, look, I'm happy to say we're all on the same team and everything, but... could you cut the little speeches and the whole follow-the-leader act? I, for one, think I should be able to look after myself...
Kuki Shinobu: Boss!
Arataki Itto: Ugh, Okay, okayyy!
Paimon: Besides, Yelan is just looking out for everyone. You know, Bull-Chucker, you're a guest here, so maybe try to get along with everyone.
Arataki Itto: Hah! Please! You're not a local either, Flying Lavender Melon, so stop trying to sound like one!

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishThe Unexpected Guest
Yìwài zhī Kè
The Unexpected Guest
Yìwài zhī Kè
Yokisenu Kyaku
The Unexpected Guest
Korean의외의 손님
Euoe-ui Sonnim
The Unexpected Guest
SpanishUn visitante inesperado
FrenchUn touriste inattenduAn Unexpected Tourist
RussianНежданная гостья
Nezhdannaya gost'ya
An Unexpected Female Guest
Phu Yiamyeuan Tee Kad Mai Theung
An Unexpected Visitor
VietnameseVị Khách Bất NgờUnexpected Guest
GermanUnerwarteter GastUnexpected Guest
IndonesianTamu Tak TerdugaUnexpected Guest
PortugueseUm Convidado Inesperado

Change History

Released in Version 2.7