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The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna is a World Quest in Inazuma. It is the fourth and final part of the Through the Mists World Quest series.

Before the completion of this quest, red lightning will constantly strike all over Tsurumi Island, making exploration more difficult. Nonetheless, the lightning does not appear to deal heavy damage nor target the player directly; one can idle at a spot and be seldomly hit.


  1. Travel to Tsurumi Island
  2. Talk to Kama
  3. Travel to Tsurumi Island
  4. Go to Wakukau Shoal
  5. Use the feather
  6. Defeat opponents
  7. Touch the feather that suddenly appeared
  8. Go to Oina Beach
  9. Use the feather
  10. Defeat opponents
  11. Touch the feather
  12. Go to the Autake Plains
  13. Defeat opponents
  14. Use the feather
  15. Touch the feather
  16. Go to Mt. Kanna
  17. Investigate the altar
  18. Defeat the Thunder Manifestation Thunder ManifestationCoagulated Millennial Regret
  19. Use the feather
  20. Touch the feather
  21. Talk to Ruu
  22. Go to Seirai Island
  23. Return to Mt. Kanna
  24. Investigate the altar
  25. Talk to Ruu at the designated location
  26. Report back to Sumida
  27. Go to Kiminami Restaurant



UI Quest.png Quest Description

Whether you're here to help Ruu or finish the commission, it's time to head to Tsurumi Island once more.
(Upon arriving on Tsurumi Island)
Paimon: There doesn't seem to be anyone present...
Paimon: L—Look at the sky... How did things turn out like this?
(Approach the door)
Paimon: Eh? Who's that by the door?
(Talk to Kama)
Paimon: Eh? Kama? What are you doing here?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The situation looks rather grim.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You should probably leave this island.
Paimon: Yeah, the sky's looking all strange and stuff...
Kama: "This" Tsurumi Island is about to be destroyed. And then, everything will start again.
Paimon: Ah, that's the thing that you talked about yesterday...
Kama: However, it seems that things are even more serious than when I came here previously. Perhaps it's because you destroyed those perches...
Kama: The name of the child you're trying to help... it's "Ruu," right?
Kama: If we want to break the cycle and free Ruu, now is the time.
Kama: That's why I'm here. To help.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Did Miss Sumida ask you to do it?
Kama: No, I've come here of my own accord.
Paimon: What!? You're volunteering, Kama?
Kama: I don't know why either. I just feel like... I should be here. How should I describe that feeling... Ah. Right. It's like this.
Kama: "Perhaps I simply find it intolerably shameless for me to play the fly on the wall as you boldly step into Tsurumi Island."
Kama: "Perhaps I believe that even illusions have feelings, and so I would do ill in allowing them to suffer in this cycle."
Kama: "Or perhaps I simply think that I might help Ruu by breaking this perpetual ocean of fog, and in fulfilling the wishes of my ancestors I shall be freed from the 'history' that binds me."
Paimon: Huh. Kama, since when were you...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So eloquent and loquacious?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So much like a light novelist?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Those were Miss Sumida's words, weren't they...
Kama: Yes, Lady Sumida did speak these words. When I told her that I would like to help, she suddenly gained a spark of inspiration.
Kama: I did not understand what she said, but I believe that since Lady Sumida said so, then that must be how things are.
Paimon: That sounds like her style alright...
Paimon: Still, Paimon thinks yesterday's events have probably made Ruu too angry to talk to us...
Kama: I know. Lady Sumida said that "In this manner, the bloodline spanning millennia shall..."
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Could we lose the verbatim quotes?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Could we get to the point?
Kama: We shall. I believe that "Kama" — that is to say, I — can speak to him.
Paimon: Hmm...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well...
Paimon: It's true that you do look just like the illusory Kama that we saw earlier.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png There is a very strong resemblance, yes.
Paimon: Ruu did also mention that being unable to speak to those illusions weirded him out and worried him.
Paimon: So being able to talk to you should cheer him right up!
Paimon: Hmm, but where do we find Ruu..
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You know, he did mention...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png There's a few places the storm doesn't touch.
Paimon: Ooh, you're right!
Paimon: Wakukau, Oina, and Autake... He did mention that these places wouldn't be hit by lightning under these circumstances.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png And those would be his hiding spots where he'd wait out the storm.
Kama: Well, let's go looking, then. Let's start with Wakukau Shoal.
Paimon: Kama seems pretty enthusiastic today, eh...
Paimon: The weather's getting worse and worse... Is this also caused by the ley lines?
Kama: Yes, they must be re-enacting the storm that destroyed Tsurumi Island.
Kama: According to Lady Sumida, her plot setup says that the local ley lines will reproduce the will of the Thunderbird at these times. Perhaps this might yet be a lead we could use.
Paimon: But real life isn't like light novels...
Kama: I believe in Lady Sumida. So please, do believe in her as well.
Paimon: Mm, oh well, let's just proceed with caution regardless.

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

Kama's attitude has changed a lot from when you first met him. He expresses the desire to come along and help Ruu. Whatever the case, since he is the descendant of the illusory "Kama," perhaps he does have the ability to turn the situation around. Head with him into the terrifying cataclysm and search for Ruu. First stop, Wakukau Shoal!
(Approach Wakukau Shoal)
Paimon: Well, Wakukau Shoal's just up ahead...
Paimon: Kama, Paimon's got a question: why are the names here on Tsurumi Island all so weird?
Kama: The people of Tsurumi Island used the Ishine Script, which was handed down through their priestly line, to name things. This script tends to sound a little strange.
Paimon: So, is that true of your name as well, Kama?
Kama: That's right. If memory serves, it means "a very big rock."
Paimon: Hmm, the name does seem like it fits...
(Approach the Mysterious Carving on Wakukau Shoal)
Paimon: Huh. So the storm really doesn't reach this place.
Paimon: But Paimon doesn't see Ruu anywhere either...
Paimon: Ruu—
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ruu—
Paimon: Where are you? We're here to help—
Paimon: ...Looks like nobody's home.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Come on, Kama, you try.
Kama: Alright.
Kama: Ahhhh—
Paimon: No, no, not like that! We're looking for something more like, "Ruu, it's Kama, where are you"!
Kama: Ruu, it's Kama, where are you—
Kama: ...
Paimon: Still no response. Ohh, Paimon's getting worried...
Paimon: Still, why is there no thunder or lightning here?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, since it was the Thunderbird who destroyed Tsurumi Island...
Paimon: Oh, right! The "feather" from before!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We could try using the power of the "feather."
Paimon: Hmm, yeah, that's worth a try. Since Ruu said that it's one of the Thunderbird's feathers, we might get some reaction...
Paimon: (Traveler), let's give using the feather a try!
(Upon using the feather to activate the Mysterious Carving)
Paimon: Yikes! Be careful!
Paimon: What's with these monsters...
(After defeating the first wave of opponents)
???: Where are you...
(Upon defeating the opponents)
Paimon: Eh? Is this... a feather?
(Touch the feather)
Paimon: Huh, what's this? Looks like a feather...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (Touch the feather)
Paimon: Whoa, be careful...
Certain emotions surge forth.
You see an island blanketed by fog beneath you. You hear the voices of the tiny lives that dwell there with ease: boars, humans, squirrels, lizards, Wen Kamuy.
As you return to your nest, you hear an interesting tune through the curtain of falling rain. It is different from the war songs of the boars and the choruses of the fish. It is a clear song, and a moving one too...
Paimon: ...(Traveler)! Hey, (Traveler)!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What happened?
Paimon: That was close. You were just frozen to the spot back there...
(The feather flies away)
Paimon: Ah, it flew away...
Paimon: What happened? Paimon was worried sick, you know...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It seems that I was drawn into the Thunderbird's memories.
Paimon: Eh? The Thunderbird... The same one that destroyed Tsurumi Island?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I can't be sure.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png There's no way to establish that at the moment.
Paimon: Hmm, if that's the case...
Kama: It's just like Lady Sumida said. The will of the Thunderbird will resurface.
Kama: In that case, the voice that we heard during the battle...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Was it a hallucination?
Paimon: Nope, Paimon heard it too!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It might've been the Thunderbird.
Paimon: Hmm, Paimon's very curious now. It's almost like the Thunderbird was looking for someone...
Paimon: Still, that feather sure did bring about some kinda reaction, huh?
Kama: Yes, I saw you take out a strange feather earlier. Where did you get that?
Paimon: Well, this is how it went...
You relate your adventure on Amakumo Peak and the Thunderbird feather you found...
Kama: Huh. So the feathers of the Thunderbird were the basis for the Maushiro, and can summon spirits...
Kama: I was told these legends by my grandfather as he taught me how to make those Maushiro.
Paimon: Ooh, so you can make 'em, huh! Then couldn't you just have made one for Lady... Err, Sumida?
Kama: Well, because Lady Sumida did not ask. But if I should have the chance to help her in the future, I will mention this matter.
Paimon: Still, what shall we do next? The direction in which the feather flew away doesn't quite match up with Oina Beach or Autake Plains...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Tsurumi Island is in a lot of danger.
Kama: Yes, and we are on borrowed time as well. This will all start again once the thunder stops.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We haven't much time...
Paimon: Yup, and Ruu said that things get real wild when the thunder starts coming down.
Paimon: Well, let's forget about the feather's whereabouts for now. We've gotta get to the other spots where there's "no thunder" and look for Ruu there!
Paimon: Alright then. Next stop, Oina Beach!
Paimon: As long as we can talk to him, there's hope!
Paimon: Speaking of which, Kama was pretty quick to make a getaway during that fight, huh...
Kama: It's a skill I picked up while dodging the people from the Shogunate. After all, getting in and out of Inazuma can be very hard nowadays.
Paimon: Eh? Then if we'd just come to you while we were stuck in Ritou...
Kama: I could probably have gotten you out of Ritou with a recommendation letter from Lady Sumida.
Paimon: But we would have had to leave Ritou first to meet her, seeing as that we didn't know her before...
Kama: Well, then you'd just have to leave Ritou, meet her, get the letter, and then come back to Ritou and find me.
Paimon: But, we'd have to leave in the— You know what, Kama? You really are "a very big rock."
Kama: There's no point debating these things. Let's head to Oina Beach first.

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

Perhaps it was due to an energy resonance with the Thunderbird feather you obtained on Amakumo Peak or the destruction of the Perches that caused the situation to change... But though you failed to find Ruu on Wakukau Shoal, you were able to perceive what might be the Thunderbird memories, which should serve you well in making sense of Tsurumi Island's situation. Time to see if you can find Ruu on Oina Beach.
(Approach Oina Beach)
Paimon: Just as before, we should get some reaction if we use the Thunderbird's feather.
(Upon using the feather to activate the Mysterious Carving)
Paimon: Eek! Here come some monsters again! Watch it!
(After defeating the first wave of opponents)
 ???: ...Not here either. Could it be...
Paimon: Huh, it's that strange sound from before again...
(Touch the feather)
Paimon: This feather's just like the last one.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (Touch the feather)
Paimon: Don't worry, Paimon will watch over you...
Emotions come forth.
Once, strange objects fell from the heavens, one of which landed upon this island, after which your sky returned to its clear state. Afterward, the fog started to emerge. Though you had the power to disperse that fog, it meant little to you either way.
Afterwards, those fur-less human beings began to gather the feathers that you shed at fixed intervals. Most puzzling behavior indeed.
Paimon: Ruu—
Paimon: We've chased the monsters away—
Paimon: Ah, (Traveler), you're back!
(The feather flies away too)
Paimon: This one flew away too.
Paimon: It doesn't look like Ruu's here either...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The feather's target seems to have been the mountain at the center of the island.
Paimon: Kama, do you know anything about that mountain?
Kama: Mt. Kanna? It was where the Thunderbird reposed.
Kama: That place is in fact a hollow cavern from which the Thunderbird would take off into the skies like a violet meteor that could be seen even through the fog.
Paimon: It was said by the people of Tsurumi Island that the Thunderbird dispersed that mysterious fog to protect the island...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That's not what happened.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That conflicts with what I saw in those memories.
Paimon: Eh? So you're saying...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (You relate the memories that came to you when you touched the feather.)
Paimon: ...That this fog wasn't created by the Thunderbird?
Kama: Huh. Perhaps our ancestors were wrong.
Paimon: Well, that's understandable, considering that you can barely see the sun or the moon from down here. Maybe the Thunderbird's light was the only light they'd ever see.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Speaking of your ancestors...
Paimon: Ah, that's right. We saw someone who looked like an ancient version of you, Kama.
Paimon: Here's what went down...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (You talk about "Sayo" and "Kama" from earlier.)
Paimon: ...And that's what happened. They seemed to be pretty friendly with Ruu.
Kama: Hmm. That may truly have been my ancestor.
Paimon: So, did the ancient Kama meet Sayo after leaving Tsurumi Island?
Kama: The records don't say anything about that.
Paimon: Huh...
Kama: Well, where shall we go next?
Paimon: We'll keep looking for Ruu, of course! Let's see where the next spot is...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The Autake Plains, I think.
Paimon: Yeah! We've been there before, too!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Mt. Kanna.
Paimon: Huh? Paimon thinks we should go to the Autake Plains first...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png To Amakumo Peak, perhaps?
Paimon: Oh come on, let's focus on Tsurumi Island first! We should go to the Autake Plains next!
Paimon: Well then, let's go!
Paimon: Hmm. Speaking of which, we did see Ruu speaking to someone back at the Autake Plains, didn't we?
Paimon: *sigh* Paimon hopes we'll find him this time...
Kama: It'll be alright.
Paimon: Yup! With you and (Traveler), it'll all work out for sure!
Paimon: Still, Paimon didn't know that Kama knew how to comfort people...
Kama: Lady Sumida taught me how.
Paimon: Huh. Well, thanks then!
Kama: Don't mention it.
Paimon: Paimon's thanking Miss Sumida, not you!

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

The last place left to search where Ruu said the storm does not touch is Autake Plains. You will be able to find him there for sure this time.
(Approach Autake Plains)
Paimon: Well, don't get lost now, Kama.
Kama: You need not worry. My aural and olfactory senses function well even amidst this thick fog.
Paimon: Uh, what are you, some kind of wild animal?
Kama: No.
Paimon: You don't have to reply to that sort of question!
Kama: This is the last possible location.
Paimon: Ruu—
Paimon: Ruu— We're here to help—
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ruu—
???: Ru... u...
Paimon: Eh? What's that weird noise...
Paimon: Yikes! Monsters! Be careful!
(After defeating the opponents)
Ruu: (Traveler), Paimon, didn't I tell you not to come here anymore...?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's good to see that you're alright.
Ruu: But this place is super dangerous! There's thunder and lightning everywhere, and if you get struck by lightning, you'll get hurt! And I don't know why, but it looks like the storm's getting scarier than before...
Ruu: It must because you hurt that perch... Why did you come back... *sobs*
Paimon: Ruu...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We brought Kama to come see you.
Ruu: Kama...?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let me introduce you two...
Kama: "I'm back."
Ruu: Big Brother Kama... Is that really you?
Paimon: Eh!? Wait, are you an... illusion too, Kama?
Kama: Oh. Lady Sumida told me to say this.
Paimon: ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Come on, this isn't the time for tricks.
Kama: Oh. Sorry.
Kama: The Kama you knew led a full life after leaving Tsurumi Island. His greatest regret was not being able to help you.
Kama: I'm a descendant of his. (Traveler), Paimon, and I are here to help you.
Ruu: Descendant... Are you his son, then?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm afraid you're quite a few generations off...
Ruu: Wait, I don't get it. Descendants... Does that mean that Big Brother Kama is no longer around?
Paimon: It's been a long time, you know...
Ruu: ...
Ruu: What happened to him after he left?
Ruu: I waited for so, so long, until Tsurumi Island started looking like this, but he and Big Sister Sayo never returned. I've been so worried...
Kama: Well, I do know a little about what happened to the Kama you knew. If you'd like to listen, I could tell you.
Ruu: That'd be great!
Kama tells Ruu some things about his family history.
Paimon assists in helping him omit parts that are not positive or hard for children to understand.
Ruu: ...So many things happened in the outside world, huh...
Ruu: I never knew that the world beyond the fog was so big, or that it had so many people...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The unchanging nature of Tsurumi Island is the abnormal thing here.
Paimon: Yup, and that's why we're here to help!
Ruu: Help...
Ruu: But you destroyed the Perches and made Kapatcir angry...
Ruu: If the ceremony goes smoothly and she accepts me and our sacrifice, then everything will be fine again...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That might not be what the Thunderbird wants...
Ruu: But how would you know, (Traveler)? You haven't met Kapatcir.
Ruu: She hasn't come back in so long. She must be angry...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I can't say this for sure, but...
Paimon: Mmhmm. Let's give it a try.
Paimon: If this goes the same as it did before, there should be a feather here too.
Paimon: (Traveler), use that special feather here and see what happens.

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

You finally find Ruu and come to some sort of understanding with him.
(Use the feather and touch the feather)
???: Curious tunes, tiny human. Afraid not of thunder and storms?
Ruu: Eh...? Is this... the first time I met Kapatcir?
"Ruu": The adults in the village all said that I can bring peace to thunder and storms.
Paimon: Huh, this memory is clearer than before... Is that because Ruu is here?
"Ruu": I was too embarrassed to sing in the village, so I came here to practice!
"Ruu": Do you like it? Hehe...
???: Before you humans learned to make fire, the thundering storm had already swept across the ocean alongside me. With but a flap of my wings, purple lightning will tear through the clouds like serpents. My cry shakes the ocean depths and heart of the earth.
???: I have heard the songs of the trees, the strains of the cloud and rain, and the melodies sung by the blue flying dragon of the far north. I have heard every trembling chorus of fox and rabbit and worm as I descended upon the land.
???: But your song is special. It is different from that of the boar, the fish, and the Wen Kamuy.
"Ruu": You're speaking all funny. I don't get it...
"Ruu": But I guess you like my song, then?
???: I do not know. I only know that I have never heard it before.
"Ruu": Well, then I shall sing you another tune — when you come again with thunder and rain!
???: Your lives are fragile and puny. Perhaps you shall already have turned to dust before I remember this matter. But if you have not, then you shall sing for me again.
"Ruu": Everything you say is so complicated...
"Ruu": Oh, yes! My name's Ruu. What's yours? Everyone in the village calls you "Great Thunderbird," but you must have a name, right?
???: A name?
"Ruu": Well, that is... What should I call you? I mean, if I want to sing for you again, and I call out to you, what shall I call out?
???: I do not know. She gave me a name long ago, but I have forgotten it. I do not need such things, nor have any dared to summon me thusly—
"Ruu": Well, how about this then? Dad... I mean, Grandpa Mata taught me a few new words in the Ishine Script today. Let me try using them to give you a name!
"Ruu": Hmm... Oh! Oh, this should do!
Ruu: And so I gave her the name Kanna Kapatcir...
"Ruu": Let's name you "Kanna KapatcGreat Eagle of the Stormir," then!
Kapatcir: ...Ridiculous. Still, it matters not to me.
"Ruu": Well, it's decided, then! I need to get back now, or the adults will worry. I'll definitely sing for you again!
Kapatcir: Hah. Perhaps I shall forget you immediately, "Ruu."
"Ruu": Well, I won't forget! See you!
(The feather flies away)
Paimon: Ah, it flew away...
Kama: It flew off to Mt. Kanna...
Ruu: Are those... Kapatcir's memories?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png They should be.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png She always remembered you.
Paimon: Well, you did give her a name, after all.
Ruu: She also remembered my promise to sing for her again.
Ruu: But... But if that's the case, why did everyone become like this? Why did the village become like this?
Ruu: Did we anger Kapatcir by not performing the ceremony correctly?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I don't think that this was what the Thunderbird was mad about...
Kama: I see. I understand now, more or less.
Kama: Well then, I suppose our next stop is Mt. Kanna.
Ruu: But that's sacred ground. We can't set foot there...
Ruu: And (Traveler), Paimon, you've already come around three times, and yet things haven't gotten better...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, you're the one who talked about "The Rule of Three."
Icon Dialogue Talk.png "Good omens must occur three times for good fortune to truly descend."
Paimon: And "You must forge past obstacles three times to succeed on the fourth."
Paimon: ...You know what? Paimon still thinks this should be called the "Rule of Four" instead!
Ruu: *sigh* Maybe you're right, Paimon...
Kama: True. You've already met with three difficulties, (Traveler), Paimon.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That we have.
Ruu: ...
Ruu: Alright. I believe you.
Ruu: And since Kama... I mean, Kama's descendant has also returned, this must mean that good things are in store for us...
Ruu: But if nothing good happens, I'll be very, very mad, you hear?
Kama: Of course. Let's go, then.
Ruu: Oh, that's right... Big Brother Kama's descendant...
Kama: What is it?
Ruu: Could I call you "Kama" as well?
Kama: Of course you can. That's what everyone calls me.
Ruu: Everyone... Kama, do you have a lot of friends?
Kama: You could say that. Lady Sumida, (Traveler), and Paimon all count as my friends, I think.
Kama: Ah yes. And you're my friend too, of course.

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

Ruu spoke of The Rule of Three: that you must first overcome three difficulties to succeed on your fourth attempt. Now that you have explored Tsurumi Island three times, this fourth excursion should surely end in success. Time to head to Mt. Kanna, where the Thunderbird once dwelt, next.
(Approach Mt. Kanna)
Paimon: Wow, to think there was such a huge hollow here in the mountain...
Ruu: Shh, this is a sacred place...
(Approaching the altar)
Paimon: Eh? Is that... Some sort of altar? Let's go have a look.
(Investigate the altar)
Paimon: A—Another monster? Huh... It looks just like the one we saw on Amakumo Peak...
Paimon: Kama, take Ruu and run!
Kama: Way ahead of you!
Ruu: You can do it, (Traveler), Paimon—!
(During the fight with the Thunder Manifestation)
Frightful Monster: ...How dare you do this to Ruu...
Paimon: We're sorry! Don't be mad!
Paimon: Wait. Why's Paimon sorry? We're not involved in this!
Frightful Monster: ...Ruu's song...
Paimon: Calm down! It's been thousands of years ago since then!
Frightful Monster: ...Why...
Paimon: Ugh. Looks like you've got to make this guy pipe down a bit, (Traveler)!
(After defeating the Thunder Manifestation)
Paimon: Well, that's finally over...
Paimon: Phew, Paimon really broke a sweat back there!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Uh huh, and you were doing the fighting, eh?
Paimon: Oh, come on, Paimon's palms were getting all clammy watching you fight!
Ruu: Wow, I saw everything! That was so cool, (Traveler)! So cool!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Hehe.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I do this all the time.
Kama: You truly were impressive. That was very eye-opening.
Paimon: Hmm, Paimon's still concerned about something...
Paimon: Why... would there be this sort of monster here...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We fought one before back on Amakumo Peak.
Paimon: Yeah, Paimon remembers that one too, but...
Paimon: We seem to be forgetting something important...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The "feather."
Paimon: Ooh! That's right!
Ruu: What's this gotta do with feathers?
Paimon: So earlier, we took a commission from the Adventurers' Guild and went to Seirai Island to investigate...
You recount what happened back then on Seirai Island...
Kama: ...A talking cat?
Ruu: Wow! A talking cat? Really?
Paimon: Uh, that's... not the main point!
Paimon: So while we were investigating Amakumo Peak, we defeated a monster just like this one, after which we got this special feather.
Ruu: Oh, so that's where you got your Thunderbird feather, (Traveler)...
Kama: That means that the Thunder Manifestations that appeared here and on Amakumo Peak must have something to do with the Thunderbird.
Paimon: If Sumida were here, she'd say something like...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png "This plot is getting too complicated."
Icon Dialogue Talk.png "This sounds like good foreshadowing material."
Kama: Heh, funny.
Ruu: You don't look like you found it funny, Kama.
Kama: No, no, I did find it quite amusing.
Paimon: Still, Paimon thinks that we've got a good picture of what's going on now, eh, (Traveler)?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, almost, but...
Paimon: True, we should go confirm our suspicions anyway.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let's be extra sure.
Paimon: That said, Paimon thinks we've more or less got it already.
Paimon: Well then, let's use the Thunderbird feather we got on Amakumo Peak.

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

The thing that answered your call was the very same thundering monster that you once defeated on Amakumo Peak. It takes some effort, but you see its challenge off nonetheless. If the circumstances here are similar to what happened before, you should be able to find some of the Thunderbird's memories here as well.
(Use the feather and touch the feather or talk to Ruu)
Kapatcir: ...Since you have allowed this one and only song to flow in blood into this earth...
Kapatcir: Then until I, Kanna KapatcGreat Eagle of the Stormir, hear that human... "Ruu"'s song once more, may these lands fall under an eternal catastrophe...
Paimon: So that's what happened.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's as I thought.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's a bit more extreme than I imagined...
Ruu: Huh, so that's what happened. And here I thought...
(The feather flies up)
Ruu: ...I thought Kapatcir had forgotten about all this...
Ruu: I thought that this happened because she didn't approve of the ceremony. Because she didn't like me...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You said that she was your friend.
Paimon: Friends don't forget their friends' words that easily!
Paimon: She's been waiting for you to sing for her all this time.
Ruu: Yes, you're right.
Ruu: I did tell her that I would sing for her.
Ruu: But I haven't seen her in an awful long time now...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Paimon: (Should we tell him? Y'know, that the Thunderbird was killed on Seirai Island...)"
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (How should we put this?)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (This will be tough.)
Paimon: Um, so, Ruu...
Kama: The Thunderbird has—
Icon Dialogue Talk.png —Migrated to Seirai Island!
Paimon: Uh, Y—Yeah, that's right! Didn't we tell you before that we saw this huge storm-cloud and a shattered mountain on Seirai Island?
Paimon: That's where the Thunderbird lives now! Y'know, we wanted to go up to Amakumo Peak to see the awesome face of the Great Thunderbird...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png But the Thunderbird was super busy...
Paimon: That's right, and she's had lots of baby thunderbirds too! They're all up in the clouds right now, though, and they don't come down much!
Ruu: Baby thunderbirds...?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So there's this vortex-like storm cloud over Seirai Island...
Paimon: Yeah! That's formed by Kapatcir and the little thunderbirds as they play and fly in circles!
Kama: ...
Ruu: Wow, that's amazing! I mean, I've never seen it with my own eyes, but it already sounds unbelievably amazing!
Ruu: Kapatcir must have been even mightier than I imagined!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png And we did say before that we'd go outside on adventures together, didn't we?
Ruu: Yes, I remember. You did say that we'd go see other places, (Traveler).
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Wanna go to Seirai Island together?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Wanna go sing for Kapatcir?
Paimon: Even if she's busy and you can't see her...
Ruu: Wow! Could I really?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Of course you can.
Paimon: Yup, we had an agreement, remember? (Traveler)'s not one to go back on (his/her) word!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That's right. It was our agreement.
Ruu: Awesome!
Ruu: But I've tried leaving Tsurumi Island before, and I always end up back here again...
Paimon: Eh? Huh. That is a bit of a problem...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png There has to be a way. Let's discuss the matter.
Paimon: Paimon would like to ask Kama some things as well! Hang on a sec, Ruu.
Kama: ?
Ruu: Alright!
Paimon: Kama!
Kama: What is it?
Paimon: Were you about to say that the Thunderbird is dead or something?
Kama: What? No! I was going to talk about a story that Lady Sumida told me.
Kama: Who do you take me for, seriously? How could I tell a child like Ruu such a thing?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png C'mon, Paimon, have a little faith.
Paimon: P—Paimon was just... Well...
Paimon: Ugh, enough already! So, about getting Ruu off Tsurumi Island...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Um, let's leave that topic aside for now...
Paimon: Well, how are we going to get Ruu to Seirai Island, anyway?
Paimon: He says that he can't leave this place...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Perhaps Tsurumi Island sustains his existence in some way...
Paimon: Hmm... If that's the case...
Paimon: From what we've learned so far, the strange happenings on Tsurumi Island were caused by the Thunderbird destroying it.
Paimon: It feels like we can follow this line of reasoning to find a solution...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We could use the Thunderbird's feathers...
Paimon: Ah!
Paimon: Paimon gets what you're trying to say, (Traveler)! If the state of Tsurumi Island now is due to ley line disorders caused by the Thunderbird's power...
Paimon: Then this feather, which also has that same power, might be able to sustain Ruu's existence.
Paimon: Are we on the same page?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Basically.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Not precisely, but let's go with your idea, Paimon.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Very clever, Paimon.
Paimon: Hehehe, of course!
Kama: ...
Kama: You know what? I think you'd get along with Lady Sumida just fine.
Paimon: Huh, Paimon's not sure if you're complimenting us or...
Kama: She told me a story once, about a god of fertility who dwelt within the wheat fields, and who would travel afar with a human...
Paimon: Paimon doesn't wanna be mean or anything, but you're picking up her habit of going off topic, Kama...
Paimon: But whatever the case, since we've decided what to do, let's just give it a try! It's better than nothing, after all!
Kama: Agreed. Well, if you don't mind, I shan't accompany you on this particular trip.
Kama: I'd like to take this opportunity to have a look at the place where my ancestors once stayed.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png But it's storming outside...
Kama: I know. I'll be fine, don't worry.
Kama: I mean, we live in Inazuma. Stormy days are our bread and butter.
(Talk to Kama again)
Kama: So this is the heart of Tsurumi Island...
Kama: I should bring Lady Sumida next time. I'm sure this sight would inspire her.

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

It is time to help Ruu fulfill his promise to the Thunderbird.
(Talk to Ruu)
Ruu: You're back!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ready to go?
Ruu: Yup! Anytime!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well then, touch this Thunderbird feather first...
Ruu: For good luck? Sure!
Paimon: And now we're off! To Seirai Island!
Ruu: Yup, let's go! This is great, I'm going on an adventure with you!

(Approach Seirai Island)
Ruu: Wow, so this is the world outside the Sea of Fog...
Ruu: ...
Ruu: I'm sorry, (Traveler)! It's really great being out here, but my eyes are getting tired. There's nothing but purple everywhere...
Paimon: Y—Yeah, it's kinda sorta like that, isn't it? It's gotta be because this is the Electro Archon's territory, huh?
(Approach the marked spot)
Ruu: So, up there, that's...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That's Amakumo Peak.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That's the Thunderbird's territory.
Paimon: That's right! The Thunderbird... Kapatcir's up there in the sky.
Paimon: She's a little busy and can't come down to hear you sing. But if you do, Paimon's sure she'll hear you!
Ruu: Mmhmm.
Ruu: (Traveler), Paimon...
Ruu: Actually, I know all about it. Or should I say I've guessed what happened to Kapatcir... and to me.
Paimon: Oh...
Paimon: Well, Ruu, we...
Ruu: No, it's alright. I'm so glad I got to know you! I mean, you even got me off Tsurumi Island to see the world outside!
Ruu: I could never have imagined that I could do this in the past. You're both really awesome!
Ruu: The clouds in the sky, the super special grass, and rocks up in the air. These were all Kapatcir's doing, right? She's so cool, too!
Ruu: Even the air smells different. I mean, I'm not used to it, but it's amazing!
Ruu: ...
Ruu: Well then, the weather's not the same anymore, but I've come to sing you a song, Kapatcir.
(A short cutscene plays)
(Ruu sings a tune, and a feather forms and lands in Ruu's hands)
Ruu: Phew! I sure haven't sung in a long time. That was great!
Ruu: I'm sure Kapatcir heard me, too...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm sure she did.
Ruu: Let's head back, then.
Ruu: I'd like to send this feather back to Kapatcir's home.

(Investigate the altar)
Ruu: Huh, how strange. I've only been away for a while, but it feels like it's been ages...
Ruu: I'm back, and so is Kapatcir.
(A short cutscene plays)
(Ruu holds out his feather, which flies towards the altar)
(Talk to Ruu)
Ruu: Ah, it's so beautiful...
Ruu: If only I could have seen such sights together with everyone...
Ruu: Ah, but I'm happy just to be able to do it with you two!
Ruu: Still, the world beyond the fog is amazing! I never knew the sky was so high up or so large.
Ruu: I wonder what the places Kama went to were like...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We can go see those places.
Paimon: That's right! The outside world is a reeeally big place.
Paimon: We've met lots of interesting and nice people along the way, too. You'll hit it off with them in no time!
Paimon: There's loads and loads of awesome food, too! Sweet Madames, Almond Tofu, Sticky Honey Roasts...
Ruu: Ooh! Sweet Madames sounds like they'll be great!
Paimon: That's right, we've had a ton of those in our journey, haven't we, (Traveler)?
Paimon: Ooh, yeah! We also met a certain Tone-Deaf Bard during our journey. He loves music too.
Paimon: Paimon's sure you two would be the best of friends. Maybe you'll even perform together in Mondstadt's city square!
Paimon: And... And... We can take you on adventures! (Traveler)'s a real ace at that! We'll go to all sorts of places, like the super high-up Wangshu Inn...
Paimon: There's also the Grand Narukami Shrine, which is way up high too, and has a big tree that looks like a kitsune! And we can go to Sangonomiya Shrine on Watatsumi Island. That place looks like something out of a dream...
Ruu: Yup, I know, and I'd love to follow you all outside as well.
Paimon: ...
Ruu: Thank you, (Traveler), Paimon.
Ruu: It's all thanks to you that I was able to fulfill my promise with Kapatcir. And... I guess everyone doesn't look all weird anymore.
Ruu: I'm sorry.
Ruu: I thought that you'd broken the Perches, and I blamed you for that... Even though you're both good people.
Paimon: It's alright! We've been on lots of adventures and got ourselves into a ton of misunderstandings. Don't take it to heart.
Paimon: And even if you don't wanna travel with us, we've got friends who'll take care of you! We know a young lady your age in Mondstadt's Knights of Favonius...
Paimon: So... Please leave Tsurumi Island with us, Ruu...
Ruu: I... When we went to Seirai Island to sing for Kapatcir, I could feel that a piece of me was in that feather.
Ruu: That's why I'd like you to take that feather of hers on your travels.
Ruu: This way, I can travel with the two of you as well. We'll even bring Kapatcir with us, too!
Ruu: We'll go see the outside world, and we'll hear what songs they have to sing.
Paimon: But...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Paimon.
Ruu: Yup, you don't have to worry about me!
Ruu: It was great going outside, but it was real tiring, too...
Ruu: I'd like to rest for a bit. You can go on ahead first!
Ruu: Oh, that's right! Could you please thank Big Brother Kama for me?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We will. See you around.
Ruu: Yup! Let's meet again.
Paimon: ...
Ruu: We'll definitely meet again!
(Talk to Ruu again)
Ruu: Everything's better now, and it's all thanks to you two. I... I'm truly blessed to have had the chance to call you both my friends.
Ruu: How I wish I could join you on your journey.
Ruu: But... I'm really tired right now. I need to sleep.
Ruu: So please go on ahead! I'll just be resting here for a while.
Ruu: We'll meet again someday for sure!
(Obtain Peculiar Pinion)

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

Report back to Sumida and finish your commission.
(Talk to Sumida or Kama)
Sumida: ...You know what? This story is even more bizarre than the plot of "The Chronicles of the Sea of Fog (Working Title).
Sumida: Also, stop calling me "Lady" this and "Lady" that already. You're an important friend of mine.
Kama: Understood, Lady Sumida.
Sumida: Oh, come on... Should I call you a pedant for the ages, or...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Hello there.
Sumida: Oh my, oh my! It's the legendary (Traveler)...
Sumida: "And Paimon's the legendary Paimon!"
Paimon: ...
Sumida: Huh, funny. Shouldn't she make some retort at this juncture? This feels like we're departing from her character profile somehow...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png "Character profile"?
Sumida: Basically, that's what we call a combination of "image, traits, and history." Characters must adhere to the behavior prescribed in their profiles, or they will seem, well, out of character.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png People aren't machines, you know.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Seriously, what's your problem?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Have some consideration for the feelings of others, please.
Sumida: S—Sorry...
Kama: So, what about Ruu...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ruu says he's thankful to you.
Kama: Is that so? I see.
Sumida: Wait, what happened? Why am I the only person who seems out of the loop here?
Sumida: Ugh, never mind. Let's not stand around here. A change of scenery is in order, I think!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How about Kiminami Restaurant?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I agreed to take Paimon out for a good meal.
Sumida: Sure. I'll pay. Consider this treat courtesy of a future contracted writer with Yae Publishing House and winner of the "This Novel is Amazing" grand prize!
Sumida: I haven't tried Anna's cooking in a long time, too.
(Approach Kiminami Restaurant)
Sumida: Well then, anything you want to eat? Don't be shy, now!
Sumida: You too, Kama! As for me, I'll start with a Tri-Flavored Skewer...
You have a rather sumptuous meal.
During this time, you tell Sumida about what happened on Tsurumi Island.
Paimon: Thank you, Miss Sumida!
Sumida: It's no problem. I've been troubling you all this time, after all.
Sumida: The commission has been successfully completed. Indeed, I'd say the results far surpass my expectations...
Sumida: I'd only wanted to get one Maushiro at first to use as reference for my writing.
Sumida: But thanks to your perseverance, I not only got that, but also the story of the Sea of Fog, and of the millennia-spanning wait of a young lad on Tsurumi Island.
Sumida: Mm... If my writing was better, this story would win me the "This Novel Is Amazing!" grand prize for sure!
Sumida: But Kama's also changed quite a bit... I'd say these are all far more important than the completion of "The Chronicles of the Sea of Fog (Working Title)."
Paimon: We've also met some important friends...
Paimon: We didn't have a chance to travel with Ruu, but like he said, we'll definitely meet again.
Paimon: ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png He'll keep his word.
Paimon: Yup! Paimon's sure he will. After all, he waited for so long just to keep his other promise!
Paimon: Well then, Miss Sumida, when will we get to read "The Chronicles of the Sea of Fog?"
Sumida: Uh, well, this...
Sumida: I've decided to stop writing it for now.
Paimon: Wait, what!? But we worked so hard to...
Sumida: Ah, no, it's not an issue with you. Please don't misunderstand!
Sumida: I wish to go traveling next.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png To gather more reference material?
Sumida: I... I learned something very important during this commission.
Sumida: In the years prior to this, I lived only to create and write.
Sumida: I learned fishing from Kujirai to write about a character who fishes for a living. His character profile was that of a masterful warrior who secluded himself in a fishing village and lived a peaceful life there, until...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ahem.
Sumida: Oh, right. Sorry... I almost went off-topic again. So, in order to better describe parties conducting illicit activities under a fictional national lock-down, Kama and I created a smuggling network that bypassed the Outlander Affairs Agency.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You... have a really impressive drive.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That's actually really impressive...
Sumida: Well, it was mostly Kama's doing. And we discarded that work due to a writing bottleneck, which eventually resulted in the collapse of that network.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Sumida: I've always been like this. I stopped fishing because I stopped writing that fisherman character. I went to apprentice at the Grand Narukami Shrine because I wanted to write about a shrine maiden's work...
Sumida: But I understand now that I cannot just live, learn, travel, and adventure for the sake of writing novels.
Sumida: I must live, learn, travel, adventure, and extract stories from there from which I shall write novels.
Sumida: Kama was not born as the last son of Tsurumi Island for the sake of a story. Nor did Ruu stay in the Sea of Fog for so many years to be featured in a tale...
Sumida: And that's not why the two of you adventure and travel either, right? When I heard Miss Katheryne describe your adventures, I thought to myself...
Sumida: That you're just like the main character Kino in "Kino's Travels" and her companion "Hermos." The only difference is that no one has written your story. You are the story itself.
Sumida: A pair of outlanders who don't quite fit in anywhere, whose names are (Traveler) and Paimon! They stride across many strange lands and meet all sorts of people. They are drawn into all kinds of wicked plots and all manner of cruel wars. And each one of their adventures shall coalesce into shining gold...
Sumida: As Paimon has mentioned before, such a blurb would definitely suit you two.
Sumida: As such, aside from asking you two to help me gather reference material, I also wanted to understand you more — so that I might find the "seeds of a story" in the future.
Sumida: And I think I've found it. The seeds of a story are to be found in life and one's travels, and not in the character profiles, flowcharts, setting maps, and definitely not in things that you learn just to learn how to write them.
Sumida: As such, I've decided to stop writing and start traveling.
Sumida: Until the time comes when the "story" begins to sprout... And then, I'll...
Sumida: ...Have an easy win in the "This Novel Is Amazing!" competition and become a writer contracted by Yae Publishing House!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Paimon: ...
Sumida: Kama, will you come with me?
Sumida: We don't know where we're going, nor do we know when we'll return to Inazuma. We might even encounter many dangers. But that's exactly why I'd like you to stay by my side!
Sumida: Of course, it's fine if you're not willing. I mean, everyone has their own lifestory to leadtell.
Kama: I don't mind...
Kama: No. That's not right... I'm more than willing. Let me come with you!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Kama's... really changed...
Sumida: That's great! Then let's be off!
Paimon: Eh!? So suddenly?
Sumida: Well, a real journey is one that's full of pleasant surprises and little accidents, right?
Paimon: This... might be a bit too surprising... But still, please take care of yourselves!
Sumida: No worries! I'm sure we'll be alright no matter what happens so long as Kama's around.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Take care.
Kama: Thank you. Goodbye.
Sumida: If we should meet again, then let's do so where the sunset meets the sea. Then, I'll see if your soul, which shines so clearly like a diamond, has had any dust laid upon it or not.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ?
Sumida: It's the famous closing lines of "The Vagabond Novice: Yamabuki Iro no Houroutan." Well then, (Traveler), Paimon, let's part ways here.

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The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna Quest Guide

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EnglishThe Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna
Rìlún Yǔ Jiānmíng-shān
The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna
Rìlún Yǔ Jiānmíng-shān
Nichirin to Kanna-yama[!]
The Sun and Mt. Kanna
Korean일륜과 칸나산
SpanishEl paso del tiempo y el Monte KannaThe Passage of Time and Mount Kanna
FrenchLa roue solaire et le Mont KannaThe Solar Wheel and Mount Kanna
RussianКолесо солнца и гора Канна
Koleso solntsa i gora Kanna
Thaiวันที่แดดจ้าและภูเขา Kanna
VietnameseMặt Trời Và Núi Kanna
GermanDas Sonnenrad und der Kanna-BergThe Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna
IndonesianRoda Matahari dan Gunung KannaThe Sun-Wheel and Mount Kanna
PortugueseA Roda Solar e o Monte KannaThe Solar Wheel and Mount Kanna

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