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|event_name = Shadows Amidst Snowstorms
|event_name = Shadows Amidst Snowstorms
|actNum = I
|actNum = I
|description = Paimon has an odd thought and drags you off to the Mondstadt alchemy shop...
|description = Paimon has an odd thought and drags you off to the Mondstadt alchemy shop...<br /><br />Paimon, struck by a bout of imagination, drags you off to the alchemy store in Mondstadt to expound her bold hypothesis to Sucrose and Timaeus, but is told that the best person to answer such questions is, in fact, the scholarly Albedo. However, the person waiting for you there is...
|requirement = [[Adventure Rank]] 20, [[Prologue]] Act II: [[For a Tomorrow Without Tears]], [[Princeps Cretaceus Chapter]] Act I: [[Traveler Observation Report]], and [[Lost in the Snow]]
|requirement = [[Adventure Rank]] 20, [[Prologue]] Act II: [[For a Tomorrow Without Tears]], [[Princeps Cretaceus Chapter]] Act I: [[Traveler Observation Report]], and [[Lost in the Snow]]
|startLocation =
|startLocation =
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|other = {{Card|Hero's Wit|3}}
|other = {{Card|Hero's Wit|3}}
* Unlocks the [[Shadows Amidst Snowstorms]] event.
* Unlocks the [[Shadows Amidst Snowstorms]] event.
|characters = Albedo; Amber; Bennett; Cyrus; Eula; Joel; Paimon; Reckless Pallad; Sucrose; Timaeus; Traveler
|characters = Albedo; Amber; Bennett; Cyrus; Eula; Gerald; Joel; Paimon; Reckless Pallad; Sucrose; Timaeus; Traveler
'''The Snowy Past''' is the first quest of the [[Shadows Amidst Snowstorms]] Event.
'''The Snowy Past''' is the first quest of the [[Shadows Amidst Snowstorms]] Event.

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"Hunt a Cocogoat. Please and thank you."
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The Snowy Past is the first quest of the Shadows Amidst Snowstorms Event.


  1. Go to Mondstadt's alchemy store
  2. Go to Dragonspine
  3. Talk to the lonely Joel
  4. Go to Dragonspine and find Amber
  5. Follow the source of the voice
  6. Go to Albedo's campsite
  7. Follow the footprints and search
  8. Pursue the footsteps
  9. Collect the Starsilver at the cavern's entrance (0/2)
  10. Return to the cavern entrance
  11. Chase the sounds to their source
  12. Find the key to the cage
  13. Defeat the Fatui
  14. Open the cage
  15. Return and look for Albedo
  16. Return to the camp
  17. Tidy the camp up (0/5)


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"Wind... hear me!"
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(Apporach the alchemy store)
Paimon: Hey, Timae— Huh, is that Albedo? Why is he leaving?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (And why does he look so serious?)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (Did something happen?)
Timaeus: Hey, it's the Traveler and Paimon!
Sucrose: Hello, you two! It's been a long time!
Paimon: Were you having a really serious discussion right now, or something?
Timaeus: Just a regular catch-up. We meet here once in a while to go through any recent developments in our research projects.
Paimon: Ugh, so we just missed him. Maybe we should have hollered to him...
Paimon: He didn't look in the best of moods just now, though. Was he upset about something? If so, he probably wouldn't have been in the mood to help out, anyway.
Sucrose: Huh... upset? You mean, Albedo?
Paimon: Yeah! He wasn't looking his usual self.
Sucrose: Upset... uh-oh, I wonder if...
Timaeus: Wh—What are you looking at me for?
Sucrose: I wonder if Timaeus's research topic is... so boring this time that Albedo finally snapped?
Timaeus: S—Surely not... It's not that boring! ...Is it?
Paimon: Hehe, nah! Anyway, Paimon wanted to ask you for a favor, Timaeus!
Timaeus: A favor? Haha, well sure! How can I help?
Paimon: Well, Paimon found a bunch of super-duper sweet Sunsettias in the mountains the other day. But if Paimon eats them all, then they'll be gone, so Paimon isn't ready to finish them all yet...
Paimon: Paimon was thinking maybe you could make a device that you put fruits in, and it turns them into juice! That way, they'll be preserved for as long as Paimon needs!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Do you realize how absurd you sound right now?
Timaeus: I'm afraid that sort of thing... is a little, uh...
Paimon: Huh? Seems pretty straightforward to Paimon... can't you do it?
Timaeus: Hahaha. Paimon, I'm afraid you've entered into the realm of the weird and wonderful with this one...
Paimon: Okay, so how about you, Sucrose? Any idea?
Sucrose: I'm sorry... it doesn't sound like it falls within my area of expertise. I could give it a try if you really want, but... I'd probably just end up giving all your precious fruits arms and legs.
Timaeus: Whoa... Your tone is so calm but your words are so terrifying. You'd think I'd be used to this by now...
Sucrose: Well, as you know, my focus is on Bio-Alchemy... Besides, keeping things fresh forever is just not possible. If you just wanted to modify certain properties of the fruit or their seeds, on the other hand, I'd easily be able to help with that.
Sucrose: Alchemists usually focus in on their own research areas. Take us for example — Timaeus, Albedo, and I all have very different research foci.
Sucrose: Paimon, your idea is very imaginative... but it's beyond Timaeus's and my ability.
Sucrose: I don't think even Albedo could make such an incredible device... After all, alchemy is not mechanics. There is a big difference between the two.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Sorry, I just don't know what has gotten into Paimon today.
Paimon: Huh... Well, excuse Paimon for overestimating the power of alchemy...
Sucrose: In fact, before Albedo showed up, everyone in Mondstadt thought alchemy was useless.
Sucrose: Of course, we know better now. But even then, I have to admit that alchemy is only one of the many wondrous arts in the world. It's certainly not some kind of all-powerful magic that can simply take a substance and preserve it indefinitely... Ahem! Uh, sorry, that wasn't meant as a criticism against you personally...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Don't blame yourself for Paimon's outlandishness.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I will make sure to keep Paimon in check in the future.
Paimon: P—Paimon just wanted some fruit juice... What's wrong with that!?
Sucrose: Oh, of course, these are just Timaeus's and my subjective opinions on the matter. If you're really intent on pursuing this wondrous device... you can try your luck asking Albedo.
Sucrose: But I wouldn't get your hopes up. If he has no idea how to make one either, you'll have to give up on the idea.
Paimon: Hmm, he doesn't seem to be in a good mood today, though. What if he ignores us?
Timaeus: He won't. Albedo is not that kind of person.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (But... there's something about Albedo today...)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (Something seems different. What could it be?)
Paimon: Hey, so, where is Albedo heading to, anyway? Dragonspine?
Sucrose: Unless he specifically says otherwise, Dragonspine is where he usually goes. He seems particularly fond of that place. And somehow, the cold doesn't seem to bother him at all.
Paimon: Then let's go to Dragonspine to find him. C'mon, there's no time to lose!

(Approach the Dragonspine camp)
Paimon: Hmm? This looks lively, what's the occasion? Let's go and have a look!
Amber: Hey, Traveler and Paimon! Fancy meeting you all the way out here.
Paimon: Amber, Cyrus, Pallad... What's everyone doing at Dragonspine? Don't you mind the cold?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Hi all. Long time no see
Cyrus: Oh? The Traveler is joining us too. Great, fantastic, wonderful! Hahahaha, the more the merrier.
Reckless Pallad: I agree. I feel much better with the Traveler joining us. Definitely the kind of person you want to have around in a tight spot.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Sorry, what have I walked into here?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's the occasion?
Paimon: Oh, right! Paimon remembers most of these people are from the Adventurers' Guild... Then again, it seems a certain Outrider has joined too.
Cyrus: Hahaha... allow me to explain.
Cyrus: The Adventurers' Guild is holding winter training on Dragonspine.
Cyrus: As you know, our members have varying levels of adventure experience. Dragonspine is an excellent place for budding adventurers to challenge themselves and improve... but it's dangerous to go alone.
Cyrus: So, we made a plan for senior members to pair up with junior members. This way, everyone can experience training on Dragonspine together under safe and controlled circumstances.
Cyrus: Now, every adventurer can progress together. I have been working on this grand plan for half a year now, and it's finally coming together! Hahaha, it's a great plan, isn't it!?
Cyrus: Hey, (Traveler), you are an outstanding adventurer. Surely you must be willing to join us and help out?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Uh... Amber, what are you doing here?
Paimon: Is the Adventurers' Guild short on experienced members?
Amber: Well, that's part of it, actually...
Amber: The other reason is, when I was patrolling the perimeter of Dragonspine, I found a lost kid named Joel.
Amber: I heard he lives here on the camp, so I escorted him back.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I remember that kid...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg But... Joel's father...
Amber: I know. Joel's father went missing.
Amber: I totally sympathize with how much Joel misses his family. Dragonspine is so bleak and deserted, it must have been so lonely for him here.
Paimon: Aw, Amber...
Amber: Anyway, I wanted to do something to cheer Joel up, so I said I'd build a snowman with him. It's something he enjoys doing.
Amber: It also gives me a chance to stay here for a while and help Cyrus out.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Since it's for Joel, count me in.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Since it's you, Amber, count me in.
Amber: Aw, really? Thank you!
Amber: Let's go meet up with Joel, then. Oh, I invited another friend of mine to join, too. She should be here any second. She'll be perfect for this kind of thing.
Amber: Hey, Cyrus, we've gotta take off. Is that okay?
Cyrus: No problem. Go ahead. I still have some final checks to make, so I will call you before we depart.

(Approach Joel)
Amber: Hey, Joel, we're here.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Hi, Joel!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It's been a long time, Joel.
Joel: Hi, everyone. Haha, I'm so happy right now! It's nice to have so many people to hang out with.
Joel: Are you here to build a snowman, too?
Eula: Build... a snowman?
(If the player has not met Eula yet, an introductory note appears on screen)
Eula - Dance of the Shimmering Wave
Eula is a member of the Lawrence Clan by birth.
The Lawrence Clan's oppressive rule plunged Mondstadt into one of the darkest periods of its history. Today, they have long since fallen from grace, but their present-day descendants still find themselves held in contempt for the transgressions of their forefathers.
Not content to accept her fate, Eula has chosen to face the hostility of others head-on, and to prove with her blade that the noble spirit forsaken by her predecessors is alive and well in her.
Should you meet this bold knight, be sure to cast aside your reservations and greet her courteously. She, in turn, will be sure to extend the utmost courtesy to you.
Amber: Oh, sorry. I forgot to do the introductions.
Amber: This is Eula, the Spindrift Knight and Captain of the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company...
Eula: Amber, you're being far too formal. The child is never going to remember all that.
Eula: Please, just call me Eula.
Joel: Okay, Aunty Eula! You can call me Joel.
Eula: Aunty... Eula...
Paimon: Uh oh, Eula's gonna add that to her long list of scores to settle...
Eula: ...Alright, if that's what you want to call me, go right ahead.
Paimon: Whoa, Eula just let something go for once!
Eula: Amber, what's this I hear about a snowman? I came to assist because you told me the Adventurers' Guild was short-handed.
Amber: Yeah, that's something else. But look, Joel's at that age where he should be having fun, and there's nothing to play with on Dragonspine.
Amber: He used to build snowmen with his dad, and since his dad's not around, we're keeping him company instead.
Amber: Besides, Eula, it's gotta be more fun than taking an ice bath all by yourself.
Amber: Let's combine our forces and build ourselves a huge snowman! It'll be a ton of fun.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I approve.
Paimon: Yup yup, count Paimon in, too! Paimon wants to build a snowman.
Eula: ...
Joel: Aunty Eula, are you too busy to join in
Joel: If so, it's okay, I understand...
Eula: No, nothing like that. My mind was on something else, that's all. Building a snowman with Joel, are we? Sounds wonderful. I'd be delighted to join you
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Eula?
Amber: Then let's get started! First, we need to split up into teams to gather some supplies!
Amber: Joel and I will be on one team. (Traveler), you and Eula can be on the other team.
Amber: Hey Joel, see that huge tree over there? Wanna race me there?
Joel: Yeah! Let's do it!
Paimon: Wow, those two are fast.
Paimon: It's hard to tell which of them is having more fun.
Paimon: Hey, what's up with you two? Why are you just staring at each other without saying anything?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You're acting a little out of character...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'm trying to figure out what you're thinking...
Eula: Umm... ahem, ahem...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We are alone here. Just tell me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg There's no one else around. You can say.
Eula: Joel probably hasn't spent much of his life in the city.
Eula: He doesn't know me... and he doesn't know what the Lawrence name means to people in Mondstadt.
Paimon: Right, that's why he calls you Aunty Eula.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Careful, Paimon.
Eula: ...True. In his eyes, I'm just another ordinary person from Mondstadt.
Eula: It was a surprise, but not in a bad way at all.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Then it's time to get building a snowman!
Eula: Indeed. It's just...
Eula: *sigh* That's the thing. I'm a little worried that I won't be up to the challenge.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So there's something else bothering you?
Eula: Hm. How very perceptive of you.
Eula: Were you staring at me the whole time when everyone was talking? You shan't be getting off lightly for that.
Eula: The truth is, I'm a little concerned that I might be quite inept at building snowmen.
Eula: I have never built a snowman before. My upbringing was very strict, so I never had the chance when I was a child.
Eula: And after I grew up, of course, it's not the sort of thing I would spend my time doing.
Paimon: Oh no, Paimon's starting to feel sorry for Eula.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Take it easy. It's just for fun.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Don't worry about it. The Honorary Knight will help you.
Eula: ...You sound confident. Alright then.
Eula: Enough small talk for now. I see we have a member of the Adventurers' Guild joining us.
Cyrus: Greetings. We have a slight problem here. We've done a headcount and it turns out that we have an odd number of participants. In other words, we still have one instructor slot left to fill.
Cyrus: How it happened was, we originally asked Fischl to be an instructor, but she was busy with something outside of Mondstadt during this period. So we found another adventurer to fill in for her, but they still haven't shown up yet...
Cyrus: Thank goodness you are here. *sigh*
Gerald: Oh, hello. My name is Gerald, I'm a new adventurer...
Eula: In that case...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Eula can help.
Eula: ...
Eula: Fine. But for that, you will pay.
Gerald: Huh? P—Pay for what? ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That's just how Eula talks...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You're in safe hands with Eula...
Gerald: Okay, I—I got it. I'm ready and willing to learn!
Cyrus: Good, good. Then everything is settled. Thank you for your help, Eula.
Cyrus: (Traveler), if anybody else signs up later, I may have to ask for your help as well.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg No problem.
Paimon: Why did you give the spot to Eula?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I want people to know all the good qualities she has.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Eula desperately needs this kind of opportunity.
Paimon: Ohh, okay. Hehe, you're so nice. Paimon noticed Eula smiled just now, it must have meant a lot to her.
Paimon: To be honest, Eula really is the best candidate for an instructor. Most people would find it hard to cope on the mountain 'cause of the sheer cold, but not her.
Paimon: Oh! Now Paimon gets it, this must be the whole reason why Amber got Eula involved in the first place!
Paimon: We were supposed to find supplies, but now Eula's busy with other stuff and Paimon doesn't feel like going around collecting things... How do you think Amber and Joel are doing? Let's head up the mountain and see what they're up to!

(Approach the Frostbearing Tree)
Paimon: Strange. Didn't they say they were going this way? Where the heck are they?
Paimon: Did we get here too late? Have they moved on already?
(A strange rustling surrounds you...)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Did you hear that...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I just heard a strange noise coming from up the mountain...
Paimon: Uh... C—Could they be in danger!?
Paimon: Hurry! Let's go check it out!
Paimon: Transcription missing
Paimon: The sound has completely stopped...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It looks like we lost it.
Paimon: How could that happen? After all the adventures we've been on, our tracking skills are honed to perfection, aren't they?
Paimon: Guess we underestimated whatever was behind it, but if that's the case... then what exactly are we dealing with here?
???: I know that voice...
Paimon: Hmm? Huh?
Albedo: What brings you to Dragonspine?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So it was just you.
Paimon: Ohh! So it was Albedo all along!
Albedo: All along...? What do you mean by that?
Paimon: On the way here, we kept hearing weird noises and it felt like someone was watching us the whole time... Turns out it was just you.
Paimon: Honestly, you really gave us the creeps! If you're bored up here, go find something useful to do — don't go sneaking around and scaring the poop out of people!
Albedo: The things you felt and heard could easily be attributed to animals, or bandits perhaps. You should be wary at all times in this environment — there are all too many ways to sustain losses here if you aren't careful.
Albedo: So. What business brought you here?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It's a long story...
Paimon: We actually came to look for you, but then it turned into looking for Amber, but now we've met you, so we're back to that again...
Albedo: Hmm. Your thought process is rather chaotic, as is the way in which you articulate it.
Paimon: Hey! How dare you! All Paimon's trying to say is that we came here to look for you!
Albedo: Oh? Is that so?
Albedo: Then it must surely be something of great importance. I'm all ears.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Actually... it's nothing serious...
Paimon: He seems to be in a better mood than we thought, right? Does that mean Timaeus' stupidity doesn't really get to him after all?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We were probably overthinking it.
Paimon: Huh... Okay, let's... let's just forget that ever came up!
Albedo: It's okay if you can't tell me about it. Just treat this as an opportunity to stroll on the mountain and enjoy the view.
Paimon: Hehehe. So basically, the truth is we're here on adventurer duty.
(You tell Albedo about the event that the Adventurers' Guild is holding...)
Albedo: I see. So, you foisted the rookie off onto Eula, so that you could wander off and goof around?
Paimon: We're not goofing around! And Eula was the right person for the job — we were just being nice.
Paimon: What about you, then, huh? What're you doing on Dragonspine?
Albedo: A friend commissioned me to do some artwork recently, and I have yet to finish. I came here because it's a quiet place where I can gather my thoughts, gather inspiration — and gather some raw materials while I'm at it.
Paimon: Raw materials for what?
Albedo: Paint.
Albedo: Starsilver can be used to make high-quality silver paint. I just ran out of my previous batch, so I'll collect some ore while I'm here.
Paimon: Ore can be used to make paint?
Albedo: Yes. But you have to be selective with the specimens you choose.
Albedo: Even with a high level of impurities, Starsilver still contains fine silver-colored particles. But they lack luster, which impacts the color saturation of the pigment made from them. Paint made with such pigment is generally viewed as a fake or a defective product.
Paimon: Interesting! So paint aside, can you talk about how you find inspiration? Paimon wants to learn!
Albedo: You want to learn to paint?
Paimon: No, no, not for me, for the Traveler. Paimon wants (Traveler) to learn how to paint!
Paimon: During our travels, we sometimes have nights where there's nothing to do. It'd sure be nice to do something memorable rather than just sit around...
Paimon: Painting is a great example, because it can capture a moment in time. So it seems like it's definitely a worthwhile skill to have.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So... you want me to learn to paint now?
Paimon: Yep! Why not? Once you've mastered it, you can paint Paimon!
Albedo: Not a bad idea. Well, since you two would like to learn more about painting, why don't you come with me to the campsite? I have painting materials there. You can practice while I give you some guidance.
Paimon: Sounds great!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What about Amber...?
Paimon: Oh, she'll be fiiiine! She is a knight of Favonius after all. Let's just forget about all that stuff for now and go with Albedo.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Alright, fine...
Paimon: C'mon, let's go! It's so cold out — Paimon wants to get to the camp and warm up by the fire!

(Approach Albedo's camp)
Paimon: Aaaah!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's going on...?
Paimon: Thieves! It's gotta be!
Albedo: ...
Albedo: Some things are missing.
Paimon: Nothing valuable, hopefully? Wait, where's Paimon's Mora?
Albedo: It's hard to say their value, but...
Albedo: Some of my alchemy notes are missing.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...
Paimon: Alchemy notes? Would they fetch a high price?
Albedo: To the uninitiated, they are merely scraps of paper. But for someone who knows what they're doing... the knowledge contained in those notes is more valuable than any treasure.
Paimon: So you're saying only someone who knows alchemy would've stolen them? But the only people who come to Dragonspine are adventurers, thieves, and monsters... What use would any of them have with your notes?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I don't think it's that simple.
Albedo: I feel the same way. However, hilichurl break-ins and other such incidents are not unheard-of on Dragonspine. It's difficult to draw a conclusion based solely on the evidence at hand.
Albedo: ...
Albedo: Hmm? These appear to be..
Paimon: Footprints?
Albedo: Fresh ones. Meaning, our thief can't have made it far.
Paimon: Let's chase them down. We can't let 'em get away!
Albedo: From the entrance, the footprints go that way.
Paimon: Grr, that thieving... thief!
(Approach the cliff face)
Albedo: The footprints lead up there.
Paimon: So they scaled the cliff? Okay, after them!
(After the cliff by the frostarm lawachurl)
Paimon: Footprints on the snow are so hard to notice... It's so easy to lose track completely...
Albedo: That's why we have to hurry
Paimon: Huh? The footprints stop here?
Albedo: Our thief must have jumped from the cliff. Get your wind glider ready. We're going down.
Albedo: Here. More footprints.
Paimon: They're heading to the cavern? Ooh hoo-hoo, we got you now! You sure can run, but you definitely can't hide!
Paimon: Let's go in!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Okay.
Albedo: Wait, I have an idea.
Albedo: I'll go in alone. Traveler, please stay here and guard the entrance.
Albedo: This cavern has two points of entry, and there are shortcuts inside. Judging from the state of the footprints, he hasn't been in there long. I should be able to reach the other side before he does.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Got it.
Paimon: Cut him off at both ends. Good idea!
Albedo: Whoever apprehends the thief first has to notify the other party. This way, we're fully covered.
Albedo: Still, safety comes first. We do not yet know the identity of our thief. Please take care.
Paimon: We'll be fine!
Albedo: Okay. See you shortly.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You take care, too!
Albedo: Of course.
(Transcription missing)
Paimon: I wonder if Albedo found the thief... This is taking forever...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg He's not been that long.
Paimon: Really? Huh, maybe it just feels like a long time because Paimon hates waiting... Waiting is so boring.
Paimon: Why don't we find something to do to pass the time? Y'know, something like... something like...
Paimon: Oh! Look at all that Starsilver over there. Why don't we gather it up for Albedo?
Paimon: It's right next to the cavern, so we won't be going far. If anything happens inside, we can be right back here in no time.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Sure.
Paimon: Yay, let's get started!
(Breaking the inferior starsilver)
Paimon: Huh, this stuff looks kinda... lackluster... is that because of the impurities, like Albedo was talking about?
(Breaking the quality starsilver)
Paimon: Hey, this one's not bad!
(Returning to the cavern entrance)
Paimon: Alright, this should be enough. ...Some Starsilver shines a lot more brightly than others, huh.
Paimon: Finally, you're back!
Albedo: Yes.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Then why is the thief not with you?
Albedo: Sorry, I was unable to catch him. He was faster than I had imagined.
Paimon: O—Oh... So, after all that, we still don't even know who the thief was... Ugh, what a waste.
Paimon: Still, we won't be going back completely empty-handed. We did some mining!
Paimon: Yeah, for Starsilver! Look, we got quite a lot!
Paimon: It's just like you said — some are really bright and shiny, and others just look like regular lumps of rock with a little shiny bit here or there.
Albedo: ...Starsilver...
Albedo: Haha, I was merely saying what was on the front of my mind. I hadn't thought you would genuinely go and gather some.
Paimon: Well, you said they can be turned into paint, so we got pretty curious!
Paimon: Also, if it weren't for that thief, we'd be making paint by now anyway, right? Or even painting by this point.
Paimon: Anyway. It's all the thief's fault for wasting our time!
Albedo: ...Yes, it's all the thief's fault.
Albedo: The notes mean a lot to me. I'm not quite ready to give up the search yet. Let's keep an eye out for clues as we go.
Paimon: Oh, just one thing — do you want us to bring all of this ore back? Or did you wanna sort through and get rid of the useless bits first?
Paimon: There's no point bringing the bad ones back if it'll ruin the quality of the paint. Some of them do look pretty dull to Paimon, so it doesn't seem like those'll be of any use at all.
Albedo: ...
Albedo: Indeed, the sorting process is necessary. Humans are such practical creatures. They only want those things that are good. Once they have learned to distinguish between good and bad, they will never stop comparing things in their minds.
Albedo: Useless things should be disposed of at the outset.
Paimon: Right, it saves a lot of time that way. Efficiency first! So let's start by...
???: ...Help! Help me!
Paimon: Wait, did you guys hear that? Was that... a cry for help?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (That voice sounded very familiar!)
Paimon: It's likely an adventurer in danger!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Let's go check it out!
Paimon: Okay!

(Approach the Fatui camp)
Paimon: The voice was definitely coming from around here!
???: Is anybody there!? Help me!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It sounds like...
Paimon: No way, is that..
Bennett: Hmm? Is that the Traveler and Paimon!? It's me, Bennett!
(If the player has not met Bennett yet, an introductory note appears on screen)
Bennett - Trial by Fire
Young Bennett is one of the most passionate adventurers in Mondstadt. He is also by far the least fortunate...
So infamous is his bad luck that other adventurers are rarely willing to team up with him. Yet Bennett has grown used to being alone and doesn't let it discourage him. No matter how many injuries he may suffer, his fiery passion for adventure burns on.
Come on, there's treasure waiting up ahead in the unknown! Benny's Adventure Team, assemble!
Paimon: Whoa, it's really him...
Paimon: Let's get him out!
Bennett: So sorry to trouble you guys again... The key should be someplace nearby, please help me find it!
Paimon: Wow, so much clutter... We're not gonna find the key here, surely?
Paimon: Uh oh, we got company!
(Opening the cage)
Bennett: Finally, I'm out. Thank you so much!
Bennett: If only there hadn't been rocks mixed in with the snow on the tree, it wouldn't have made me all dizzy when it fell down onto my head, and then I would've never walked into the Fatui's trap...
Paimon: Bennett... in a cage... never saw that coming!
Bennett: Haha, I won't bore you with the rest of the details. Just me being unlucky again.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We drove off the Fatui.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We got revenge for you.
Paimon: Yep. Taking them out was child's play. No need to thank us!
Bennett: You did? Hahahaha, that's so nice of you guys!
Bennett: I know they were probably just following orders... but still, thanks for helping me out!
Paimon: So what are you doing on Dragonspine? Didn't Razor wanna come with you?
Bennett: Did you hear about the Adventurers' Guild thing? They're hosting a winter camp here. As one of their veteran adventurers, I'm here to help out the rookies.
Bennett: Razor's not an adventurer, and as the leader of Benny's Adventure Team as well as the only actual member, I had to come on my own.
Bennett: But now I've been stuck here for so long, I've probably missed it... I hope Cyrus doesn't get mad at me...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So you're leading rookies, too...
Paimon: Ohh... Wait, so that guy Gerald, who got left in the lurch — he was supposed to be paired up with you?
Paimon: If so... sorry, Bennett, but you really did miss it. He got paired up with a different instructor instead.
Bennett: What!?
Bennett: Weren't they short on instructors? Where'd they suddenly get extras from?
Paimon: A few people from the Knights of Favonius stepped up in order to help support the event. So they ended up with more instructors than students.
Bennett: Knights of Favonius... Yeah, they're definitely more reliable than me — I'm just a walking accident waiting to happen...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Don't be like that. You're great too.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You can't directly compare knights and adventurers.
Paimon: Right, right. Anyway, that was just the situation when we last saw them, it might've changed by now. Who knows, maybe a whole load more rookies will have turned up to join in!
Paimon: Besides, after all the trouble you've gone to show up as an instructor, Paimon's sure Cyrus will put you to work.
Bennett: ...Really?
Paimon: For sure!
Paimon: Hey, wait a second... Where'd Albedo go?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Didn't he come with us?
Bennett: Albedo? You mean the alchemist from the Knights of Favonius? He's one of the instructors, too?
Paimon: No, he just happened to be on Dragonspine. We were just with him, but then we heard you calling for help... he must have left us at some point after that.
Paimon: Hmm, could he have gone back to keep looking for clues?
Paimon: Let's go back to the cavern and see if he's there.
(Going back to the cavern entrance)
Paimon: Still no sign of Albedo. This is weird, where has he run off to?
Bennett: This is great, Dragonspine's so fun today! There's so many people around — it's never usually like this.
Paimon: This was where we heard Bennett's cry for help... right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Right.
Paimon: We heard his voice and went straight over to rescue him. Then we noticed Albedo was gone... Huh! So he just... didn't feel like helping us save Bennett!?
Bennett: Wait, what!?
???: What are you talking about?
Paimon: Albedo! Where the heck have you been? We've been looking for you!
Albedo: I should be the one to ask you that. Didn't I tell you to stay at the cavern entrance?
Paimon: ...Huh?
Bennett: I'm not really following who was waiting for who, and who was looking for who... But, first things first!
Bennett: I apologize, Albedo. I don't fully understand what's going on, but it seems like it's mostly my fault...
Albedo: No, no... Bennett, this is not because of you. You needn't blame yourself.
Albedo: Traveler, clear this up for me — what was the reason that you left the cavern entrance? Did you—
???: There you are!
Eula: Stay right there. You have a lot of explaining to do.
Albedo: ...Me?
Paimon: Huh, Eula? Aren't you supposed to be helping the new guy?
Eula: Hmph, yes, that's what I would be doing — if I hadn't been interrupted by a certain someone's malicious scheming.
Eula: Albedo, I saw you taking Joel towards the wasteland at the edge of Dragonspine. That place is crawling with monsters. What the devil do you think you were doing?
Albedo: ...
Paimon: Whoa, whoa, wait a second... What's going on!? Actually, wrong question — how much stuff is going on...?
Eula: When I came to stop you from leading Joel any further, your first reaction was to throw the child down and attack me. When I fought back, you quickly fled. Care to explain?
Albedo: ...
Albedo: I see. Interesting.
Eula: Interesting?
Albedo: Eula, it sounds like you met an impostor. Someone who was impersonating me.
Eula: Impersonating you...? To what end?
Albedo: It is difficult to draw a definitive conclusion for now. But these strange incidents do seem to be connected.
(Transcription missing)
Eula: Your alchemy notes were stolen? Can the Traveler and Paimon testify that the three of you were together up until you entered the cavern?
Paimon: Yes, we can confirm that.
Albedo: As things stand, I don't have any reason to harm the child. Whoever you met is likely to be both the thief who stole my notes and also an impostor.
Albedo: Of course, it's entirely natural for you to be skeptical of my story.
Albedo: I was separated from the Traveler and Paimon for a significant duration while we were pursuing the thief. My word alone cannot serve as a definitive account of my actions and whereabouts during that period.
Albedo: But the Traveler and Paimon can at least testify that I was not the individual who tore up the campsite or stole my notes.
Bennett: Albedo, do you have any enemies? Could it be one of your enemies impersonating you to get revenge on you or something?
Albedo: I don't have any enemies, and I'm not aware of having given anyone cause to exact vengeance upon me.
Albedo: There is insufficient evidence to assert what happened with any certainty at this point. Given how serious the situation is, I intend to investigate it myself, even if you decide not to pursue it any further.
Albedo: Eula, I won't discourage your ongoing suspicion of me if you can't believe my story. Though naturally, I would hope you can afford me some credibility on account of our solidarity as fellow members of the Knights of Favonius.
Albedo: Traveler, Paimon, Bennett, if you are willing, I welcome you to monitor my activities beyond this point so that you can act as my witnesses.
Albedo: If I am what this impostor wants, he will come looking for me again eventually. Things can only become clearer from that point on.
Eula: ...
Eula: I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, as preposterous as your claims sound, and I will choose to believe that an impostor went after Joel, and not you.
Eula: I will keep Joel safe. If you need any support with the investigation, contact myself and Amber.
Albedo: You have my gratitude.
Eula: As far as Amber goes, I will...
???: Eula! EUUULAAA! Where are you!!!
Eula: Amber, we're here!
Amber: Eula! Oh, and Traveler, Paimon, Albedo, and Bennett, you're all together! Great!
Amber: Bennett, I'm glad I ran into you here. Cyrus was telling me you still hadn't shown up. He was getting worried you might've run into some trouble.
Bennett: Haha... Yeah, I ran into a little trouble... thanks for your concern.
Amber: Sure thing. Well, that now that I've found you, let's go check in with Cyrus.
Amber: But before that — has something come up? How come you're all gathered here together? Need any help?
Eula: Between us, there have been a few minor incidents. But nothing I haven't already dealt with.
Bennett: Oh! Uh, yeah, hehe, it's my fault really, all because of my bad luck. But everything is fine now!
Amber: So, it's all set then? Great. Shall we head back down together? I did say I'd bring Bennett back if I saw him.
Bennett: Sure, I'm ready to go!
Eula: ...Very well. Let's go.
Paimon: And then there were three.
Albedo: Traveler, can we talk somewhere else? There is something I need to tell you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Okay.
Albedo: Let's go to my camp.

(Returning to Albedo's camp)
Albedo: My camp is somewhere that we can talk openly without reservation. But before that...
Paimon: Whoa... What a mess...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I can help tidy up.
Albedo: Thank you. I appreciate it.
(While cleaning the camp)
Albedo: Transcription missing
(After cleaning the camp)
Paimon: Yep, that should do it. Neat and tidy.
Albedo: Thank you, both of you.
Albedo: Now that everything is in order... it's time to talk.
Paimon: You look really serious right now... is this about what happened earlier?
Albedo: ...
Albedo: I remember I once told you that you must have questions, and that I would answer them.
Albedo: I also said that, while I did not wish to deceive you, there were certain things I could not go into detail on.
Albedo: ...
Albedo: I am a synthetic human being... a human forged by human hand. The one who created me, my mother and teacher, her name is Rhinedottir — a researcher from Khaenri'ah, also known as "Gold".
Paimon: A synthetic human!? What the... how the heck does that work?
Albedo: When the pinnacle of attainment in alchemy is combined with unimaginably vast learning... the apex achievement is the creation of human life.
Paimon: When you say Khaenri'ah, do you mean...
Albedo: I am indeed somewhat older than my appearance might suggest. But when I came into being, Khaenri'ah had already been destroyed. I have no memories of it.
Albedo: My master raised me and taught me everything. Like her, I am a pure alchemist. I live for academic knowledge. Nationality and identity are not what ultimately define us.
Albedo: Traveler, what is your general feeling toward Dragonspine? You've visited numerous times now. Would you say it's a... cold, eerie, and melancholy place?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...
Albedo: Rhinedottir created two miraculous beings. One is me, and the other is the venomous dragon, Durin, who died here.
Paimon: Durin!? So that makes you guys... brothers?
Albedo: As sons of Rhinedottir, Durin and I are indeed inextricably linked to one another.
Albedo: The phenomenon of our creation defies definition within the scope of a typical human worldview, but if we may tentatively call it birth... then yes — we, by extension, are family.
Paimon: Speaking of Durin, Paimon remembers that his power was quite special...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg A strange and tenacious life force.
Albedo: That's right.
Albedo: Because of this, whenever strange things happen on Dragonspine, it always makes me wonder. For instance, the feeling of being watched that you described, as well as the sounds you heard... and the one impersonating me that Eula met...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg About that. There's something else I couldn't say earlier.
Paimon: Oh, right! Paimon knows what you mean!
Paimon: When Eula and the others were here just now, (Traveler) gave me a look as if to say, Don't say anything. Probably because it would only make you more suspicious. So Paimon kept quiet...
Paimon: But Paimon noticed that you came out of the cavern not too long after going in, and you told us that you didn't manage to catch the thief.
Paimon: Then, we heard Bennett calling for help so we went to rescue him. But strangely, you didn't come with us, and when we got back to the cavern to go find you, suddenly you were the one looking for us.
Albedo: So it seems that you met my impostor, too.
Paimon: Well if so, it was a pretty good impression... he had you down to a T. We never would've guessed.
Paimon: Also, after he left us, why did he go after Joel?
Albedo: Perhaps, Durin's power drives people to madness... But that's merely crude conjecture.
Albedo: Whether someone is impersonating me or there is another, false me out there... This is a cursed tale, and it is not one whose weight you should have to bear.
Albedo: Traveler, perhaps you should return to Mondstadt if you have no further business here. The work that lies ahead will occupy me completely, I'm afraid I will be unable to entertain you beyond this point.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'm not going anywhere.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Paimon and I will help with the investigation.
Paimon: Yeah! We're Dragonspine veterans by now!
Paimon: If there's something really bad going on, we can't just leave you here to deal with it all on your own. That wouldn't be very nice, now, would it?
Paimon: Besides, there's no one else in Mondstadt that you can talk to about this. Sucrose and Timaeus don't know your secret...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We're the only ones who can help.
Paimon: Yeah. Don't push us away at a time like this!
Albedo: ...Alright. Thank you.
Albedo: You were intending to participate in that winter camp, if I recall correctly? That could serve as an excellent pretext for you to remain on the mountain.
Albedo: In that case, please join in the activities of the Adventurers' Guild as planned, and be on the lookout for any leads while you're at it. If anyone sees me, or someone like me...
Paimon: We'll be sure to pass the info straight onto you!
Albedo: Good. Then we're agreed.
Paimon: Okay, let's split up to look for clues, then meet back here at this camp in a few days' time!
Albedo: Sounds good to me.
Albedo: But please, whatever happens, put your safety first at all times.

Change History

Released in Version 2.3