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The Shadow Over Dadaupa is a quest in the second branch of Diona's Hangout Event Act I: The Cat and the Cocktail.


  1. Talk to Diona
  2. Avoid the monsters and head deeper into Dadaupa Gorge
  1. Talk to Diona
  2. Head to the hilichurl camp
  3. Talk to Draff
  4. Talk to Allan
  1. Talk to Diona
  1. Find the "samachurl herbal soup"


The Shadow Over Dadaupa

Diona: Hey, there's loads of monsters ahead, be careful! You don't want to shake up the entire valley, do you?
Diona: D—Don't think that I'm worried about you. Because I'm not! If you get noticed, then I'll definitely be in trouble too. So just be careful, okay?
(Being noticed)
Diona: We've been spotted!
(Being noticed three times)
Diona: Wha... Well that definitely caught their attention. You caused quite a commotion...
Diona: Looks like we won't be able to do this together... I'll think of another way.
Hangout Event Ended: The monsters of Dadaupa Gorge have all been alerted, and thus does Diona's plan fail as well...
(Getting to the first spot)
Diona: Move more to the side and stay hidden, otherwise they'll spot you!
(Finding Diona at the first spot)
Diona: Huh? How did you find me? I haven't been keeping an eye on you! I just happen to be hiding here.
(Getting to the second spot)
Diona: Just hide in the bush if there's no other way.
(Finding Diona at the second spot)
Diona: Keep your head down silly, don't get spotted! Hurry, this way!
(Getting to the third spot)
Diona: Careful, don't get too close to those monsters, keep to the side of the road...
(Finding Diona at the third spot)
Diona: Whaa... how did you find me? I guess you've got a couple tricks up your sleeve, too. Let's keep going.
(Finding Diona at the fourth spot)
Diona: Not bad... you were able to keep up.
Diona: That stupid old man should be around here somewhere. Let's search around this area.

Dead-Drunk Draff

Draff: What was that? Some kind of... soup? *hic* Or herbs?
Diona: Just as I suspected... he's completely drunk!
Draff: Oh! Is that you, Diona? My beloved daughter... Hmm? What're you... doing here anyway?
Draff: Oh! Right! You must be here for th—that soup... or herbs... or what was it again?
Draff: Well I found it! ...Just for you! It's all here in my flask, hahaha... Look, it's full of soup, or... whatever this stuff is!
Diona: Ugh, c'mon Daddy, pull yourself together... How much did you have to drink?
Draff N—Not much, really... just the usual amount haha...
Draff: Here! Take my flask with the herbal soup stuff that you were looking for. I'm going to continue the hunt... *hic*
Draff: You know, I saw this huge... I mean HUGE hilihog next to the tribe's camp.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's a hilihog?
Draff: Ha! You don't know a hilihog? It's like a forest boar... I saw it next to the hilichurl *hic* tribe's camp! It's called a hi-li-hog! Boy, you sure don't know anything about hunting... haha...
Draff: And not only were there hilihogs, there were hiliHOUNDS, too! Ugh, don't you know anything? *hic* Well... if we can hunt a hilihog, it'd mean a lot of food for a long time.
Diona: Ugh... looks like he's enjoyed himself today.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I was looking forward to seeing some hilihogs and hilihounds...
Diona: Hey, keep it together! You're not the one that's drunk!
Diona: Silly old man... I doubt he can even walk straight in this state.
Diona: If we're gonna get him out of here, we need to sober him up. Good thing I know just what to make for him.
Diona: But given how much he usually drinks, I'll need ingredients that pack a real punch.
Diona: Perhaps that herbal soup made by the samachurls will come in handy...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Draff said he had just found some, let's ask him.
(Go to Branch 1)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I can deal with a few monsters. I'll bring some of that herbal soup back.
(Go to Branch 2)

Branch 1

Diona: Pff! I wouldn't trust a single word this old drunk says. But go ahead and talk to him if you believe him. Hmph, there's probably nothing but some leftover booze in his flask.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Draff, may I take a look at your flask? Diona needs to use some of that herbal soup.
Draff: Hm? Oh! Sure... here, take it. Just don't spill it. It took a lot of... *hic* ...a lot of work to get that stuff.
Diona: *sigh* You actually asked him for the soup? C'mon don't waste any more time, there's only...
Diona: Ugh! What's that smell!? *cough* *cough* Get that stuff away from me! Yuck, it's awful!
Diona: ...Wait... *cough* ...could this really be that herbal soup?
Draff: How 'bout that! Daddy remembered what you *hic* told me... Ah... give your old man some credit, I made a promise and I kept it... I, haha... wouldn't ever let my baby down. Ha...
Diona: ...
Diona: My genius father... What are you gonna use to hold your booze in now that you've filled your flask with this stuff...?
Draff: I'll just drink straight from the bottle! Hehehe, it's not a problem... *hic* ...not a problem at all...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, looks like we have everything we need.
Diona: Right, I'll whip up a concoction to sober him up. It won't take long.
Diona: This soup was meant to give hilichurls energy. Combined with some ingredients I have, this should snap him right out of it.
Diona: Good thing I brought my shaker with me. Uh... it'd be a waste to use up all these ingredients at once. Let's take some out and save them for later.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Can you really use this to sober him up?
Diona: I have my ways... just sit back and watch.
Diona begins making a concoction to sober up Draff...
Diona: Alright, it's finished! Here Daddy, drink this.
Draff: No! I—I can't drink anymore! If I drink more, my daughter will be very angry with me...
Draff: No more, can't drink... anymore! Drinking — is — bad.
Diona: Huh!? Why would he only remember stuff like that now!?
Diona: C'mon! Just! Drink it!
Draff: *sip* Ooh! Hehe, hey! This tastes pretty good... Fine, I'll drink... a little bit... JUST a little bit though...
Diona: Yeah, that's right, just a little bit. Now, down the hatch!
Draff: *glug* *glug* *glug*
Draff: ...Ahh... Wow... wow that was incredible...
Draff: Huh? Wh—What are you doing here, Diona? Argh... and... why does my head hurt so bad?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (Could those ingredients really make something that good?)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (What's going on...?)
Diona: *sigh* That seemed to do the trick. If you're sober now, then let's hurry and get out of here.
Draff: Huh? Oh, right... I remember now. I came here looking for something. I think it was some kind of... herbal soup or something?
Draff: Yeah, that's it! Herbal soup! The one you told me about last time, Diona. Samachurls make that stuff a—and I found it!
Draff: I filled my whole flask with it, too! It'll definitely be enough for you. It's right here... wait. Where's my flask? Oh no... I didn't lose it, did I?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Diona has it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Diona already used the soup to sober you up.
Draff: Really? Did I... drink too much again? Oh...
Diona: Never mind, Daddy. I'm already used to it. Now that you're sober, let's start heading back. Allan and the others are waiting at the entrance.
Draff: Ah! That's right... *sigh* I completely forgot about Allan...
Diona: How do you feel, Daddy? If you still can't walk, the Traveler can help you.
Draff: No no, I'm fine. Let's get going.
Draff: *sigh* I... must have gotten carried away with my drinking again... Diona, I'm... *sigh*
Diona: Daddy... I've seen it all before. Besides, you've done way weirder things when you've been drinking.
Diona: Like the time you chased dogs around town calling them hilihounds, or that other time you filled empty bottles with the town's spring water and kept chugging them...
Diona: Oh! And we can't forget the time... you begged Myweiss to write you a song... about a hunter... and his loyal hilihound...!
Draff: Alright, alright! That's enough. The Traveler can hear you, you know...
Diona: Hehe, what you did this time was actually pretty normal compared to what you've done in the past.
Draff: *sigh* Good thing I found that herbal soup, otherwise we really would have been up a creek without a paddle...
Diona: ...
Diona: Thanks, Daddy.
Draff: Huh? What'd you say? I couldn't hear you very well...
Diona: Urgh, I said don't drink so much!
Draff: Okay, okay... I know. I'll try to drink less from now on.
Diona: *sigh* ...Silly old man.
(Talk to Allan)
Allan: It's Diona and the Honorary Knight. You've brought Draff back!
Allan: Thank goodness you're alright. I was about to report to the Knights of Favonius if you took any longer.
Allan: Are you okay, Draff?
Draff: I'm fine, thanks to Diona and the Traveler. Otherwise, things might have ended very differently.
Draff: Allan, go round up the others. Let's tally up our game and head back to Springvale.
Allan: Understood, I'll get right on it
Draff: Diona, Traveler... will you be coming back to Springvale with us?
Diona: No, we only came here for the herbal soup.
Diona: Since you've already found it for us, we'll return to Mondstadt
Draff: Alright. Oh, but do you still have enough left over after making the stuff to sober me up?
Diona: ...Of course we do. I'm a professional bartender, there's no way I would use up all my ingredients at once. The remainder will be enough for what I need.
Diona: We'll be on our way back to Mondstadt then. Just hurry up and get yourself back to Springvale, Daddy.
Diona: Oh, and don't drink so much!
Draff: I know I know, don't worry. I mean, I don't even have my flask anymore...
Diona: Yeah right! Who knows how many more of those you have.
Diona: Traveler, we've gathered all the ingredients we need, let's head back to the Cat's Tail.
Diona: When we arrive, I'll make you a supreme specialty drink that will shatter every fantasy you've ever had about booze.
Draff: *sigh* Drinking sure causes a lot of trouble, I really need to control myself from now on.
Allan: Draff, everyone's ready. We can head out once we've tallied up the hunt.

Diona's Special

(Talk to Diona at the Cat's Tail)
Diona: Alright, let's go inside. I'll clean my shaker and pour out that herbal soup from the old man's flask...
Diona: What's wrong? Didn't you want a cocktail? Why are you just staring like that?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg How are you able to make anything from an ingredient that smells like that?
Diona: Ah, so that's what you're wondering. It's all just because of my constitution. Basically, any drink that's made by my hands can only be a good drink.
Diona: This isn't bartender's pride talking, this is a fact.
Diona: Regardless of the type of ingredient or the method, as long as I make the drink myself, it's bound to be delicious.
Diona: However, that's just the way it is for now. I've been searching for ways to get rid of this constitution, and the herbal soup is one of the ingredients that I've been looking for.
Diona: Once I rid myself of this constitution, I'll show those old boozehounds how terrible alcohol really is!
Diona: Anyway, aren't you here for a drink yourself? Come on in, I have plenty of ingredients to whip you up something special inside.
Diona: After I make you my special drink, I promise you'll never want to set foot in another tavern ever again.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That bad, huh... Didn't you just say that you can only make delicious drinks?
Diona: Uh, well... Yeah. But I also said that's only for now. There are plenty of methods and ingredients I haven't tried yet.
Diona: Just hurry up and come in... And prepare for a specialty drink that I'm making just for you!

Ending: Diona's Special

Aether Lumine
The Cat and the Cocktail Ending3-Aether.png
The Cat and the Cocktail Ending3-Lumine.png

If it's mixed by Diona... surely it can't be that bad?

Branch 2

Draff: Herbal soup? I've got some right here... *hic* I'm sure of it!
Diona: He's not sobering up any time soon. I'll stay here and keep an eye on the drunk old fart. Good luck!
Draff: Take it... the herbal soup is in my flask. I still have that hilihog to catch! Or wait, was it a hilihound...? *hic* Well, it don't matter...

Samachurl Herbal Soup

(Observe pot)
Observe Pot: (This pot seems to be empty)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (There's nothing inside...)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (Let's keep looking elsewhere...)
(Observe pot)
Observe Pot: (Some funky liquids are twirling inside this pot. Just a whiff of the smell is enough to make you dizzy.)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (This is probably the herbal soup that Diona is looking for...)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (But the smell... can she really make a drink out of this?)
(Proceed to Samachurl Herbal Soup)

Change History

Released in Version 1.5