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The Servant's Path is the fourth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter II: Act III - Omnipresence Over Mortals.


  1. Talk to Yae Miko
  2. Go to the training area
  3. Talk to Yae Miko
  4. Complete the Anti-Raiden Shogun Training
    • Complete either one of the challenges:
    • Start Challenge
      • The challenge lasts for 70 seconds.
      • Do not get hit more than 10 times.
      • Do not get hit by the finishing move.
    • Activate the Final Challenge
      • The challenge lasts for 90 seconds.
      • Do not get hit more than 3 times.
      • Do not get hit by the finishing move.
  5. Talk to Yae Miko
  6. Complete the next phase of your Anti-Raiden Shogun Training
  7. Talk to Yae Miko
  8. Return to the Grand Narukami Shrine and talk to Yae Miko


  • Additional notes for the Anti-Raiden Shogun Training:
    • Only one challenge needs to be completed to proceed to the next step.
    • The finishing move starts when the timer reaches around 00:20 – 00:15. Destroy any of the devices that spawn at the edge of the area and stay out of the AoE from the other 2 devices.
    • Being hit while a Shield is active, or taking damage from other environmental effects such as Burning or Electro-Charged, will still count towards getting hit.
      • Avoid using Pyro attacks against the devices, as they will trigger Burning on the grass.
      • If it is raining at the training ground, adjust your in-game Time until the weather clears to avoid accruing additional hits through Electro-Charged.
    • Movement Speed or Stamina buffs from Anemo Resonance, character talents, or food may help lower the difficulty of the challenge.
    • A possible strategy is to keep running around the stage's perimeter without changing direction or stopping your momentum.
    • At nighttime, it's easier to see the perimeters of the challenge stage.



(Upon waking at the Grand Narukami Shrine)
Yae Miko: Repeat after me. "Three, two, one, one, two, three, ahhhh, ahhhh." Come on.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Three, two, one, one, two, three, ahhhh, ahhhh.
Yae Miko: Okay, that's positive. Your brain seems relatively unscathed, this is good news.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yae Miko!?
Yae Miko: Oh? You recognized me right away. Your brain seems relatively unscathed, this is good news.
Yae Miko: It's just as well, really, with the amount of effort it took me to get you back here. Honestly, it was like you were glued to the ground back there.
Paimon: Uh, Miko, Paimon's been wanting to ask you about something. How come you're acting so differently from when we first met you?
Yae Miko: Am I? Maybe it's because I had the other shrine maidens leave. Anyway, I've always been like this.
Yae Miko: People show you whatever side of themselves they want you to see. I know this for a fact.
Yae Miko: Every side of me is the real me. People just like to define things in all sorts of arbitrary ways.
Yae Miko: This is a human society — at the moment, anyway — and I'm just doing as I please.
Paimon: Uh... Paimon didn't quite follow.
Yae Miko: Hehe, study humans a while longer, my little friend. You'll see what I mean.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How did you do it?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How did you save me from The Balladeer?
Paimon: Right! Paimon was so focused on the Traveler that Paimon didn't notice what you did to get Scaramouche off our backs...
Yae Miko: What if I told you it was a secret art from the Grand Narukami Shrine, and that I had The Balladeer down on his knees begging for mercy in an instant... Would you believe me?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Yae Miko: Hehe, well, maybe you should be worrying less about that and more about how exactly you are going to thank me... no?
Yae Miko: Hmm, maybe some of your neural circuitry is less intact than I thought...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Thank you ever so much, Yae-sama.
Yae Miko: I didn't mean you had to be so formal about it. I need your actions, not your words, hehe.
Yae Miko: The Delusions... they're still on your mind, aren't they?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yes...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What happened next?
Yae Miko: You needn't worry. The leader of Watatsumi Island took some troops to clear the place out. She's also issued a strict ban on the use of Delusions across the whole army.
Yae Miko: With their stronghold exposed, I doubt The Balladeer is stubborn enough to try and retaliate now on his colleagues' behalf. It would be more trouble than it's worth.
Yae Miko: Ah, I must say, I would relish the opportunity to watch the Fatui getting a taste of their own medicine...
Yae Miko: Well anyway, that Sangonomiya Kokomi, she really outdid herself this time. I'd love to have another chat with her again in person, but alas... belief systems can be such a hindrance sometimes.
Paimon: A hindrance? Should you really be saying that as the guuji of the Grand Shrine!?
Yae Miko: Anyway. I'm only telling you this to stop you worrying, so that you can focus... on something I need you to do for me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What do you need?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So this is why you rescued me?
Yae Miko: You've... met her, right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You mean the Raiden Shogun?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yes, at the ceremony...
Yae Miko: I'm not talking about the puppet. I mean... her. You've met her, yes?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You mean... inside?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png In that... place?
Yae Miko: Yes. The true Raiden Shogun, who meditates endlessly in the Plane of Euthymia to preserve her being...
Yae Miko: Her name is "Ei."
Paimon: Are you saying that the one we met at the ceremony was just a puppet? And the real Raiden Shogun is the one that the Traveler met later?
Paimon: And does that mean that when the battlefield changed... so did the opponent?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png There were some subtle differences.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png But why go to such lengths?
Yae Miko: Because this is the Raiden Shogun's eternity.
Yae Miko: Before pursuing the eternity of her nation, she had to reach eternity for herself.
Yae Miko: Since the physical body will eventually turn to dust, she replaced hers with that of a puppet.
Yae Miko: And since the spirit is susceptible to erosion, she placed her consciousness inside her sword, where she remains in a meditative state, free from all disturbances.
Paimon: So, that place that she carved open with her sword...
Yae Miko: The Plane of Euthymia. Essentially, the world inside her mind. A place that typically only allows her existence.
Yae Miko: She shuts herself off in her inner world, leaving all the affairs of the outside world to be dealt with by a puppet who has a singular focus on the pursuit of eternity...
Yae Miko: ...This is the approach Ei has come up with for realizing eternity.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Zhongli also mentioned erosion.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's one reason why he stepped down.
Yae Miko: You mean Morax? It's been a while since I last saw him. A surprising decision by Liyue's archon... what a fascinating god he is.
Paimon: It seems like the Raiden Shogun's approach solves the problem Zhongli was facing though...
Yae Miko: Hehe, perhaps... or you could take the view that she's acting like a little child, throwing a temper tantrum and locking herself in her room. Don't you think?
Yae Miko: The grand notion of eternity she once held has long since given way to the eternity of her own definition.
Yae Miko: And ultimately, her eternity is defined by fear... the fear of loss.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm still not sure what you want me to do.
Yae Miko: The truth is... we are on the same side.
Yae Miko: You want to save the people of Inazuma from the Vision Hunt Decree. So do I. The only difference is that I'd rather like to save this nation and save Ei while we're at it.
Yae Miko: The key is that the Plane of Euthymia represents Ei's inner world. Defeat her there and you may well have the chance to shake the Raiden Shogun's will.
Paimon: So this is your plan to abolish the Vision Hunt Decree?
Paimon: Not by talking her out of it, or through an armed resistance, but by uh... hopping inside the Raiden Shogun's inner world?
Yae Miko: You're a fast learner. In short, this is the last chance to get Inazuma back on track. Otherwise, an eternity of darkness awaits.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I still have one question...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Why me?
Yae Miko: Don't you realize how special you are? Remember, the Plane of Euthymia is a space where only she is allowed to exist. The fact that you could appear there tells us one crucial thing:
Yae Miko: That you have piqued her interest. Perhaps it's because... she has never seen an individual who is so unpredictable in the face of eternity.
Paimon: Has no one else ever been in there?
Yae Miko: None. No one has seen the devotee of eternity since she shut herself away. In fact, no one even knows what it looks like in there.
Yae Miko: Your existence is more than just an opportunity. It's the very key to all of this. To that I say... well done, child, you did not disappoint me after all.
Paimon: Wait, you're leaving? Where are you going?
Yae Miko: Anti-Raiden Shogun Training. I've prepared a special program, just for you. Come along now.

(Arrive at the training area)
Paimon: We're gonna do it here? And what's this mechanism for?
Yae Miko: Think of it as a catalyst that can reproduce the Raiden Shogun's combat moves. I made it from my own memory, which means it should be perfectly accurate — unless of course, her skills have declined.
Yae Miko: It'll give you a chance to figure out her moves in advance and come up with a counter strategy. That should be a big help, don't you think?
Yae Miko: The aim is to try not to get hit by the attacks. Since you've escaped certain death at her hand once already, I presume this shouldn't be more than you can handle?
(Talk to Yae Miko again)
Yae Miko: Hmm? What's stopping you? Not still traumatized from your last encounter, are you?

(Complete the Anti-Raiden Shogun Training)

(Talk to Yae Miko)
Paimon: Phew, what a workout...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Is that it?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It was a little challenging.
Paimon: So how come you know so much about the Raiden Shogun?
Yae Miko: Hmm, you mean me?
Yae Miko: Perhaps it's because... I'm the Electro Archon's familiar.
Paimon: What!? Like Dvalin is to Barbatos? Never would have guessed by looking at you...
Yae Miko: Hehe, it sounds like you'd be more persuaded if you saw me in my fox form?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'd like to see that...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Very persuaded indeed!
Yae Miko: In your dreams.
Paimon: Ugh...
Yae Miko: More curious than my appearance is the fact that she and I don't see each other anymore, wouldn't you say?
Yae Miko: "A nation to last for all eternity" is a dream that she and I both share. But I don't think that's the same thing as complete stasis.
Yae Miko: At some point, she started going down a path that became increasingly difficult for me to join her on.
Yae Miko: You know, Ei never said goodbye to me before she stepped into the Plane of Euthymia.
Yae Miko: Perhaps it's just my wishful thinking, but I think she did this deliberately, as her way of keeping our friendship eternal.
Yae Miko: By neither saying goodbye nor seeing me again, our relationship will remain forever how it was... in her mind, at least.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The Raiden Shogun is the wishful thinker here.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png She has taken a very one-sided view.
Yae Miko: Since we've embarked on two very different paths to eternity, I can either continue to maintain the status quo or do whatever it takes to bring her back on track, regardless of the cost...
Yae Miko: I have chosen the latter because... if stubbornly isolating herself in the Plane of Euthymia is her idea of eternity...
Yae Miko: Then my duty as her eternal familiar is to drag her back out of her own head and into the real world.
Paimon: Aw, Miko... you sound like a really great friend.
Yae Miko: Heh, I'm only telling you this so you can properly understand my plan. Could you possibly spare the sentimentality for the time being?
Yae Miko: Anyway, that's enough chit-chat. Time for Anti-Raiden Shogun Training Phase 2.
Paimon: There's a part 2!?
(Talk to Yae Miko again)
Yae Miko: If you get hit by the Musou no Hitotachi, that's it. It's game over. I would get training if I were you.

(Complete the next phase of your Anti-Raiden Shogun Training)

(Talk to Yae Miko)
Paimon: Phew... we're finally done. How did we do?
Yae Miko: You did quite admirably. I could see your determination and your hard work.
Paimon: So do you think we're ready to beat the Raiden Shogun now?
Yae Miko: How do I put this... you're no match for her at all.
Paimon: Wait, what!? So all of this was a complete waste of time!?
Yae Miko: Hehe. You are the most important part of the plan. I know what I'm doing. You don't think I'd leave you with no chance to win at all, do you?
Yae Miko: Speaking of... Traveler, what do you think of the resistance army's chances?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png To be honest...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png They're no match for her either.
Yae Miko: Hah, you're absolutely right. Perhaps they occasionally best the Shogun's Army in open battle, but when they face the Raiden Shogun herself...
Yae Miko: Considering even their Visions have been taken from them and embedded in the Statue, they are ultimately quite helpless.
Paimon: You don't have to be so blunt. The Traveler's the captain of Swordfish II, y'know!
Yae Miko: Hehe. I don't mean to belittle them. On the contrary...
Yae Miko: It is precisely because of their helplessness, because their Visions have been taken from them, that their will is all the more precious.
Yae Miko: In short, if everything goes according to plan, they may yet prove to be helpful.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So... what is the plan?
Yae Miko: Oh... goodness, is that the time? I have another guest to receive today. We can talk more back at the Grand Narukami Shrine.
Paimon: All of a sudden you're entertaining guests!? Paimon's really struggling to understand how you work...

(Upon returning to the Grand Narukami Shrine)
Yae Miko: Okay, we can talk here. You asked me about the plan — in fact, I've been mulling it over for quite a long time.
Yae Miko: Before one makes a plan, what is the most important thing one must do?
Paimon: Don't know, what is it?
Yae Miko: You must understand the situation you are facing.
Yae Miko: The Vision Hunt Decree was obviously devised as a means of manipulating the Shogun, the ones behind it knowing full well her susceptibility as a puppet with a single-minded focus on eternity.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The Balladeer confirmed this.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The Fatui did it to create the demand for Delusions.
Yae Miko: Yes. This is the strongest piece of evidence we have to go on.
Yae Miko: Now, we also know that every aspect of the Vision Hunt Decree's promulgation and execution has been enthusiastically spearheaded by the Tenryou Commission from the outset.
Paimon: Ayaka was saying that every time they submitted a petition against the Vision Hunt Decree, the Tenryou and Kanjou Commissions would veto it straight away with no negotiation.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The Tenryou Commission is working for the Fatui.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The Kanjou Commission betrayed the Shogunate long ago.
Yae Miko: Yes. It's all too clear that both the Tenryou and Kanjou Commissions are in some form of collusion with the Fatui. Hmph, foolish humans, blinded by their greed.
Yae Miko: Thus, the current situation is that our Fatui antagonist is still at large, has the two rogue Commissions wrapped around their finger, and is distributing Delusions from the shadows...
Yae Miko: Unfortunately, given that said antagonist is under the protection of two Commissions and the Raiden Shogun, we would be rather hard-pressed to track them down.
Paimon: So what should we do?
Yae Miko: It will be easier for us to start with someone from Inazuma.
Yae Miko: So my plan is... to incite rebellion in the Tenryou Commission.
Paimon: Rebellion? What are you talking about? After everything you just said, it sounds like the Tenryou Commission has rebelled already!
Yae Miko: Hehe. When I say rebellion, I don't mean betraying the Shogunate... I mean, inciting a certain someone to betray the Tenryou Commission.
Yae Miko: If we manage to convince her, I'm quite sure we'll be able to get you another audience with the Raiden Shogun.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Don't be so coy...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Who is this "certain someone"?
Yae Miko: I'll give you a clue: She's currently in charge of the Shogun's Army, she visits the shrine at this time every month, and she is our guest today.
Yae Miko: She also appears to be standing right behind you.
Kujou Sara: Don't move a muscle! You've got some nerve showing up here in the shrine when there's an active warrant for your arrest!
Kujou Sara: Don't even think about trying anything. Surrender now, you're coming with me to headquarters. Seize (him/her)!
Motosuke: Affirmative!
(Kujou Sara and her subordinates walk towards the Traveler)
Paimon: K—Kujou Sara!
(Her subordinates point their spears at the Traveler)
Yae Miko: Uh-uh-uh, it seems that you're forgetting, this is the Grand Narukami Shrine...
Yae Miko: Use of force here is strictly forbidden. Before you proceed, which of you would like to face criminal charges for dishonoring the Shogun, hmm?
Kujou Sara: ...Ugh.
Kujou Sara: Guuji Yae... please tell me you are not sheltering a wanted criminal here?
Yae Miko: We are just friends, I don't see what sheltering has to do with it. Tell your subordinates to leave, we have things to discuss.
Kujou Sara: All of you, outside.
Sue Yoshitaka: As you wish.
(Motosuke and Sue Yoshitaka leave)
Kujou Sara: Guuji Yae, I'm a little curious — does it not also dishonor the Shogun to hide a wanted criminal at her grand shrine?
Yae Miko: Hehehe... You are the same as ever, Kujou Sara. No one can match you when it comes to loyalty to the Shogun.
Kujou Sara: As a servant, loyalty to the Shogun is my duty. And as a warrior, I dedicate my life to following the way of the Shogun.
Yae Miko: Even though she will one day... seize your Vision, too?
Kujou Sara: The Vision Hunt Decree is the Shogun's chosen course, and I shall not question it.
Yae Miko: *sigh* It's tragic... such wholehearted devotion, rendered meaningless by circumstance. Have you been kept in the dark? Or are you the only one left in the light?
Kujou Sara: Lady Guuji, I need you to be direct. Tell me exactly what you mean.
Yae Miko: The Vision Hunt Decree is a trap. Part of a Fatui plot to bring Inazuma to its knees.
Yae Miko: And your masters, the Kujou Clan of the Tenryou Commission — they are the ones keeping the truth from reaching the Shogun.
Kujou Sara: You're saying the Kujou Clan... betrayed the Shogunate?
Yae Miko: Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.
Kujou Sara: Guuji Yae, your allegation is not only dangerous but ridiculous. The Tri-Commission has served the Shogun since ancient times and remains absolutely loyal to this day.
Kujou Sara: Ever since I was adopted by the Kujou Clan, I have seen and heard nothing but pure devotion toward the Shogun. At every level of the Tenryou Commission — especially from the head of the clan, Kujou Takayuki...
Kujou Sara: He reveres the Musou no Hitotachi more than anyone. My own respect for the Shogun pales in comparison to his.
Kujou Sara: How could he ever even dream of acting against the Shogun?
Yae Miko: Three days... come back here in three days, and I will show you the evidence.
Yae Miko: As a Guuji, there's one thing I know very well: People believe whatever they want to believe. Some things you do not see, simply because you do not wish to look.
Yae Miko: And so... it falls to me to place the truth before your eyes, in all its ugliness.
Kujou Sara: Hmph... three days? I'll be here. But if I don't see any evidence, I will demand a formal apology for slandering the Kujou Clan. Also...
Kujou Sara: ...(He/She) will have to come with me.
Yae Miko: Wonderful. Then I'll see you in three days. I look forward to it very much.
(Kujou Sara leaves)
Paimon: That was so scary. Paimon wasn't expecting to run into Kujou Sara here...
Paimon: But Miko, you mentioned evidence of the Tenryou Commission's betrayal. Is that all in hand and good to go, or...?
Yae Miko: Why are you always asking so many questions? Of course not. I just had to say something because I clearly wasn't convincing her.
Paimon: Huh... not entirely unexpected.
Yae Miko: As plans go, changing the deity's mind is a huge gamble to begin with. We can't expect to be in control of every last detail when we're facing off against a god, can we?
Paimon: Okay, but what are we gonna do though? We only have three days!
Yae Miko: If we want to get our evidence, we're going to need some help. Now... come with me. We must awaken the professional.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English The Servant's Path
Juànshǔ de Jiànxíng
Juànshǔ de Jiànxíng
Japanese 眷属の践行
Kenzoku no Senkou
The Follower's Path
Korean 권속의 실천
Spanish Un camino familiar
French Une voie familièreA Familiar Path
Russian Путь фамильяра
Put' famil'yara
Thai เส้นทางของตระกูล
Path of the Clan
Vietnamese Con Đường Của Thân Quyến
German Der Weg des VertrautenThe Path of A Trusted
Indonesian Jalur yang Tidak AsingA Familiar Path
Portuguese Um Caminho FamiliarA Familiar Path

Change History

Released in Version 2.1
Version 2.2
  • Yae Miko's lines were revised to say that she is Raiden Shogun's familiar instead of servant.

Version 2.1

  • The Servant's Path was released.