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The Serpent's Bowels is a subarea in Enkanomiya, Inazuma.

This area, like Stormterror's Lair, does not have a battle theme.




Common Enemies

Elite Enemies

Local Specialties


  • Scribbled Notes
Scribbled Notes: (A piece of paper that has become crinkled due to the damp environment in the cavern. There are words on it, which you can read.)
Scribbled Notes: "I traveled together with Watatsumi's chosen hero this time. We discovered that the Bathysmal Vishaps had suddenly become active."
Scribbled Notes: "However, the clerk from the Sangonomiya Shrine convinced us to spare them. As it turns out, the people of Watatsumi were feeding these creatures when they threw food offerings into the Moon-Bathed Deep."
Scribbled Notes: "He even said that they could no longer pose any threat to humanity, so it was best that Enkanomiya be returned to them."

Points of Interest

Name Description Picture
Dragonbone Flower A giant flower in The Serpent's Bowels. In the world quest Lotus Eater, the Traveler waters this flower using the Waters of Lethe to obtain the Dragonbone Orb. Dragonbone Flower.png

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English The Serpent's Bowels
Shécháng zhī Lù
Road of the Serpent's Bowels
Shécháng zhī Lù
Japanese 蛇腸の道
Korean 뱀의 창자
Baem-ui Changja
The Serpent's Bowels
Spanish Entrañas de la SerpienteThe Serpent's Entrails
French Entrailles du serpentSerpent's Entrails
Russian Утроба змея
Utroba zmeya
The Serpent's Bowels
Thai The Serpent's Bowels
Vietnamese Ruột Mãng XàPython's Bowels
German Eingeweide der SchlangeEntrails of the Serpent
Indonesian The Serpent's Bowels
Portuguese Entranhas da Serpente

Change History

Released in Version 2.4