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The Replacement's Secret is the second quest in the The Very Special Fortune Slip World Quest series.


  1. Give the Special Bamboo Slip Bamboo Slip to Gendou
  2. Wait for the impostor Gendou at night (21:00 - 23:00)
  3. Wait for the fake Gendou to show up
  4. Use Elemental Sight to pursue the fake Gendou
  5. Face off against Lyudochka
  6. Fight Lyudochka
  7. Talk to Lyudochka
  8. Report your results to Momoyo
  9. Collect 8 Raw Meat (if not already obtained)
  10. Collect 4 White Iron Chunks (if not already obtained)
  11. Collect 3 Sea Ganoderma (if not already obtained)
  12. Obtain a set of Bag of Clothes Lyudochka's clothes
  13. Give the materials to Momoyo
  14. Hand over the set of Lyudochka's clothes
  15. Leave the safehouse
  16. Wait until the following afternoon (14:00 – 18:00)


UI Quest Quest Description

Give the Bamboo Slip that has elemental powder on it to the impostor Gendou Ringo (Lyudochka). This way, you can tail her.
(Talk to Momoyo again at the safehouse)
Momoyo: Go on, quickly now. Get the powder onto that fake, and we'll be able to track her using Elemental Sight.
Momoyo: The Fatui are surely up to no good on Watatsumi Island. But now that the Tenryou Commission isn't covering for them, they can forget about trying anything funny.

(Talk to Gendou Ringo)
Gendou Ringo: ...
Icon Dialogue Quest Give the Special Bamboo Slip
(Go to next section)
Icon Dialogue Talk Hey, Ms. Gendou?
Gendou Ringo: ...O—Oh, why, hello, (TravelerTraveler)! Are you here to decipher your fortune slip today?
Icon Dialogue Talk In the middle of a hazy night.
Gendou Ringo: Ah, I'm sorry. "No such thing" exists at the moment.
Icon Dialogue Talk It's been a while since there's been anything, eh?
Gendou Ringo: Um, th—that has been [sic] case, hasn't it? And perhaps there won't be any in the future ever again, really...
Icon Dialogue Talk What did you just say?
Gendou Ringo: Um, nothing, nothing! Don't worry about it!
(Conversation ends)
Gendou Ringo: Alright, please pass that Bamboo Slip to me... Huh, actually, you know what? I have the faintest impression that you didn't shake the slip cylinder at all.
Icon Dialogue Talk Really? Must've been a trick of the light.
Paimon: That's right. You just weren't paying attention, Ms. Gendou.
Gendou Ringo: M—Me? Not paying attention? C—Come now, that... that never happened. I just didn't sleep so well last night, that's all. Sorry for worrying you!
Gendou Ringo: Here's your Fortune Slip.
(Opens Special Fortune Slip)
—Modest Fortune—
A gust of wind suddenly whistles through the clear skies. What might this mean?
Though you may feel like you're just spinning your wheels, this is only temporary.
Look out for those who appear around you, familiar though those faces may be.
Who knows? Your fate may be changed by their presence without your knowledge...

Your lucky object for the day: A dandelion from a faraway land.
Seeds that follow the wind are a most fitting symbol for you.
Fly, drift, across the seas, to lands far away.
But one day, you will no longer drift.
One day, you will become what you hope to be.
Paimon: (How did it go? We should've gotten the powder onto her, right?)
Icon Dialogue Talk (Without a hitch, Paimon.)
Gendou Ringo: Um, why are you two standing there while looking so somber? Did you get a slip with Misfortune on it?
Icon Dialogue Talk No, just a Modest Fortune.
Gendou Ringo: Oh, I wouldn't be too sad about that. A Modest Fortune is not bad, either. Perhaps you might encounter some challenges, but I'm sure that there's a happy ending waiting for you on the other side.
Gendou Ringo: Someone with a heart as good as yours will definitely see such fortunes through. Well, that's what I believe, at least.
(Obtain Special Fortune Slip Special Fortune Slip)
Icon Quest Step Step Description

You have successfully placed the elemental powder on your target. Find a concealed position and wait for her to leave the shrine.
(Enter the Grand Narukami Shrine during the day)
Paimon: Next up, let's find a spot nearby to hide and wait for Fake Gendou to leave the shrine.

Icon Quest Step Step Description

Now that you've applied the elemental powder to the fake Gendou, there are no worries about being unable to find the place where she is meeting this "Teacher."
(Go to the quest objective)
Paimon: (TravelerTraveler), look! There's someone walking out from the shrine!
Paimon: That's our mark, alright! The fake Gendou! She's heading down the mountain. C'mon, after her!
(Talk to Riku)
Riku: Ah, an outlander! Hello!
Icon Dialogue Talk Did you see anything earlier?
Riku: Oh yeah, I did.
Riku: I saw a shrine maiden lady walk over there... and then turn all purple, like, fwoosh! Then she flew away! That was super cool!
(Approach the meeting spot)
"Gendou Ringo": It hasn't come time yet to meet the Teacher, I'm sure of it. In that case, this must be about that incident...
Efim Snezhevich: Lyudochka.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: Ah, Teacher, you're here!
Lyudochka Snezhevna: Sorry for bothering you. Allow me to make my report. So, concerning your instructions to infiltrate the Shuumatsuban...
Efim Snezhevich: Enough, Lyudochka. I tire of your delaying tactics.
Efim Snezhevich: "Frequent contact might raise suspicion," "The Shuumatsuban's direction may change due to the end of the Vision Hunt Decree, I must gather more information"...
Efim Snezhevich: You always say these things! Tell me. You don't actually have the trust of those two Shuumatsuban members, do you? Why else would you spout all these lies, hoping to stave me off?
Lyudochka Snezhevna: That's not it, Teacher! They do trust me. I just need a little more time...
Efim Snezhevich: Time, you say? I have given you more than sufficient time.
Efim Snezhevich: Understand this. My patience is limited, as is that of Lady Arlecchino.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: My apologies...
Efim Snezhevich: I did not spend all those years raising you to listen to apologies. What I want are results. Results!
Efim Snezhevich: ...Forget it. I will not chase down every little detail of this matter. Your inability to win their trust, your present lifestyle getting to your head... None of this matters.
Efim Snezhevich: I have written your "final instructions" on this sheet of paper. Take it, and read it well.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: Yes, Teacher! I will complete the mission. I will not disappoint you!
Lyudochka Snezhevna: ...Th—This is!?
Efim Snezhevich: Is something wrong?
Lyudochka Snezhevna: Ah, no. Not at all...
Efim Snezhevich: Lyudochka. May I take your previous words as your promise?
Lyudochka Snezhevna: ...
Efim Snezhevich: Answer me. Yes? Or no?
Lyudochka Snezhevna: Teacher! I have no objections to your decision. But... You said that Lady Arlecchino can recall us from Inazuma at any time.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: And at this moment, the Shogunate and Watatsumi Island have reached a ceasefire, so... Is what we're doing really necessary?
Efim Snezhevich: Hah. That is precisely why our mission has value.
Efim Snezhevich: Lady Signora may have met her end here in Inazuma, but that makes it the best time for us to repay Lady Arlecchino's kindness and build up her prestige.
Efim Snezhevich: And I have always told you that as far as we are concerned, "chaos" is the most fertile soil.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: ...
Efim Snezhevich: What are you wavering for, Lyudochka?
Lyudochka Snezhevna: This way, there will certainly be more orphans...
Efim Snezhevich: And wouldn't that be well? We can take them in and train them. They will join us — well, provided you complete your mission, of course.
Efim Snezhevich: Do not disappoint me again, Lyudochka. We go many years back. I have no wish to take things too far.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: Ohh...
Paimon: Oh no, something terrible's going to happen to Watatsumi Island!
Paimon: Looks like Lyudochka's alone now, (TravelerTraveler). Let's find a way to get those final instructions from her!

Icon Quest Step Step Description

Lyudochka has her "final instructions" from her Teacher in her hands. You must obtain those instructions, but Lyudochka seems to have her own fair share of troubles...
(Talk to Lyudochka)
Lyudochka Snezhevna: ...
Icon Dialogue Talk Lyudochka.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: Who's there!?
Lyudochka Snezhevna: You... (TravelerTraveler), why are you here?
Lyudochka Snezhevna: That, I... No, you misunderstand! I... I was here because...
Icon Dialogue Talk I don't think I'm misunderstanding anything.
Icon Dialogue Talk You responded when I called you "Lyudochka."
Icon Dialogue Talk Your clothes say it all.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: ...Well, well, I suppose there's no point saying anything now.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: Now that you've exposed my true identity, I can't let you leave alive!
Icon Quest Step Step Description

Fight Lyudochka and obtain the "final instructions" from her.
(During the fight)
Lyudochka Snezhevna: You only have yourself to blame for stumbling upon something you should never have known!
Lyudochka Snezhevna: Hehehe, Ahahahah!
(After defeating Lyudochka)
Lyudochka Snezhevna: *cough* Ugh... *pants*
Paimon: Hey, are you alright?
Icon Dialogue Talk Sorry. I didn't quite hold back enough.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: *pants* Why... aren't you finishing me off?
Lyudochka Snezhevna: You must be trying to get those final instructions from me. Well? Wouldn't it be simpler to just be rid of me first?
Icon Dialogue Talk That would certainly be simple, yes.
Icon Dialogue Talk I suppose that might even be a release for you.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: ...
Paimon: Gendou... No, Ms. Lyudochka. We can tell, y'know? You came at us pretty hard at first, but you weren't serious at all while the two of you were fighting, were you?
Icon Dialogue Talk Your attacks were pretty fake, too.
Icon Dialogue Talk Your laughter was plenty fake, too.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: Eh? I... I wasn't faking it that much, was I?
Icon Dialogue Talk Well, you were certainly trying to finish things — for yourself, at least.
Paimon: Ms. Lyudochka, we overheard your conversation with that Teacher of yours. Things... seem kinda tough. Could you tell us what happened? We can help you!
Lyudochka Snezhevna: But I... I'm a Fatuus.
Icon Dialogue Talk Paimon said we would help — and so we will.
Paimon: Aw, thanks, (TravelerTraveler)!
Icon Dialogue Talk Well, if you really are in trouble here...
Paimon: That's right! Don't you worry, we don't hurt good people!
Lyudochka Snezhevna: I... I wouldn't call myself a good person.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: At first, I only infiltrated the Grand Narukami Shrine so that I could make contact with members of the Shuumatsuban and infiltrate their ranks in turn.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: But imagine my surprise when I found out that the two Shuumatsuban members the Teacher spoke of were, in fact, the Traveler — famed for their deeds in Mondstadt and Liyue — and their servitor.
Paimon: Paimon's not a... servitor, or whatever!
Icon Dialogue Talk No wonder you knew my name.
Icon Dialogue Talk No wonder you knew about us.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: Correct. As such, I knew that the Shuumatsuban infiltration was a bust from the start.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: But the Teacher had such great expectations for this operation, so I didn't know how to report this to him. If he knew the truth, his wrath would be... That wouldn't have ended well for me.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: And yet, coming to Inazuma, becoming a shrine maiden... It was all like a dream! And I would have been satisfied just being able to dream this dream.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: So I kept finding reasons to procrastinate and prevaricate, trying to take everything one day at a time.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: I thought that my lies would fall through one day. I certainly never expected the Teacher to not pursue the matter, but give me a new mission instead.
Paimon: What mission did he give you, anyway? You went pale as a sheet the moment you read that note!
Lyudochka Snezhevna: That's because my mission... is "to poison."
Paimon: P—Poison!?
Lyudochka Snezhevna: The Teacher has ordered me and several others to enter Watatsumi Island and poison the land, before intentionally exposing our respective identities as a shrine maiden at the Grand Narukami Shrine and soldiers of the Tenryou Commission.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: That way, we would stir up conflict between the Shogunate and Watatsumi Island, which would give us, the Fatui, a chance to enter the equation.
Paimon: That "Teacher" of yours... What a wicked person! If that plan went through, all the work people have put in to re-establish peace in Inazuma would go right down the drain!
Icon Dialogue Talk So what do you plan to do, Lyudochka?
Lyudochka Snezhevna: I... I don't know. I don't have the right to oppose the Teacher's orders, but I don't want to see such a thing happen!
Icon Dialogue Talk That's because you're a "Snezhevna," right?
Paimon: Come to think of it, Paimon's heard that word used a lot. What does that mean? You already seem to know, (TravelerTraveler)!
Icon Dialogue Talk It's used to refer to orphans, isn't it?
Lyudochka Snezhevna: That's correct. "Snezhevich" and "Snezhevna" are surnames the Fatui give to orphans they take in, like us.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: We grew up in an orphanage set up by Lady Arlecchino. We do not know who we truly are. At the most, we know the blood that flows through our veins.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: It was due to my Inazuman heritage that I studied matters concerning this land since I was young.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: In fact, my Teacher is also a Snezhevich. That's why I can't understand... No. That's why I cannot forgive him for saying those things.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: I've always been thinking to myself: who am I, really? Why was I left all alone? Did my parents meet with some unfortunate fate? Or did they abandon me?
Lyudochka Snezhevna: But the way the Teacher completely disregarded the suffering of orphans... I couldn't help but wonder: was my fate a creation of the Fatui? Of people like the Teacher?
Icon Dialogue Talk Truly unforgivable.
Paimon: (TravelerTraveler), we've gotta help Ms. Lyudochka. She might be with the Fatui, but she isn't a bad person.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: Thank you for your sentiments, but I suspect that my course is already set. The Teacher will have no mercy on traitors. As long as I live, he will find me.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: Perhaps meeting my fate at your hands might have been best.
Paimon: Is that the only way you can get away from him? That can't be!
Paimon: Huh. Wait. Paimon's remembering something...
Icon Dialogue Talk Momoyo, yes?
Paimon: Momoyo? Right! Paimon's got it now. She was making some cad—
Icon Dialogue Talk Hush.
Paimon: Ahem! *cough* So basically, Ms. Lyudochka, we've come up with a way to save you — and foil your Teacher's awful plot in the process!
Lyudochka Snezhevna: Huh? Really?
Paimon: Don't you worry about a thing! Still, you'd best find a place to lie low for the next few days. You can come out once we're done settling everything.
Paimon: Do you know of any place to go? Someplace we can find you but that no one will suspect might be best!
Lyudochka Snezhevna: Let me think...
Lyudochka Snezhevna: Ah, there is one place. I once worked at Yae Publishing House as a proofreader for new novel releases under a pseudonym. I... really loved their novels.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: They have a small room behind their bookstore in Inazuma City, which is sometimes used by proofreaders — or authors behind on their manuscript submissions.
Paimon: That sounds like a fine spot!
Icon Dialogue Talk Talk about "hidden in plain sight."
Paimon: Ms. Lyudochka, just hide out in that spot for a bit. We'll come looking for you if anything crops up.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: I understand. I... really don't know how I should thank you. I mean, I've been deceiving you all this time...
Lyudochka Snezhevna: The Teacher wrote the details of our mission on the piece of paper he gave me. Here. The lives of the innocents of Watatsumi Island are in your hands now.
(Lyudochka leaves)
Paimon: She's gone. We'd best head back to see Momoyo. Looks like we've still got quite a few important things to get done.
(Obtain "Final Instructions" "Final Instructions")

Icon Quest Step Step Description

Return to the safehouse, report on the Fatui plans to Momoyo — and somehow find a way to save Lyudochka while you're at it...
Momoyo: You're only back now? Well then. Did you get the intel?
(Give the item)
Momoyo: Not bad. With this, we should be able to foil the Fatui's scheme. I will get people to perform follow-up operations immediately. You need no longer worry.
Paimon: Actually, Momoyo, we've got something to ask of you...
You tell Momoyo the details of what happened.
Momoyo: ...
Paimon: Uhh, Momoyo, stop staring at Paimon. Um... Just say something, would you?
Momoyo: You want to save a Fatuus? What has that got to do with me!?
Momoyo: That woman replaced me, you know? If it wasn't for your overly fortuitous bumbling, the Shuumatsuban might be in a crisis right now!
Paimon: Um, (TravelerTraveler), help Paimon out here! If we can't convince Momoyo, Ms. Lyudochka's life might be in danger!
Icon Dialogue Talk Make a pitiful puppy-dog expression.
Icon Dialogue Talk Make your best pitiful puppy-dog expression.
Icon Dialogue Talk Make your best pitiful puppy-dog expression, plus imminent tears.
Momoyo: Hmph. That won't work on me. I will not associate with these Fatui!
Momoyo: Do you two think that making cadavers is so simple? I've been working day and night this whole time you've been out fishing for intel to finish the work I currently had.
Momoyo: You need this much Raw Meat to constitute one person's weight! And then you also need to smelt White Iron Chunks together with a plethora of other ingredients to make fake bones!
Momoyo: And without any Sea Ganoderma, the body will not contain sufficient fat. It won't look convincing at all.
Momoyo: And putting the clothes on the fake cadaver is just the worst when you need to create any realistic burns. Go too far, and those clothes will be all but unrecognizable!
Paimon: ...
Icon Dialogue Talk ...
Momoyo: What? Did you both go deaf? What are you standing around for? Eight hunks of Raw Meat, four White Iron Chunks, and three Sea Ganoderma, plus one set of clearly identifiable clothes!
Paimon: We knew you were a great person, Momoyo!
Momoyo: Ugh, just scram! Quit bugging me already!
(Talk to Momoyo again)
Momoyo: The materials are eight hunks of Raw Meat, four White Iron Chunks, and three Sea Ganoderma. Plus one set of clothes with which to distinguish Lyudochka.
Momoyo: If you've got it, get going! I still need to arrange the operations to capture the Fatui on Watatsumi Island.

Icon Quest Step Step Description

A fake cadaver can be created in order to rescue Lyudochka, but you'll have to prepare the necessary materials. You need 8 Raw Meat, 4 White Iron Chunks, and 3 Sea Ganoderma, as well as a distinguishing set of clothes.
(Approach the back wall of Yae Publishing House)
Paimon: Ms. Lyudochka, are you there?
Lyudochka Snezhevna: Ah, it's (TravelerTraveler) and Paimon. Did something not go as planned? Don't worry, I'll leave this place immediately. I won't trouble you any further...
Paimon: No, no! We came here because our current plan requires a set of your clothes — we'll need a set with which people can identify you immediately.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: A highly-identifiable set of clothes? Alright.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: This is my Fatui uniform. Those who know me should be able to recognize this set in particular.
Paimon: Feels kinda warm to the touch.
Lyudochka Snezhevna: Ah, I apologize, but I was wearing it under my other clothes in case of an emergency.
Paimon: Alright. Now that we have this set of clothes, this plan should go off without a hitch!
Lyudochka Snezhevna: Thank you, and best of luck.
(Obtain Bag of Clothes Bag of Clothes)
(Knock once on the back wall of Yae Publishing House)
Lyudochka Snezhevna: I'll continue to work as a proofreader here for now. I pray for your success.
Paimon: How's the proofreading going, by the way?
Lyudochka Snezhevna: It's going quite smoothly, but there's a lot of content to go through. And considering that Yae Publishing House will be short-handed for the next two days... It'll be a long night, I think.
Paimon: That sounds tough!
Lyudochka Snezhevna: Haha. It is, but I find it fascinating! Being able to read the novels I love in advance, and even touch the hand-written manuscripts themselves... Ah, it's so wonderful!
(Talk to Momoyo)
Momoyo: You're back.
(Give Raw Meat Raw Meat ×8, Sea Ganoderma Sea Ganoderma ×3 and White Iron Chunk White Iron Chunk ×4)
Momoyo: Hmph. When did I say that I wanted these materials?
Momoyo: But now that you've laid them out in front of me, I suppose I can help you. Your intelligence will save many lives, after all.
Momoyo: Raw Meat, White Iron Chunks, Sea Ganoderma... These will do.
(Talk to Momoyo)
Momoyo: So, do you have some clothes with which people can easily identify Lyudochka?
(Submit Bag of Clothes Bag of Clothes)
Momoyo: Alright, everything's ready. What happens after this is none of your business.
Paimon: What about the operation that's happening on Watatsumi Island?
Momoyo: I had it arranged while you were out looking for these materials.
Momoyo: The item you need will take a whole day to craft, so come back tomorrow.
Momoyo: When that time comes, we will talk about how we might use this dummy body.
Icon Quest Step Step Description

Momoyo's work will continue until tomorrow, so it might be best not to disturb her for now.
(Talk to Momoyo again)
Momoyo: The crafting will take a whole day, so come back tomorrow. Stop floating around me, you'll ruin my mood.


Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishThe Replacement's Secret
Dǐngtì-zhě de Mìmì
The Replacement's Secret
Dǐngtì-zhě de Mìmì
Kaedama no Himitsu
The Replacement's Secret
Korean대체자의 비밀
Daecheja-ui Bimil
The Replacement's Secret
SpanishEl secreto del reemplazoThe Replacement's Secret
FrenchLe secret du remplaçantThe Replacement's Secret
RussianТайна замены
Tayna zameny
Secret of Replacement
VietnameseBí Mật Kẻ Thay Thế
GermanDas Geheimnis der AblösungThe Secret of the Replacement
IndonesianRahasia si PenggantiThe Replacement's Secret
PortugueseO Segredo da Substituta
TurkishSahtekarın Sırrı
ItalianIl segreto dell'impostora

Change History[]

Version 2.8
  • Dialogue referring to Arlecchino was changed from the pronoun "his" to "her," and Lord Arlecchino was changed to Lady Arlecchino.

Version 2.6

Version 2.4

  • The Replacement's Secret was released.