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The Outlander Who Caught the Wind is the first act in the Prologue chapter of the Archon Quests.


In conjunction with Wanderer's Trail, it serves as a tutorial level for movement and combat, and introduces some of the main characters.

  1. Bird's Eye View
  2. Unexpected Power
  3. Forest Rendezvous
  4. Wind-Riding Knight
  5. Going Upon the Breeze
  6. City of Freedom
  7. Dragon Storm
  8. Knights of Favonius
  9. The following quests involving the aforementioned Temples can generally be completed in any order you like. The way the quests are presented in this guide represent the optimal paths.
    1. Winds of the Past (Amber)
    2. Crash Course (Kaeya)
    3. Sparks Amongst the Pages (Lisa)


During their travels across the worlds, the Traveler and their twin sibling are confronted by an unknown entity as they were about to depart. In the ensuing battle, the unknown entity seals off the sibling, before doing the same to the Traveler, sealing their powers and putting both of them in Teyvat.

The Traveler eventually wakes up after an undisclosed amount of time and proceeds to wander across Teyvat, the Traveler is around Cape Oath when they fish out Paimon from a lake, thus saving her from drowning. Grateful for the rescue, Paimon becomes their travel companion and guide. She suggests they get in contact with The Seven in order to help the Traveler look for their lost sibling.

Making their way to Starfell Lake, the Traveler touches a Statue of Anemo, they spot a green dragon heading toward a distant forest.

Upon pursuing the dragon, the pair spot both the dragon and a stranger, the latter trying to calm the dragon down, but a reaction from the traveler's newfound powers leads to them alerting the dragon to their presence. The stranger also flees, leaving behind a crimson blood colored teardrop crystal which the Traveler takes.

Once Paimon and the Traveler leave the forest, the pair are halted by a scout, who introduces herself as the Outrider Knight of Favonius, Amber. Amber offers to escort them to Mondstadt, the City of Freedom, after she deals with a Hilichurl camp nearby, which the traveler and Paimon assist with.

Impressed by their actions at the camp, Amber gifts them a Wind Glider. But after a test drive, the dragon the Traveler and Paimon had previously sighted, dubbed "Stormterror" by the locals, starts rampaging throughout the region, unleashing multiple wind storms in the process. The Traveler, with the aid of the stranger (albeit unaware of his presence) is able to drive Stormterror off.

The confrontation between the Traveler and Stormterror catches the eye of the Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius, Kaeya; thus he asks the Outlanders to meet the Acting Grandmaster, Jean, at their primary base of operations. Jean asks them to get a handle on the Ley Line disruptions powering Stormterror from three of the Four Winds' Temples, as prescribed by Lisa, the Knights' Librarian.

After dealing with the temples, Paimon suggests that they return to the knights' headquarters to see what they should do next.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English The Outlander Who Caught the Wind
Bǔfēng de Yìxiāngrén
The Foreigner Who Catches the Wind
Bǔfēng de Yìxiāngrén
Japanese 風を捕まえる異邦人
Kaze wo Tsukamaeru Ihoujin[!]
The Foreigner Who Catches the Wind
Korean 바람 잡는 이방인
Baram Japneun Ibang'in
The Foreigner Who Catches the Wind
Spanish El forastero que atrapó el vientoThe Foreigner Who Caught the Wind
French Le Voyageur qui attrapa le ventThe Traveler Who Caught the Wind
Russian Чужеземец, поймавший ветер
Chuzhezemets, poymavshiy veter
The Foreigner Who Caught the Wind
Thai คนแปลกหน้าผู้มากับสายลม
Khon plaek na phu ma kap sailom
The Stranger Coming With the Wind
Vietnamese Người phương xa đuổi theo gió
German Der Fremde, der den Wind fingThe Foreigner Who Caught the Wind
Indonesian Pengembara yang Menangkap AnginThe Traveler Who Caught the Wind
Portuguese O Forasteiro que Voa a Favor do VentoThe Outlander Who Flies in Favor of the Wind

Change History

Released in Version 1.0