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The Omnipresent God is the eighth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter II: Act III - Omnipresence Over Mortals.


  1. Leave Tenshukaku
  2. Clash of Rebels
  3. Talk to the Raiden Shogun within the Plane of Euthymia
  4. Defeat the Electro Archon
  5. Talk to the Raiden Shogun
  6. Talk to Paimon


  • While walking away from Tenshukaku, players can control the camera, but they cannot control the Traveler aside from clearing the Traveler's headache.
  • During the fight against the Raiden Shogun within the Plane of Euthymia:
    • This fight is very similar to the fight during Amidst Stormy Judgment.
    • The Raiden Shogun is immune to Electro DMG.
    • At about 75% HP or when 3 out of 4 party members are fallen, she will enact the Vision Hunt Decree, preventing the use of Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst except for the Traveler's. This does not prematurely end existing effects from Skills and Bursts, nor does it prevent Passive Talents such as Jean's Wind Companion from activating. About 40 seconds after this, a cutscene will begin.
    • In the cutscene, the Traveler reveals the ambitions laid upon the Statue of the Omnipresent God:
      • The Wonders of the World achievement "Their Wishes" is granted.
      • Four glowing orbs appear around the active character. Every time a party member falls, they will use one of the orbs and be automatically revived with full health.
      • All characters passively regenerate energy and have greatly increased damage.


(Leave Tenshukaku)
Paimon: The Raiden Shogun isn't gonna let us off just like that, right?
Paimon: The air feels suffocating... it must be the Raiden Shogun's almightiness...
Signora... is slain.
Paimon: One strike from the Shogun, and now Signora's gone...
Paimon: She got what she deserved, but Paimon still can't help but feel upset.
Paimon: Why are they doing it... why are the Harbingers collecting all the Gnoses?
(The Traveler staves off a headache)
Paimon: Hmm? Traveler, you got a headache?
Paimon: Chin up... let's get out of this place, Paimon feels... unsettled.
The Musou no Hitotachi...
Paimon: Also... when the Shogun executed Signora with the Musou no Hitotachi... it was unbelievably powerful...
Paimon: It seems impossible to defend against... and if so, we've got no hope whatsoever of defeating her in combat...
Yae Miko's plan...
Paimon: So to recap, Yae Miko wants us to go back inside the Plane of Euthymia by the Statue of the Omnipresent God...
Paimon: But... we'll be like lambs to the slaughter, won't we? M—Maybe we could put this plan on hold for a while...
Paimon: There's the sound of Electro zapping in the air... Paimon can barely breathe...
(The Traveler staves off another headache)
Paimon: Traveler, are you okay? You're so silent...
It's so... noisy outside...
Paimon: It sounds like there's a lot of noise coming from outside Tenshukaku... has a fight broken out or something?
Paimon: The guards seem really nervous... let's go see what the situation is, shall we?

Cutscene's Travel Log summary:
You stumble out of Tenshukaku gloomily. By chance, the resistance forces have broken through the leaderless Shogunate troops, arriving beneath Tenshukaku. Having not met them in some time, you step forward, but just then, the Raiden Shogun appears behind you, unleashing her legendary Musou no Hitotachi. Just as it seems that divine punishment will be meted out, the Masterless Vision Kazuha carries crackles to life. Wielding his sword, he meets — and miraculously blocks — that strike head-on. Encouraged by his bravery, the resistance troops charge at the Raiden Shogun, and the Visions inlaid upon the Statue of the Omnipresent God glow in response to their former masters' courage. Yet you know that their valiant effort will not avail them against the Raiden Shogun and that this may yet be the moment to execute Yae Miko's plan, and so you turn to strike the Shogun. As expected, the Plane of Euthymia opens before you once more.
(Cutscene starts)
(The Masterless Vision on Kazuha crackles and gains the Electro color and symbol)
Kazuha's Friend:[1] "There will always be those who dare to brave the lightning's glow"
(The Masterless Vision lands on the ground still crackling, and its color fades away)
Sanogonomiya Resistance Member: Charge!
Gorou: Attack!
(The Visions in the Statue of the Omnipresent God light up)
Paimon: What do we do!? They're no match for her!
(Ei comes down from a meditating position)
Ei: So, we meet again
(Cutscene ends)

(Talk to the Raiden Shogun within the Plane of Euthymia)
Ei: Indulge my curiosity. What is the reason that I find you standing here before me once again?
Ei: Do you hope your foolhardiness will shelter those people? Or... was it simply a means of seeking an audience with me?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The Fatui have deceived the Raiden Shogun.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The Vision Hunt Decree should never have existed.
Ei: Oh? Surely you didn't rouse me from my state of eternal meditation only to tell me this?
Ei: If so, then you underestimate me. I am quite well-informed about the Vision Hunt Decree.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You know everything that's going on outside?
Ei: Not so. Only everything that pertains to eternity.
Ei: The Vision Hunt Decree has my tacit approval.
Ei: The Fatui's actions thus far do not constitute a threat to eternity, otherwise... they would have been purged long ago.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png But the Vision Hunt Decree is damaging.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It comes at a great cost to the people of Inazuma.
Ei: Individual ambition is inherently incompatible with eternity.
Ei: What you might not realize is that all too often... people have far more to lose by chasing their dreams.
Ei: Consider this — no one will lose their life on account of having their Vision taken away...
Ei: Rather, those who have lost their lives are the ones who insisted on pursuing their own aspirations, are they not?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Teppei...
Ei: Traveler, your existence is unique in my eyes.
Ei: There seems to be limitless uncertainty in you. To put it another way, you are the furthest thing from eternity.
Ei: So I won't insist that you comprehend the meaning of my actions. What matters is that I tread the path of eternity on my people's behalf.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png This is your Plane of Euthymia...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It is created by your consciousness, yes?
Ei: That's right. I'm surprised you understand it so well...
Ei: Anyway. You're looking for a chance to shake my will... aren't you?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm not here to debate your ideas.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm here to demolish them.
Ei: ...
Ei: So be it. Well then, you who would defy eternity... Time for you to enlighten me.

(Upon the start of the battle, one of the following lines is said)
Ei: Do you wish to become the enemy of Eternity, Traveler?
Ei: Your arrival has brought a deafening static.
Ei: Excessive yearning leads to inevitable destruction.
(At around 75% HP)
The Vision Hunt Decree is in force once more... But a way to turn things around may yet appear before those willing to resist...
(Around 40 seconds later, a cinematic begins)
(The Traveler runs in to attack Raiden, but this time the Traveler does not fall)
(The Traveler notices the Grand Narukami Shrine Omamori they received from Yae Miko is sparkling)
(Suddenly, Yae Miko appears)
Yae Miko: Dear me
Yae Miko: Aren't you cutting it rather close?
Ei: Miko
Ei: This was your doing...?
Yae Miko: Now, now
Yae Miko: Don't forget who taught you
Yae Miko: How to place your consciousness in objects
Yae Miko: Surely you don't think
Yae Miko: Your ambition alone
Yae Miko: Is enough to shake Ei's will? Do you?
Yae Miko: Though you alone are here
Yae Miko: They too have ambitions
Yae Miko: Which they long since entrusted to you
Yae Miko: Now then
Yae Miko: Close your eyes
(The Traveler closes their eyes)
(The people's ambitions begin to shine through into the Plane of Euthymia and illuminates the realm)
(Teppei, in a flash, appears briefly in the position of the Traveler)
(The Traveler is imbued with a golden aura as the Traveler takes on the ambitions of the people)
Abolish the Vision Hunt Decree
(The Electro Archon smiles and the fight resumes)

(Upon defeating the Raiden Shogun)
Yae Miko: You've lost, Ei.
Ei: ...
Ei: ...Yes, I have.
Yae Miko: Why can you not trust your people, and in the power of their ambitions?
Yae Miko: These ambitions have transcended space and time. They are something that no one can snuff out.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png When people move forward with all their might...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png They can surpass the gods' expectations.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png And even take over the work of the gods.
Yae Miko: Is this the lesson you learned from your journey in Liyue?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yes.
Yae Miko: There are nations where humans cast their god aside and stride forward...?
Yae Miko: So, are we to just abandon the notion of progress... for the sake of wishful thinking?
Ei: ...You and I have both witnessed the great loss that progress can bring.
Ei: Eternity... eternity is the only way...
(A cutscene begins)
Cutscene's Travel Log summary:
Ei explains her past and the origin of her pursuit of Eternity. She was once a kagemusha who followed the previous Shogun, in whom she trusted. But each instance of progress came alongside loss, until at last, even the previous Shogun ceased to be. Ei thus turned away from "transience," which the previous Shogun had believed in, seeing "eternity" as the path that Inazuma should take instead.
Ei: When lightning flashes, it casts a shadow
Ei: My name means shadow
Ei: With my blade, I purged all obstacles to progress
Ei: And yet... something was lost
Ei: With each step forward
Ei: In the end, I even lost her
Ei: The tales are still retold
Ei: In the shade of every Thunder Sakura
Ei: But the wounds left on our nation by that terrible loss
Ei: Still ache
Ei: "Never stop searching, even if only for a brief flash of light"
Ei: "If nothing else, we have the present moment"
Ei: She said that once
Ei: But I've seen a nation stride forward
Ei: And lose everything to the Heavenly Principles
Ei: Perhaps only if time stands still
Ei: Will the lightning's glow never fade
Ei: The present moment is a fragile illusion
Ei: Only Eternity can bring us closer to the Heavenly Principles
Ei: I am no longer the shadow
Ei: "Mine is the most supreme and noble form"
Ei: "Let power over the realm be vested in me"
Ei: "In this form shall I honor my subjects' dream"
Ei: "For a land of Eternity, unchanging forevermore"
(After the cutscene)
Yae Miko: The Heavenly Principles... irrelevant nonsense as far as I am concerned.
Yae Miko: When all's said and done, all you really want is to protect your beloved Inazuma, forever and ever. Isn't that right?
Ei: That would be something of an oversimplification.
Yae Miko: But is this nation worth existing for eternity?
Yae Miko: Stripped of ambitions, stripped of the potential for change, it does nothing more than simply... exist. It is a hollow shell of a nation.
Yae Miko: Huh. I wonder what loss would it really be to anyone if such a nation were destroyed?
Ei: Miko, retract your words.
Ei: Never-changing eternity is the promise I made to my people.
Yae Miko: But what your people need from you is not your promises. They want your attention... your divine gaze.
Ei: ...You mean Visions?
Ei: Humans have a lifespan of barely a hundred years. They cannot afford to bear any extra losses.
Ei: But I have experienced it all. That is why I have chosen to guide them along the correct path toward eternity.
Yae Miko: *sigh*...
Yae Miko: But eternity is far too cruel a fate for you, Ei.
Ei: For me?
Yae Miko: Not only have you stopped paying attention to the world, but you have stopped paying attention to yourself.
Yae Miko: It must have been terribly lonely here, all alone, for centuries on end.
Ei: But it is necessary...
Yae Miko: You will miss much by refusing progress... You seek to prevent loss, but have you considered all you are losing by remaining here in stasis for all eternity?
Yae Miko: You are obviously lonely, and yet for the sake of eternity you choose to stretch your loneliness out to infinity...
Yae Miko: Tell me this. Why is the sky here that was once so dark glowing again? Why now?
Yae Miko: This is your Plane of Euthymia. It's your inner world.
Yae Miko: So it can only mean... that you are happy to see me again. You have found the loneliness here unbearable for a long time now, haven't you?
Ei: I... have nothing to say to that.
Yae Miko: Hehehe, oh, but I have so much to say to you. Let me tell you all that has happened over the last few centuries.
Ei: How long will that take?
Yae Miko: As a fox envoy, I have an excellent memory. I recall every detail of the last few centuries with perfect clarity.
Yae Miko: So it will probably take me another few centuries to relay it to you.
Ei: Heh... hehe... Miko, I never thought I would have the chance to meet with you like this again.
Ei: *sigh* Seeing you again is a change to eternity... and a very nice surprise.
Yae Miko: Hehe, since you are willing to admit that, I suppose that means we can still be friends?
Ei: What a childish conversation this is.
Ei: Anyway. Now that I have been defeated by you and your plan, I will honor your wish to abolish the Vision Hunt Decree.
Ei: But with regards to eternity and the question of whether this nation should move forward, I need time to give it some thought.
Yae Miko: Hehe, you are the one who's been acting like a child from the very beginning.
(A cinematic begins)
Cutscene's Travel Log summary:
Finally, the people's wishes penetrated the Raiden Shogun's locked heart. As promised, she abolished the Vision Hunt Decree. Beyond the Plane of Euthymia, she saw what Eternity means in the eyes of the world. Some ambitions have the power to heal wounds... bring victory... to inspire hope. But some ambitions will outlive their masters, long after their soul ascends. They remain as they were in the beginning, burning bright and true... for all eternity.
Yae Miko: As promised, the Raiden Shogun abolished the Vision Hunt Decree
Yae Miko: Finally, her people's wishes penetrated her locked heart
Yae Miko: Beyond the Plane of Euthymia, she saw what eternity means in the eyes of the world
Yae Miko: When one's fervent ambition burns brightly
Yae Miko: The gods will cast their gaze upon you
Yae Miko: Some ambitions
Yae Miko: Have the power to heal wounds
Yae Miko: To bring victory
Yae Miko: To inspire hope
Yae Miko: But some ambitions
Yae Miko: Outlive their masters, long after the soul ascends
Yae Miko: They remain as they were in the beginning
Yae Miko: Burning bright and true
Yae Miko: For all eternity
(The cinematic ends)

(After the cinematic)
Paimon: So what did you guys do in the Raiden Shogun's Plane of Euthymia anyway?
Paimon: Is the Vision Hunt Decree abolished?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It was all thanks to Yae Miko.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We conveyed the wishes of the people.
Paimon: Oh, gotcha... Paimon was super worried, y'know.
Paimon: So maybe the reason Yae Miko is looking for us now is 'cause she wants to thank us? Let's go find her.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English The Omnipresent God
Qiān Shǒu Bǎi Yǎn
Thousand Hands, Hundred Eyes
Qiān Shǒu Bǎi Yǎn
Japanese 千手百目
Senjuu Hyakume[!]
Thousand Hands, Hundred Eyes
Korean 천수백안
Thousand Hands and Hundred Eyes
Spanish La Diosa OmnipresenteThe Omnipresent Goddess
French La divinité omniprésenteThe Omnipresent Divinity
Russian Всевидящее божество
Vsevidyashcheye bozhestvo
Thai The Omnipresent God
Vietnamese Trăm Mắt Nghìn TayHunded Eyes, Thousand Hands
German Der AllgegenwärtigeThe Omnipresent
Indonesian The Omnipresent God
Portuguese A Deusa OnipresenteThe Omnipresent Goddess

Change History

Released in Version 2.1