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The Narukami Trail is a World Quest in Inazuma.


  1. Talk to Neko
  2. Go near the Grand Narukami Shrine
  3. Go to the Grand Narukami Shrine
  4. Ask Inagi Hotomi for information
  5. Leave with Neko
  6. Return with Neko to Seirai Island


  • The prerequisites for this World Quest are at least 4 total completions of any of the following Commissions: A Fishy Flavor, Shrine Cleanup, and The Cat's Trail.
    • It is not necessary to complete all three commissions, nor is it necessary to complete different versions of the same commission. For example, it is possible to unlock the world quest after getting nothing but Shrine Cleanup 4 times, and it is also possible to unlock the world quest having done only one version of Shrine Cleanup.
  • Completing this quest will grant the player the Wonders of the World achievement "Her and Her Cat."


UI Quest.png Quest Description

Neko, "Provisional Head Priestess of the Asase Shrine," seems to have something she wants to do...
(Talk to Neko)
Neko: Oh, it is you again. Well met.
Neko: Do you know where there grows a big, pink, and very tall tree?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png W—What?
Neko: It looks like the tree with pink petals next to the shrine, but it's very tall.
Neko: There are a lot of tingling, hair-raising things around that tree.
Paimon: Tingly, hair-raising things... They should be Electro...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The tree you're referring to should be the Sakura Tree then...
Paimon: Electro and Sakura Trees can be found everywhere in Inazuma...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Is there anything else beside that tree?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Is there something special about that tree?
Neko: Hibiki said that the tree is shaped like a fox. There is a very large "shrine" next to that tree.
Neko: Like the tree, it's very high up, and there are those tingly, hair-raising things beneath the shrine.
Paimon: A very tall Sakura Tree and shrine, and Electro...
Paimon: Uh, is Neko talking about...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The Sacred Sakura at Grand Narukami Shrine.
Paimon: Well, it feels like there is only one place in all of Inazuma that meets these three points. But...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Why are you looking for that tree?
Neko: Why, do you know where that tree is? Worthy of being my chosen one.
Neko: It is the place Hibiki mentioned. Hibiki said that she had stayed there for a while.
Neko: Also, she loved the petals floating down from that very, very big tree.
Neko: ...
Neko: I thought about the reason why Hibiki hasn't returned until now. Could it be because she is doing something somewhere?
Neko: Since Hibiki isn't coming back for the time being, I will go and look for her.
Neko: It seems that you know where the tree is. Please take me there.
Paimon: Eh!? What about the shrine?
Neko: The stone human will take care of the shrine for me. There is no need to worry.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Thank you, Mr. Ooshima.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We'll leave it to him, then.
Paimon: Paimon never thought that (Traveler) would say this one day...
Paimon: Thank you for your effort, Mr. Ooshima. Okay, time to head off.

(Upon arriving at the location near Grand Narukami Shrine)
Neko: "Grand Narukami Shrine"... Is this the place?
Neko: There are so many red doors. Do humans like red doors a lot?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png This is called a "torii gate."
Paimon: They are at Asase Shrine too.
Neko: Oh, I understand now. So, this is a "torii gate." It's a place where birds live, right?[Note 1]
Neko: So the more torii gates there are, the more birds there are, right? Birds are a good thing. Humans are pretty smart, too.
Neko: Have you seen where Hibiki is?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png There's no trace of anyone...
Paimon: There seems to be no one around...
Paimon: Why don't we go up to the Grand Narukami Shrine and ask the shrine maidens there?
Paimon: "Hibiki" should also be a shrine maiden... Maybe they would know something.

(Upon approaching the center of the Grand Narukami Shrine)
Neko: Meow, this shrine is really big, and there are a lot of humans too.
Neko: Wow! The Offering Box and racks are also very grand, no wonder so many people come here.
Neko: You should take some pointers. In the future, Asase Shrine will become like this.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That's... probably not it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Wait, why am I the one who has to take some pointers?
Neko: However, I still don't see Hibiki anywhere.
Paimon: Anyway, let's find someone to ask about "Hibiki."

(Talk to Inagi Hotomi)
Inagi Hotomi: Hello, Traveler from afar. Welcome to the Grand Narukami Shrine!
Inagi Hotomi: If you encounter any trouble or just want to make a wish, feel free to come here for a fortune slip. May the Electro Archon bless you.
Paimon: We are not here to ask for a fortune slip, but there is something we want to ask you...
Inagi Hotomi: Ask me? Oh... go ahead, then.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, here's the situation...
You tell her about Hibiki...
Inagi Hotomi: Hibiki from Asase Shrine? Could it be "Asase Hibiki"...
Neko: Yes! Hibiki is "Asase Hibiki." Human! Do you know Hibiki? Do you know where she is?
Inagi Hotomi: Hmmm... Huh!? How can this cat talk? Am I hearing things...
Neko: Humans, such ado about nothing... Is it so strange that I speak?
Neko: Do you know Hibiki? Do you know where she is?
Inagi Hotomi: It feels really strange to be questioned by a cat...
Inagi Hotomi: However, if you are really asking about that "Asase Hibiki", you've come to the wrong place...
Paimon: Huh?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Wrong... place?
Inagi Hotomi: I have come across her name in the few well-reserved ancient texts of the shrine. She is the last successor of Asase Shrine...
Inagi Hotomi: About four to five hundred years, it was said that "The Yougou Three" Asase Hibiki, Kamuna Harunosuke, and Mikoshi Nagamasa once went to Mt. Yougou to learn under the Yougou Tengu.
Inagi Hotomi: During that time, Asase apprenticed at our shrine and also befriended the Kitsune Saiguu. However, in the end...
Inagi Hotomi: The three eventually parted ways after a "disaster" that was vague in their account. It is said that Kamuna Harunosuke crossed the sea and went to Liyue as he wanted to learn the more powerful "way of the adepti."
Inagi Hotomi: Mikoshi Nagamasa returned to Inazuma City to serve the Shogunate. As for Asase Hibiki...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png She returned to Seirai Island...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Back to Asase Shrine...
Inagi Hotomi: Well, that's right. But because there is so little historical information available, the details are not very clear.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Wait a minute.
Paimon: Hmm... she said four to five hundred years ago. So that means, Hibiki was someone from a long time ago.
Paimon: So Neko's a cat that's 400 or 500 years old?
Neko: Meow? I'm not sure. What does "400 or 500 years old" mean?
Neko: I am not a human being. There aren't many things to worry about. I just know the rising of the sun, and then the moon. If I am in a bad mood, sleep is the best remedy.
Paimon: Paimon's so envious.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Paimon, it's almost the same for you.
Paimon: Hey! How rude, Paimon is worried sick about (Traveler) every day.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Do cats live that long?
Paimon: Generally speaking, not really...
Neko: You have said a lot of things that I do not understand. So, where is Hibiki?
Inagi Hotomi: With all due respect, I'm afraid that Asase Hibiki has...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Hibiki is not here.
Paimon: Yes, that's right. Hibiki should have gone somewhere else.
Neko: ...
Neko: That's true.
Neko: Oh well. Hibiki is still like a child, running around as she pleases.
Paimon: Anyway, thank you, Miss Shrine Maiden!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Please excuse us, we'll be leaving now.
Inagi Hotomi: Take care now. I'll be ready to help whenever you need me.
(Talk to Inagi Hotomi again)
Inagi Hotomi: Is something the matter?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png About Mikoshi...
Inagi Hotomi: Legend has it that Mikoshi Nagamasa has been working for the Shogunate, and it is said that he is extremely just and upright, even to the point of... being overly stubborn.
Inagi Hotomi: His bloodline has been passed down to this day. Most people in the city who have the surname Mikoshi today are his descendants.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png About Kamuna...
Inagi Hotomi: There aren't many records about him. He returned to Inazuma after crossing the sea to Liyue to learn the art of the adepti.
Inagi Hotomi: Then, he created his own "Onmyoudou" and "Shiki Taishou."
Inagi Hotomi: According to the records, in order to bring peace to Inazuma, he once used this technique to seal the bake-danuki, Ioroi, that was making trouble everywhere.
Inagi Hotomi: But later, news of him gradually disappeared.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Goodbye.
Inagi Hotomi: Take care now. I'll be ready to help whenever you need me.

(Upon arriving at the location near Chinju Forest)
Neko: Let's have a rest here, I am tired.
Neko: But it's really the same as what Hibiki said.
Neko: The different islands are really completely different. Also, it turns out that the shrine can be on such a high mountain. Aren't humans afraid of heights?
Neko: My Asase Shrine is still better.
Neko: Where exactly is Hibiki, I wonder...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Do you still wish to continue looking for her?
Neko: I am tired. Let's talk about it later.
Paimon: There's still a "later"!?
Neko: That's for sure. Hibiki told me many, many stories. Stories about the beach, stories about the place with lots of trees, stories about the "Lady Kitsune."
Neko: I remember all these stories very well.
Neko: But the most important thing now is to return home. After all, Asase Shrine must have its Guuji.
Neko: In short, you will go back with me now.

(Upon approaching Asase Shrine)
Neko: Phew... finally back. After staying next to that shrine for a long time, my fur is curling up.
Neko: Thank you so much for your help. You are truly a rare and reliable human being, meow.
Neko: I will continue to take care of the shrine. When Hibiki returns, I will introduce you to her.
Neko: Meow, meow...
Neko: Ah, when will Hibiki come back...


  1. This is a wordplay based on how "torii" (鳥居) literally means "bird perch" or "bird's abode".

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishThe Narukami Trail
Míngshén Xúnzōng
Narukami Search for Traces
Míngshén Xúnzōng
Narukami Tsuiseki
Narukami Pursuit
Korean나루카미의 흔적
Narukami-ui Heunjeok
Trace of Narukami
SpanishEl rastro de NarukamiThe Narukami Trail
FrenchLa piste de NarukamiThe Narukami Trail
RussianСледы Наруками
Sledy Narukami
The Narukami Traces
Thaiแสวงหา Narukami
Sawaeng ha Narukami
The Narukami Search
VietnameseTìm Narukami
GermanDie Narukami-SpurThe Narukami Trail
IndonesianMengejar NarukamiChasing Narukami
PortugueseVestígios de NarukamiVestiges of Narukami

Change History

Released in Version 2.1
Version 2.2
  • English dialogue was revised to change Neko's manner of referring to herself from "this one" to "I."

Version 2.1

  • The Narukami Trail was released.