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The Mystery of the Girl in Red's Treasure is the second part of Klee's Story Quest Trifolium Chapter, Act I: True Treasure.


  1. Find the treasure trove in the Whispering Woods
  2. Talk to Klee
    • This step happens automatically.
  3. Chase down the Abyss Mage with Klee
    • If the Abyss Mage is more than 50 meters away from you, you will fail the quest.
    • Defeat the Pyro Slimes and chase the Abyss Mage.
    • Defeat the Electro Slimes and chase the Abyss Mage again.
    • Make sure to have some stamina left after each encounter with the summoned monsters.
  4. Track down the Abyss Mage
    • Break the nearby rock to reveal a torch that has to be lit with a Pyro attack.
  5. Enter the domain
  6. Explore the domain and find the Abyss Mage
  7. Negotiate with the Abyss Mage


  • 1 Common Chest and 1 Exquisite Chest can be found in the domain.
  • 1 Precious Chest can be found at the end of the domain.


(Find the treasure trove in the Whispering Woods)
Klee: ♪ La la la la la la la~ ♪
Paimon: Your treasure's gone, but you seem oddly happy.
Klee: Ah, well, Razor and Albedo seem really busy recently.
Klee: So Klee must not disturb them.
Klee: But now Klee has new friends!
Klee: It's such a nice surprise to have a new friend to help me! Hehehe. I'm so happy!
(Talk to Klee)
Klee: We're here! This is the place.
Klee: Look, this is where my huuuge treasure was buried...
Paimon: And where there's now a huuuge empty hole in the ground...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Wait — who's that over there?
Paimon: It's... an Abyss Mage!? Hey, maybe he's the one Jean was warning us about.
Paimon: What's that in his hand?
Klee: My treasure!
Paimon: ...Wha!?
Abyss Mage: Hmph! I see the little girl's brought her friends with her! Time for a change of plan...
Paimon: Hey, you! If you think you're so tough, get back here and fight!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg After him!
(Pursue the Abyss Mage with Klee)
Klee: What's an Abyss Mage? I play in the forest all the time, but I've never seen one before.
Klee: It looks so cute! Soft, and fluffy... I wanna pet it.
(After catching up to the Abyss Mage)
Paimon: Game's up. Now hand it over!
Abyss Mage: Grr...
Abyss Mage: You fools think I would give this up so easily after what I have been through to acquire it?
Abyss Mage: Hehe...
(After defeating the Pyro slimes)
Paimon: Careful, Klee, don't be drawn in by it... Abyss Mages are the bad guys.
Klee: Oh... That's right, Master Jean says that stealing is wrong.
Klee: Hmm... But if we could just get him to give it back...
Paimon: Freeze!
Abyss Mage: *panting* That girl's lucky she didn't come alone, otherwise I'd...
Abyss Mage: Hmph...
(Track down the Abyss Mage)
Paimon: Where'd he go? The Abyss Mage! He just... disappeared!
Paimon: What's going on?
(After activating the Ruins Torch)
Paimon: A gateway to a domain! The Abyss Mage must have snuck inside.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Then he has no way out.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Let's keep up the chase.
Klee: *panting*...
Paimon: Klee, do you need a rest?
Paimon: Why don't you wait here while we get your treasure back for you?
Klee: ...No, I'm coming with you!
Klee: It's my treasure that Mr. Fluffball stole, and it's up to me to get it back!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I admire your courage.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg But these domains can be dangerous.
Klee: Hee-hee, don't worry. Klee is a big girl!
Klee: Come on, Mr./Miss Honorary Knight! Let's goooo!

(Negotiate with the Abyss Mage)
Abyss Mage: Hmph. You followed me. I must say, I'm impressed.
Abyss Mage: But this is as far as you will get.
Paimon: Oh yeah? What are you gonna do?
Abyss Mage: Mwuhahaha! Ahahahaha!
Abyss Mage: Oh, the human proclivity to gossip has provided us with everything we need...
Abyss Mage: We learned that your little red friend had in her possession the most powerful treasure in all of Mondstadt.
Abyss Mage: That treasure is now in my hands. There is nothing you can do!
Abyss Mage: Now your precious treasure shall be your undoing!
Klee: No, no, wait! D–don't touch it!
Abyss Mage: Hah! Oh, how you fret now your predicament is finally clear to you!
Abyss Mage: Now, what have we here — a flame symbol? Mwuhahaha...
(The Abyss Mage pays no heed to Klee's warning and touches the treasure. Boom. A deafening explosion echoes throughout the ruins, and when the smoke clears, not so much as a shred of cloth is left where the Abyss Mage has been.)
???: *bang*
Klee: NO!
Klee: I broke the survival rules... "Explosions can hurt people... Jean can be dreadful..."
Klee: This is it... This time I'm done for... *sobs*
Paimon: ...
Paimon: Wait, so Klee's treasure is a bomb!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That was epic...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It made short work of that Abyss Mage!
Paimon: No wonder Klee was rumored to be the strongest fighter in Mondstadt.
Paimon: Paimon for one is never picking a fight with her. Ever.
Paimon: Hold on... Why has she gone and run off?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Something to do with the survival rules...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Something to do with Jean...
Paimon: Seems like it!
Paimon: Well then, let's head to the Knights' Headquarters and report to Jean!

Change History

Released in Version 1.0