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The Great Snowboar KingThe true ruler of Dragonspine? is a special enemy and miniboss in Dragonspine, located to the East of Entombed City - Ancient Palace, south of the word "Ancient" on the map, and is part of the "Ah, Fresh Meat!" World Quest. It appears when all the snowboars in the area have been felled. There are warming areas to cure frostbite to the far North and South of the area if players need them.


Amidst the snow and ice dwells an ancient king waiting to be awakened by its ice-entombed brethren.
In the distant past beyond memory, a certain legend circulated among hunters out in the wild: when the land sealed by ice returns to life and when an uninvited guest disturbs the deep, frozen silence, the lord and leader of the snowboars unto greatness will awaken from slumber, shake off the ice that shackles it, and bring judgment upon those disrespectful interlopers.



The Great Snowboar King respawns every 12 hours, providing a consistent supply of 14-18 chilled meat (6-10 from the Boar King, 6 from the frozen boars, 2 from the frozen boar near the Ruin Brazier) from each encounter.

The Great Snowboar King also drops Quest Items during certain Quests.


  • The Hunter Becomes the Hunted — Be defeated by the Great Snowboar King
  • Chill Out! — Defeat The Great Snowboar King while the latter is in berserker mode.
  • Assassin of Kings — Defeat the True Ruler of Dragonspine?


The Great Snowboar King's attacks are relatively easy to dodge, however they deal a ton of damage. Avoid getting hit by The Great Snowboar King at all costs.

  • Shield Characters like Zhongli, Noelle, or Xinyan will help if you are not good at dodging attacks.

During his Berserker Mode, which is when his eyes glow red and have eye trails, being hit by his icicle attacks will be fatal. They will inflict Cryo on your character, making it difficult to move, as well as interrupt your character and stagger you momentarily. You may not have enough time to escape the radius of the next icicle. During his Berserker mode, stay away from The Great Snowboar King and attempt to hit him with ranged attacks. This will also be a good chance to alleviate the accumulated Sheer Cold. Head north from the battlefield, and within a short distance there will be a Ruin Brazier.

  • Do not go too far away from The Great Snowboar King when approaching the Ruin Brazier, for the battle may restart. However, if you are in co-op with another player, the Snowboar King will not despawn; provided at least one of the players in Co-Op Mode remain close to him.
  • If you are playing in Co-Op mode with another player, if you have it, equip the NRE (Menu 30). As the Snowboar King deals extreme damage in Berserk mode, this is practically required if you have no shield characters, and even with shield characters, it is recommended you bring it anyways.

Try to make him charge at the wall, for it will leave him in a stunned state. Be sure you make the time spent count attacking him however, for if he hits the wall three times, he will enter Berserk mode.

  • While he is in his Berserk mode, making him charge towards the wall will not make him dizzy, so be aware of not using this tactic while he is in this state.
  • The Boar King will also be stunned when charging into certain Geo Constructs such as Zhongli's Stone Stele. After killing the last frozen boar, you can run up to the Boar King and create a Geo construct in front of him before he does his initial charge to quickly get him into the stunned state.

Change History

Released in Version 1.2
Version 1.2
  • The Great Snowboar King was released.