The Four Winds are four entities that the Anemo Archon, Barbatos, entrusted the safety and protection of Mondstadt to before he disappeared 1,000 years ago.[1]


The Four Winds were not officially established until Vennessa, founder of the Knights of Favonius, ascended to Celestia and became the Falcon of the West. Vennessa previously held the title of Lion of the South until she ascended, and the title then began the tradition of passing down from knight to knight. However, the other two of the Four Winds had been protecting Mondstadt alongside Barbatos for thousands of years before this.

Andrius, who was once the God of Blizzards and King of the North Wind, lived in Mondstadt long before the current City of Mondstadt was established. During the Archon War, Andrius filled the land of Mondstadt with a never-ending winter as he warred against Decarabian, the former Anemo Archon and the God of Storms. After the rebellion that slew Decarabian and saw Barbatos' rise to Anemo Archon, Andrius—who saw himself unfit to be an archon due to his lack of love for humanity, and realized that his powers could only bring harm—chose to pass on, allowing his powers to flow into the land and nurture it. His spirit, however, continues to live on and currently dwells in Wolvendom. In times of need, he can manifest a body of wind and ice.

Dvalin, although not the first of Barbatos' allies, is said to be the older than the other members of the Four Winds. Born in Gaotian, meaning he was born from elemental energy, Dvalin is an ancient wind dragon said to be as powerful as the bygone demons in Teyvat. Dvalin wandered the land, running from frightened humans, until he heard Barbatos playing music on his lyre, where he landed and observed the Archon, deciding to stay with him as he wished to be understood by all souls as the archon was. It is through Barbatos that he learned human speech, and became loved by the people of Mondstadt.

The Four Winds used to be worshiped by the people of Mondstadt. Each of the Four Winds (excluding the Dragon of the East) has a Temple dedicated to them where residents used to maintain, worship, and give offerings to the Winds inside. There used to even be dedicated priests for each temple.[2] Over time, the people of Mondstadt have forgotten their old traditions involving the winds, and their temples have since been abandoned and left to ruin. Nevertheless, the power of the Four Winds is still active even though their people have lost faith in them.

During Stormterror—the Dragon of the East, Dvalin's—rampage, he was able to channel power from the other three temples with the help of the Abyss Order.


Title Current Holder Previous Holder(s) Temple
Wolf of the North Andrius - Temple of the Wolf
Lion of the South Jean[3][Note 1] Vennessa
Temple of the Lion
Dragon of the East None Dvalin[5][6][7] None
Falcon of the West Vennessa[8] - Temple of the Falcon


  1. The Lion of the South is a unique position among the Four Winds, in that it is passed along to humans through the title of "Dandelion Knight" or "Lionfang Knight." Traditionally, this title would be passed down to those worthy, and all of the Knights of Favonius' Masters throughout the ages have inherited these titles. As such, all past holders of the title of Lion of the South throughout the past 1,000 years are not currently known.



  • Vennessa is the only member to ever hold two positions of the Four Winds.
  • Both of Jean's titles, "Lionfang Knight", and "Dandelion Knight", translate into the same phrase "Löwenzahnritter" in German.
    • The English word "dandelion" comes from French dent-de-lion "lion's tooth."
  • The three temples of the Winds are featured in the Archon Quests during the Prologue Chapter Act I:
  • It is unknown what happened to the Temple of the Dragon, but it existed 6 months before the start of the game, as it is known that a thief stole a vial with the Anemo God's breath from the "East Temple of the Four Winds."[9]
  • The Four Winds are represented in Mondstadt with symbols on roughly each associated side of the city:
    • The Lion of the South symbol is above the main gate of the city, likely both due to being the furthest south point of the city and to represent the defense of Mondstadt.
    • The Wolf of the North symbol is on the stairs leading up to the Mondstadt Cathedral, which is the furthest north location in the city.
    • The Dragon of the East symbol is above the side entrance to Mondstadt, which is the furthest east side of the city.
    • The Falcon of the West symbol is featured on both sides of the entrance to the Knights of Favonius Headquarters, both due to being on the western side of the city and due to Vennessa founding the knights.
  • The official English translation of the manga translated the "Lionfang Knight" as the "Liontooth Knight."


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