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The Floating Palace is the first part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter I: Act III - A New Star Approaches.


  1. Go to Mt. Tianheng
  2. Search for a way up to the Jade Chamber
  3. Try using the mechanism
  4. Head over to the Guizhong Ballista
  5. Fight the Millelith


(Climb Mt. Tianheng)
Paimon: Look, up there! That's the Jade Chamber.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That's pretty high up.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Question is, how do we get up there?
Paimon: Hmm... Uhh...
Paimon: Ah, this is bad, Paimon's supposed to be your guide, but Paimon doesn't know where the way up to the Jade Chamber is...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You're only realizing that now!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We should have asked that emissary, Ganyu.
Paimon: Ugh...
Paimon: Well, since we want to go to the Jade Chamber, heading to its location on the map is the sensible thing to do!
Paimon: Let's look around. There has to be a way up there nearby!
(Find wind current mechanism)
Paimon: Hey, look! There's some sort of mechanism thingy!
Paimon: Since this is the right place, it must have something to do with the Jade Chamber.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Maybe it's the way to the Jade Chamber?
Paimon: Yes, this must be the way!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It looks like some sort of trap.
Paimon: No way! Just trust Paimon's instincts!
(Activate mechanism and go to the floating island)
Paimon: Huh? It only takes us up to here...
Paimon: Aw, if that wind current was strong, we'd be able to reach the top in one go!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Best we go back to Liyue and ask the Millelith...
Paimon: Huh? Why?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The way up shouldn't be a secret, or...
Paimon: Or? ...Oh, Paimon gets it! If it was a secret, Ganyu wouldn't have let us try to find it ourselves, right?
Paimon: Alright, let's follow your plan, then we can...
Paimon: Ooh! Hang on a moment. Look down there!
Paimon: Looks like we've gotten close to the Guizhong Ballista.
Paimon: Hmm... Uh... Paimon has a new idea!
Paimon: Why don't we shoot you up to the Jade Chamber using the Ballista?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png No thanks. I don't have a death wish.
Paimon: Oh... Right. This method does seem a bit unsafe...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Still, I do remember that the Ballista had a scope.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Do you really hate me that much?
Paimon: Uh... No. Paimon may have just forgotten to think about safety measures...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Still, I do remember that the Ballista had a scope.
Paimon: Oh, that's right!
Paimon: Now that you mention it, we could use the Guizhong Ballista to see if there's another way up nearby!

(Head over to the Guizhong Ballista)
Huaqing: Halt!
Huaqing: Who trespasses on these hallowed grounds?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We're just passing through...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Hallowed what now? These are the wilds around Mt. Tianheng...
Paimon: Exactly. What're you talking about?
Paimon: We're invited guests! What makes you think you can treat us like this?
Paimon: No... Wait... Maybe this was Ningguang's plan all along!
Paimon: She pretended to invite us to the Jade Chamber, but set up a Millelith ambush here to arrest us!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm quite sure that's not the case.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We haven't explained the invitation to them yet...
Paimon: Grr... Now Paimon's mad! ...You! Over there! This is a trick, isn't it? How shameless!
Huaqing: What? We're just on guard duty. What do you mean, "shameless"?
Yang: What nonsense! Seize these suspicious intruders at once!
Paimon: Well, here they come — line 'em up and knock 'em down!

(After fighting the Millelith)
???: Stop! What's all this about?
Huaqing: Lady Keqing, these two strange people suddenly appeared. They seem to have designs on the Guizhong Ballista.
Paimon: Who're you calling "strange"?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We were just looking for the way to the Jade Chamber.
Keqing: Hmm? You want to go to the Jade Chamber? Who are you?
Paimon: We're invited guests, here to look for the Liyue Qixing! Who are you?
Keqing: ...
Keqing: Well, as it happens, I am one of the Liyue Qixing.
Paimon: ???
Keqing: I'm Keqing, the Yuheng of the Qixing.
Keqing: I know of you, Traveler. You're Ningguang's guests, yes? Didn't expect to meet you here in the mountains.
Paimon: Wow... Paimon didn't think we'd meet some super rich big shot out here in the middle of nowhere either.
Keqing: The Guizhong Ballista in Tianheng Pass has long been in disrepair, and yet it was fixed in a single night. I came here to investigate that occurence.
Keqing: These Millelith are just here to guard the scene, not to arrest anyone.
Paimon: So, this was all a misunderstanding? Paimon never would've thought...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Thinking isn't that hard, Paimon.
Keqing: Anyway, for a mortal to be able to repair an adepti mechanism is quite the mystery, even to the Qixing.
Paimon: Hehe, that was...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (Shh, Paimon, don't complicate the matter!)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (We only did a tiny part of the work there...)
Paimon: Eh? Oh, right. So, Lady Yuheng, might you have any idea why Lady Tianquan invited us to go to the Jade Chamber?
Keqing: Just call me Keqing.
Keqing: I'd say that Ningguang's purpose is to request that the savior of Mondstadt take a more neutral stance... Or at least, to not wholly side with the adepti.
Paimon: We're not taking sides. We spoke with the adepti. They want to protect Liyue as well...
Keqing: When you say "protect," you're referring to their sanctimonious arrogance, aren't you?
Paimon: Huh?
Keqing: You are mortals, and thus under their protection. There was no way they would have regarded you as someone with the ability to assassinate a god.
Keqing: Naturally, they would also regard Ningguang's locking down the area, questioning the citizenry, and pursuit of the assassin to be pointless work. Perhaps they even wonder if there might be a cover-up.
Keqing: I'll say it like it is: they're underestimating us.
Paimon: Well, you've got a point there...
Paimon: Still, this is the first time Paimon's seen a person from Liyue who doesn't respect the gods or the adepti.
Keqing: Hah. Should I respect the shallow sense of time and condescension to mortals that has caused them to delay in moving against us Qixing?
Keqing: Forget it. I shouldn't speak of them this way. This skepticism is mine alone, and Ningguang does not share it.
Keqing: Either way, I will admit that the actions of the adepti this time were quite restrained.
Keqing: Rex Lapis' death is indeed an extraordinary circumstance. But to think that they would call for a council of adepti rather than come down here directly...
Keqing: How surprisingly civilized of them.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Any chance you could talk it out with them?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ningguang would prefer to negotiate, wouldn't she?
Keqing: Well, for Ningguang... She would talk anything and everything out if she could. But I doubt we can do that here.
Keqing: The time of the adepti has long passed. If even the Liyue Qixing don't want to face that truth, then what future is there for Liyue?
Paimon: Phew... Another super bold statement...
Keqing: *sigh* I'll stop here. Honestly, I hadn't intended to say so much. But you're a good listener, Traveler.
Keqing: You should both be off to the Jade Chamber. Don't be late, now. Ningguang's schedule is packed to the gills all the way till next year.
Keqing: The cream of Liyue's mercantile crop all see "ascending to the Jade Chamber" as the greatest honor. Each brings rich gifts as they visit, all to curry a little favor with Ningguang.
Paimon: Favor?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Paimon, that's not the point.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Paimon, get serious.
Paimon: But... But!
Paimon: Wait, that's right! Greeting gifts are a staple of Liyue's culture. We need to get one, not to curry favor or anything — just to... respect Liyue's culture!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ah, so eager...
Keqing: Alright, alright. You can decide on your greeting gift yourselves. Let me tell you how to get to the Jade Chamber first.
Keqing: You didn't actually have to come to Mt. Tianheng. Go back to Liyue Harbor, find a guide at the Yuehai Pavilion, and...
You listen as Keqing explains the correct path.
Keqing: Well then. May we meet again, Traveler.
Paimon: Well, that Yuheng may not respect the gods, but Paimon thinks she's a pretty cool person.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png She made a good impression on me, too.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I agree with some of her views.
Paimon: So... What should be give to Ningguang when we see her?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You really have shifted focus, haven't you, Paimon...
Paimon: Oh, right! Paimon dreamed of an amazing snack last night — Sugar-Frosted Slime!
Paimon: Paimon has a feeling that it would be perfect for a super rich person like Ningguang!
Paimon: Why don't we go with that for a gift?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So, do you have a recipe?
Paimon: Nope! But Paimon's sure that we just need to make it with some boom shaka-laka!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png And... how would we make this thing you dreamed up?
Paimon: With a certain boom shaka-laka, of course!
Paimon: Let's go gather ingredients. Time waits for no one, and neither will our riches!

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English The Floating Palace
The Floating Fortress
Japanese 浮城
The Floating Fortress
Korean 떠다니는 성
Spanish El palacio flotanteThe Floating Palace
French La cité flottanteThe Floating City
Russian Парящий дворец
Paryashchiy dvorets
Thai ตำหนักลอยฟ้า
Tamnak Loi La
The Floating Palace
Vietnamese Thành Phố NổiFloating City
German Der schwebende PalastThe Floating Palace
Indonesian Istana di Atas LangitPalace Above the Sky
Portuguese O Palácio FlutuanteThe Floating Palace

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