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The Five Kasen's Splendor: Sumizome is a Quest Item obtained during the Event Quest A New Painting in Pale Scarlet during the Hues of the Violet Garden Event.


Before submerging in water

The Five Kasen's Splendor: Sumizome

I submerged the verses into clear water, and the truth did emerge.

After submerging in water

The Five Kasen's Splendor: Sumizome

Going over his poetry, I found that the plagiarized piece did not have his scarlet seal.
I submerged the verses into clear water, and the truth did emerge.
The true verses were not washed away, but the text of that despicable crime faded.
Aoi no Okina passed me by, just as he was writing a verse for Akahito.
One storm had yet to settle, and it was already time to write new poems...


  • The Chinese text is in the form of 7-character pailü.
Chinese Text Translation & Analysis
Shīnǚ chè biàn yuè cǎijuǎn, chìyìn bùzháo dào wénzhāng.
The poet lady goes over the colorful papers, (and found that) the plagiarized piece did not have (his) scarlet seal.
Qīngxī shàn xǐ chén shūcè, chéngbō yìrǎn fú běnxiàng.
The pure stream excels in cleansing submerged verses, (and) the crystal-clear waves[a 1] are effortlessly stained, letting the truth emerge.
Fēngliú jùpiān shuǐ nán xǐ, wòchuò zuìshī mò zìxiāo.
The charming[a 2] verses were hard to wash away with water, (but) the despicable and criminal poem's ink naturally faded.
Kuíwēng mìshī cóng páng guò, zhèng zuò zhuīsī gùrén cí.
Aoi no Okina passed by (my) side, seeking (his) poetry idea, just as (he) was writing a verse in remembrance of his old friend.
Yī fān fēngbō fù wèi píng, yòu shì yùsuǒ cǎishī shí...
One storm had yet to settle, and it was time for the Ogosho[a 3] to gather poems again...
  1. 清溪 lit. "fresh stream", and 澄波 lit. "crystal clear waves" are repetitions of the same meaning (the freshwater stream).
  2. 风流 lit. "currents of breeze" is a literary term for distinguished, charming, or romantic.
  3. 御所 (Japanese: Gosho) is short for Ogosho. The Raiden Shogun is titled the "Almighty Narukami Ogosho."
  • The Japanese localization is in the form of a tanka.
Japanese Localization English Meaning
皆人の なべて閲する 赤人の
Minahito no nabete essuru Akahito no
歌集の作に み朱印みざる
Kashuu no saku ni mi-shuin mizaru
ゆく水よ 沈めよ沈め たとうがみ
Yuku-mizu yo shizume yo shizume tatou-gami
あらふ白波 正をあからむ
Arafu shiranami sei wo akaramu
あはれなる 歌はいづれも えながせず
Awarenaru uta wa idzure mo enagasezu
掠むとおぼゆは あさくも見ゆる
Kasumu to oboyu wa asakumo miyuru
浮かばぬか 葵の翁 かいまみて
Ukabanu ka Aoi no Okina kaima-mite
友を悼みて 詠みしそへうた
Tomo wo itamite yomi shi soe-uta
波風の 止まざるままに 日きにけり
Namikaze no yamazaru mama ni hi ki ni keri
主上御覧ず 五色の歌集…
Shujou goranzu goshiki no kashuu...

Other Languages

Language Official Name
English The Five Kasen's Splendor: Sumizome
"Wǔ Gēxiān Róngcǎi - Mòrǎn-piān"
"Wǔ Gēxiān Róngcǎi - Mòrǎn-piān"
Japanese 『五歌仙容彩・墨染編』
"Gokasen Sugata no Irodori - Sumizomehen"[!]
Korean 《고카센 이로도리・스미조메 편》
"Gokasen Irodori - Seumijome Pyeon"
Spanish El esplendor de los Cinco Kasen: Sumizome
French Splendeur des Cinq Kasen - Sumizome
Russian Великолепие Пяти Касэн: Сумидзомэ
Velikolepiye Pyati Kasen: Sumidzome
Thai ความยอดเยี่ยมของ Kasen ทั้งห้า: Sumizome
Vietnamese Ngũ Ca Tiên Huy Hoàng - Sumizome
German „Farbenpracht der Fünf Kasen – Sumizome“
Indonesian Kemegahan Lima Kasen: Sumizome
Portuguese O Esplendor dos Cinco Kasen: Sumizome

Change History

Released in Version 2.6