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The Five Kasen's Splendor: Suikou is a Quest Item obtained during the Event Quest The Strange Tale of Suikou's Tipsy Tincture during the Hues of the Violet Garden Event.


The Five Kasen's Splendor: Suikou

Mine dwelling was far from the wider world, but for my fame my peace was disturbed.
In blue-clad I went before Tenshukaku to present our work, but Aoi's work was missing a page.
I knelt and begged for divine wrath to be stilled, and I told what I knew of how it was lost.
The previous night I had been drunk, and then a person's shadow had passed over me.
Some treacherous scoundrel must have stolen the poem, leading to my great loss of face.


  • The Chinese text is in the form of 7-character pailü.
Chinese Text Translation & Analysis
Wú zhī cǎo'ān yuǎn súshì, nàihé fúmíng rě chénxiāo.
Mine thatched cottage (= dwelling[a 1]) was far from the wider world, (but) sadly for (my) undesired fame (my) peace was disturbed.
Cuìyī cǎijuǎn dēng Tiānshǒu, Kuí gǎo qīngshī yí yèzhāng.
In green-clad, (and) with colorful papers (= verses), (I) went before the Tenshukaku (to present our work), (but) Aoi's manuscripts, of blue poems,[a 2] was missing a page.
Níshǒu dànqiú píng shèngnù, chuílú hěnyì yǔ cānghuáng.
(I) kowtow (= knelt and begged[a 3]) to seek only for the divine wrath to be stilled; (I) smash my head (and) wholeheartedly recall, telling (what I knew of how it was lost) in a flurry.
Zuóyè jiǔsì mǐngdīng zuì, miánshí shēncè yǐng chángyáng.
The previous night, (I had been) blind drunk in a tavern, (and) while asleep, a person's shadow had wandered and lingered beside me.
Dìngshì jiānrén qiè shī qù, wǒyán jìnsàng yùtáng shàng.
It must have been some treacherous scoundrel who stole the poem, (leading to) my complete loss of face to your majesty.[a 4]
  1. 草庵 lit. "thatched cottage" is a self-mocking literary term for shabby houses for poor people, especially monks (and by a broader extent, deity's followers).
  2. 葵稿 lit. "Aoi's manuscripts", and 青诗 lit. "blue poems", are repetitions of the same meaning (Aoi's manuscripts of poems).
  3. 泥首 lit. "to have one's head stained with mud" is a literary term for kowtow, a form of Eastern etiquette where one kneels and bows so low as to have one's head touching the ground, and is used to show one's utmost apology.
  4. 御堂上 lit. "higher than the floor of the palace" is a honorific literary term for the emperor.
  • The Japanese localization is in the form of a tanka.
Japanese Localization English Meaning
よばなれて かりほに住みし 身なれども
Yobanarete kario ni sumishi minaredomo
かかる憂き名に なまわずらはし
Kakaru ukina ni namawazurawashi
緑衣着て 歌仙のうたを 献ずれば
Ryoku'i kite kasen no uta wo kenzureba
欠きしものあり 翁の秀歌
Kakishi mono ari Okina no shuuka
頭たれ 叩きやうやう おぼゆるを
Atamatare tataki youyou oboyuru wo
舌疾に訴ふ かくて言ひけり
Shitado ni utau kakute iikeri
あなかしこ 酔ひさまたれし 昨夜のこと
Ana kashiko eisamatareshi yobe no koto
仮寝のわが身 寄るけはいあり
Karine no wagami yoru kehai ari
かるが故に さる盗人の 後ろ矢に
Karu ga yue ni saru nusubito no ushiro-ya ni
御前でかかる 恥をみしかな
Gozen de kakaru haji wo mishi kana

Other Languages

Language Official Name
English The Five Kasen's Splendor: Suikou
"Wǔ Gēxiān Róngcǎi - Cuìguāng-piān"
"Wǔ Gēxiān Róngcǎi - Cuìguāng-piān"
Japanese 『五歌仙容彩・翠光編』
"Go Kasen Sugata no Irodori - Suikou-hen"[!]
Korean 《고카센 이로도리・스이코 편》
"Gokasen Irodori - Seu'iko Pyeon"
Spanish El esplendor de los Cinco Kasen: Suikou
French Splendeur des Cinq Kasen - Suikou
Russian Великолепие Пяти Касэн: Суико
Velikolepiye Pyati Kasen: Suiko
Thai ความยอดเยี่ยมของ Kasen ทั้งห้า: Suikou
Vietnamese Ngũ Ca Tiên Huy Hoàng - Suikou
German „Farbenpracht der Fünf Kasen – Suikou“
Indonesian Kemegahan Lima Kasen: Suikou
Portuguese O Esplendor dos Cinco Kasen: Suikou

Change History

Released in Version 2.6