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The Five Kasen's Splendor: Aoi no Okina is a Quest Item obtained during the Event Quest What the Blue Flowers Left Behind during the Hues of the Violet Garden Event.


The Five Kasen's Splendor: Aoi no Okina

Glorious court life was my youth, and my old age a moonlit haze.
I had not wished to behave so treacherously, but my very life was threatened.
So I sought out my old work, and hid them in my clothes.
I do not understand the reason behind all that has happened, only that the mysterious person's motives must be perverse.
This poem was dedicated to Akihito [sic], who to my great sorrow was banished.


  • The Chinese text is in the form of 7-character pailü.
Chinese Text Translation & Analysis
Shǎoshí xuánmiǎn liè cháotáng, lǎo lái sōngyǐng lóng yuèguāng.
(Wearing) a benkan[a 1] standing in the royal court was (my) youth, (and) my old age a moonlit haze of pine shadows.[a 2]
Wǔnì zhī jǔ fēi běnyuàn, xìngmìng zāoxié shí xiāngqiáng.
The treacherous act was not (my) original intent, but (my) life was subject to threat, (I was) truly forced.
Cōngcōng bùlǚ mì jiùzuò, huánghuáng cán'gǎo huáizhōng cáng.
(With) hasty steps, (I) sought out (my) old work, (and) anxiously hid the remaining manuscripts into my bosom (= clothes).
Gèzhōng yuányóu xī bùzhī, zhǐyīn mìkè xìng guāizhāng.
(I) do not understand the reasons therein, only that the mysterious guest's nature must be perverse.[a 3]
Yóujì cǐshī yì Chìrén, gùzhī piāolíng qíng hé shāng.
This poem was dedicated[a 4] to Akihito, (my) old friend, a wanderer, who to (my) great sorrow was banished.
  1. 玄冕 lit. "black (dignified) hat" is a type of crown that was traditionally worn by the Eastern imperial court members.
  2. 松影 lit. "shadow of pine trees" is a literary term for autumn breeze, which symbolizes the life of old.
  3. 乖张 lit. "perverse" is an old-fashioned term for someone who is eccentric, and unreasonable. In Aoi's eyes, the whole poetry plagiarization controversy is a farce made by that mysterious guest.
  4. 犹记此诗忆 lit. "And yet (I) write this poem as a memoirs for (someone)" is a formal concluding remarks in a Chinese poem, equivalent to "The poem was dedicated to (someone)."
  • The Japanese localization is in the form of a tanka.
Japanese Localization English Meaning
年老いて 冠掛けし かたはらは
Toshi-oite kanmuri kakeshi katahara wa
松影霞む 月ばかりなり
Matsukage kasumu tsuki bakari nari
敢へ無くも からき命を 守りたり
Aenaku mo karaki inochi wo mamori tari
逆ふることは ほいなきにこそ
Sakafuru koto wa hoinaki ni koso
しぶしぶに せいて探りて 見つけたるを
Shibu-shibu ni seite sagurite mitsuketaru wo
衣の中に もて隠したり
Koromo no naka ni mote-kakushitari
脅しつるは 何人ならむ 如何にぞや
Odoshitsuru wa nannin naramu ika ni zoya
恐らくかのもの たぶれたるべし
Osoraku ka no mono taburetarubeshi
赤人を 想ひて詠んだ 歌ゆゑに
Akahito wo omohite yonda uta yue ni
友は何処や あな口惜し
Tomo wa izuko ya ana kuchioshi

Other Languages

Language Official Name
English The Five Kasen's Splendor: Aoi no Okina
"Wǔ Gēxiān Róngcǎi - Kuízhīwēng-piān"
"Wǔ Gēxiān Róngcǎi - Kuízhīwēng-piān"
Japanese 『五歌仙容彩・葵の翁編』
"Go Kasen Sugata no Irodori - Aoi no Okina-hen"[!]
Korean 《고카센 이로도리・아오이 노 오키나 편》
"Gokasen Irodori - Aoi No Okina Pyeon"
Spanish El esplendor de los Cinco Kasen: Aoi no Okina
French Splendeur des Cinq Kasen - Aoi no Okina
Russian Великолепие Пяти Касэн: Аои но Окина
Velikolepiye Pyati Kasen: Aoi no Okina
Thai ความยอดเยี่ยมของ Kasen ทั้งห้า: Aoi no Okina
Vietnamese Ngũ Ca Tiên Huy Hoàng - Aoi no Okina
German „Farbenpracht der Fünf Kasen – Aoi no Okina“
Indonesian Kemegahan Lima Kasen: Aoi no Okina
Portuguese O Esplendor dos Cinco Kasen: Aoi no Okina

Change History

Released in Version 2.6