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The Five Kasen's Splendor: Akahito is a Quest Item obtained during the Event Quest A New Painting in Pale Scarlet during the Hues of the Violet Garden Event.


The Five Kasen's Splendor: Akahito

Long have I been famed, and since my youth I had great ambition.
I stamped every new verse with a scarlet seal, and thus was I known to all.
But last year when we presented our verses, mine was found to be taken from poets past.
For the theft and deception, I was banished into the wilderness.
The five radiant lights never shall be again — ah, how the tides do shift!


  • The Chinese text is in the form of 7-character pailü.
Chinese Text Translation & Analysis
Wǒbèi jiǔchéng xiǎnhè míng, shàonián yìqì chóuchú zhì.
Long have we[a 1] borne an eminent name, (my) youth was high-spirited and content with great ambition.[a 2]
Měi yǒng xīncí zhuì zhūyìn, biàn dé měihào tiānxià zhī.
Every new verse (I) stamped with a scarlet seal, and thus was my honor[a 3] known to all.[a 4]
Qǐ zhī qùsuì wénzhāng huì, wú jìng qièzuò qiánrén shī.
How was one to expect that last year,[a 5] when (we) presented (our) verses,[a 6] (mine) poem was found to be plagiarized from people past.
Qīmán dàoqǔ wúkě shù, yěsè cāngmáng qìzhì shēn.
The deception and theft could not be forgiven, (thus) into the vast wilderness (I) was banished.[a 7]
Wǔsè huáguāng zài bù fù, qiàsì rénjiān wú chángshì.
The five radiant lights[a 8] never shall be again, just like the impermanence of the world.
  1. 我辈 lit. "my generation" is a humble literary term for "we, us" (second-person plural pronoun), especially for a group of like-minded individuals. This word was later imported to Japanese and its meaning ("I, me" (first-person singular masculine pronoun)) varies from the Chinese one.
  2. 踌躇志 lit. "(having great) ambition to (one's) heart's content" is a literary term for someone glowing with pride, full of ambition towards the future. 踌躇 means "to (one's) heart's content."
  3. 美号 lit. "beautiful art name" is a literary term for a great fame and honor of compliment and praise by the general public.
  4. 天下 lit. "under heaven" figuratively means "the world" or "all people."
  5. 去岁 lit. "last age" is a literary term for last year.
  6. 文章会 is anastrophe of 以文章会 lit. "presenting verses to (someone)".
  7. 弃置身 lit. "(my) body was thrown aside" is from the well-known poem "Reply to Bai Juyi Whom I Meet for the First Time at a Banquet in Yangzhou" (酬乐天扬州初逢席上见赠), written by Chinese poet Liu Yuxi. Liu's poem is an autobiography of his life of 23-year unsettlement, starting from his relegation and banishment by the royal court.
  8. 五色华光 lit. "five radiant lights" is a literary term for a bright and shining life.
  • The Japanese localization is in the form of a tanka.
Japanese Localization English Meaning
かねてより 世の覚え良く 名を立ちて
Kanete yori yo-no-oboe yoku na wo tachite
熱き心に 大志抱きぬ
Atsuki kokoro ni taishi idakinu
新しく 詠む歌綴る 紙屋紙
Atarashiku yomu uta tsudzuru kamiya-gami
朱印残して 名を轟かす
Shuin nokoshite na wo todorokasu
然れども 歌奉る こぞの会
Shikaredomo uta tatematsuru kozo no kai
古人の歌を 掠みにけりな
Kojin no uta wo kasumi ni keri na
盗作し 上欺きぬ 咎により
Tousaku shi ue azamukinu toga ni yori
侘しき荒野 追放たれぬ
Wabishiki kouya oihanatarenu
人の世は なべて無常 移りける
Hito no yo wa nabete mujou utsurikeru
五色の光も 消え失せにけり
Goshiki no hikari mo kie-use ni keri

Other Languages

Language Official Name
English The Five Kasen's Splendor: Akahito
"Wǔ Gēxiān Róngcǎi - Chìrén-piān"
"Wǔ Gēxiān Róngcǎi - Chìrén-piān"
Japanese 『五歌仙容彩・赤人編』
"Go Kasen Sugata no Irodori - Akahito-hen"[!]
Korean 《고카센 이로도리・아카히토 편》
"Gokasen Irodori - Akahito Pyeon"
Spanish El esplendor de los Cinco Kasen: Akahito
French Splendeur des Cinq Kasen - Akahito
Russian Великолепие Пяти Касэн: Акахито
Velikolepiye Pyati Kasen: Akakhito
Thai ความยอดเยี่ยมของ Kasen ทั้งห้า: Akahito
Vietnamese Ngũ Ca Tiên Huy Hoàng - Akahito
German „Farbenpracht der Fünf Kasen – Akahito“
Indonesian Kemegahan Lima Kasen: Akahito
Portuguese O Esplendor dos Cinco Kasen: Akahito

Change History

Released in Version 2.6