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The Firmiana Leaf Falls is the first act of Kamisato Ayato's Story Quest, the Cypressus Custos Chapter. In order to unlock this quest line, the player needs a Story Key, must have completed Chapter II: Act III - Omnipresence Over Mortals, Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter Act I - Reflections of Mortality, Chisato's Letter, and reached Adventure Rank 40.

During the act, the Traveler unravels a rumor between both Hiiragi Clan and Kujou Clan martial event, while the head of the Kamisato suspect that a dark plot wants to weaken their social standing among them.

List of Quests

  1. New Shoots from Old Branches
  2. The Truth Is Also a Lie
  3. The Wind Settles


New Shoots from Old Branches

As the Traveler and Paimon leave Tenshukaku, they spot Ippei and Shinnojou talking to each other and join in on the conversation. The two reveal that they were sent to Ogura Textiles to buy clothes for their respective masters. The speculate that Kujou Kamaji and Hiiragi Chisato are about to hold a wedding since the clothes they ordered were usually used on special occasions.

Shinnojou, who is in love with Chisato, became upset with the rumoured wedding. So to ease Shinnojou's mind, Paimon suggests to head to the Kamisato Estate and verify the authenticity of the rumoured wedding with Ayaka who handles weddings and ceremonies.

When Paimon and the Traveler arrive at the estate, they failed to meet Ayaka. Instead, they interrupt a game of chess between Thoma and Ayato. Ayato is pleased to meet the Traveler as Ayaka often spoke of the Traveler. Paimon then asks Ayato about the rumors regarding the wedding, which Ayato confirms to be true. A marriage between members of the Tri-Commission is an important event. So, Ayato feels that he should personally show his respect to the bride and the groom. He invites the Traveler to join him since the they seem to have a special relationship with the couple.

Inside the Kujou Estate, Ayato gives his blessings to Kamaji. Kamaji tells them that Chisato had proposed first, but when he went to talk to her over it, she acted as if she had not sent a letter. Nonetheless he continued and they agreed to a marriage. After leaving the estate, Ayato suspects that something is off, he knew Chisato to not be coy. He states that due to his own experience, if the result leads to no consequences, it would be acceptable. Nonetheless he decides to pay a visit to the Hiiragi Estate to get Chisato's take on the marriage.

Upon arriving, they find some representatives planning the wedding. Ayato declines their offer to provide tea and snacks, simply telling them to let him know when Chisato is finished. While they spend time to enjoying milk made by Tomoki, Ayato reveals that the clan representatives are off as the Kanjou Commission is still unstable due to not having a replacement and that Hiiragi is still in prison. Some clans supporting the Hiiragi Clan would also be disappointed by the turn of events. As such, he summons a Shuumatsuban to monitor the representatives to glean more information from them.

Yokoyama then comes in and informs the three that Chisato finished her meeting and is ready to greet them. Returning to the estate, Chisato is pleased to host Ayato and the Traveler for giving their congratulations to the marriage. Chisato proceeds to tell them that during her prior meeting, Shinnojou burst into the estate and told her not to take the marriage as it would harm the clan name. She also admits that Kamaji's response was sudden and affirms that she did not send a letter to him. Nonetheless, Ayato tells her to consider the marriage carefully.

Outside Ritou, Ayato confirms his suspicions due to how a low-ranking officer objected to the marriage while the higher-ups approved of it. He also sensed someone spying on them during their conversation. Hisashi soon returns and informs them that Shinnojou had been taken away. Ayato remarks that the perpetrators are smart and that they'll only be able to act once they bare their fangs, as stopping it otherwise would result in immense public backlash.

The Truth Is Also a Lie

Arriving in the caves near Araumi to look for Shinnojou, they find and free him from his fellow men. Ayato tells him to go into hiding; as they leave, they are met by Matsuura who threatens Ayato for getting involved in unrelated affairs and trying to preserve his power. Matsuura also reveals the notices were sent out to the public, making the wedding set. Ayato is left unimpressed by Matsuura's intelligence, having believed him to be much smarter and tells him to expect his response soon.

Once a fair distance away, Ayato tells the Traveler he intends to reveal his plan once they return to the city to see the masses' thoughts on the marriage. While Paimon is certain the marriage will go on, Ayato tells her that they could still stop the plot if Kamaji would be willing to help them. At the Kujou Estate, Ayato informs Kamaji of the situation and that they could still change it to their advantage by turning Chisato from a burden to an asset. Kamaji decides to support the plan, seeing that it's logical and that he had taken things too fast to begin with. During the conversation, the Shuumatsuban manage to locate one of the Kanjou informants in the city.

The three trail the informant who eavesdrops on the populace and confirms Matsuura's fears as he leaves. Ayato states that the plotters will have no choice but to surrender, as he had done this plenty of times before. He advices them to wait for two days if they're curious to see what would happen and takes his leave as he has other business to attend to.

The Wind Settles

Two days later, the Traveler and Paimon return to Ritou and hear everyone talk about Chisato. So, they head to the estate to meet and inform her of the situation. Right on cue, Matsuura comes in; recognizing the Traveler and Paimon, he accuses them of other motives, but Chisato scolds him in response for the plot. Matsuura leaves to convene with the other plotters, who agree that Chisato is a valuable asset to them. While waiting for their verdict, Chisato notes that she had asserted authority for the first time. Matsuura returns and apologizes to the Traveler, asking they accompany him to the Kamisato Estate to apologize to Ayato.

Matsuura asks Chisato to come with him to alleviate Ayato's mood; during the trip, he asks the Traveler to put in some good words for his sake. Once inside, he apologizes to Ayato, who asks how he intends to correct the mistake. After hearing his explanation, Ayato dismisses him, stating that both of them knew this would've happened. As Matsuura leaves, Ayato tells Chisato that what she was facing now was exactly what he, Ayaka and Kamaji had to face. After Chisato leaves, Ayato tells Paimon that he had already been suspicious from the start but acknowledges their feelings. Once they leave, Thoma comes out and shares a light conversation with him.


29 Characters appear (or are mentioned) in this Story Quest:

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English The Firmiana Leaf Falls
Wútóng Yī Yè Luò
One Firmiana simplex Leaf Falls
Wútóng Yī Yè Luò
Japanese 散りゆく青桐の葉
Chiriyuku Aogiri no Ha[!]
Korean 떨어진 오동나무 잎
Tteoreojin Odong-namu Ip
Fallen Royal Foxglove Tree Leaf
Spanish Hojas caen de las malváceas
French Chute d'une feuille de firmianaFall of a Firmiana Leaf
Russian С дерева утун падает лист
S dereva utun padayet list
Thai ใบอาโอกิริที่ร่วงหล่น
Bai a oki ri thi ruang lon
Vietnamese Chiếc Lá Ngô Đồng Rơi
German Ein Wutong-Blatt fälltA Firmiana Leaf Falls
Indonesian Daun Daun BerguguranFalling Leaves
Portuguese As Folhas de Sicômoros Caem

Change History

Released in Version 2.6