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The Farmer's Treasure is a World Quest in Inazuma. It is unlocked by completing the Archon Quest "Ritou Escape Plan" and the Hidden Exploration Objective "Searching for Saimon Jirou."

Preliminary Steps

Optional Steps

These steps are not necessary, but can be done to gain context:

  1. Check the Missing Person Bulletin Boards around Konda Village.
  2. Talk to Saimon Katsumi, just north of the Teleport Waypoint in Byakko Plain.
  3. Talk to Ishikawa in Kujou Encampment.
  4. Talk to Ono in Kujou Encampment.
  5. Talk to Ogura Yuu in Kujou Encampment.
  6. Report back to Saimon Katsumi in Konda Village.

Note that Jirou's behavior will change drastically if you met his father, Saimon Katsumi, first.

Jinren Island Steps
  1. Head to Jinren Island and climb to the top of the largest island.
  2. On the top of the largest island, free "???" from the cage.
    • The key is in the tallest tree on the opposite end of the plateau.
  3. After a small cutscene, you will be near the Jinren Island waypoint and will start a conversation with "???".
  4. Once you have all 4 Old Stone Slates, the world quest "The Farmer's Treasure" will appear in your journal.


Upon picking up the 4th Old Stone Slate:

  1. Report back to Saimon Jirou
  2. Find the fifth Old Stone Slate
    • This will be on the west coast of Araumi as marked on the map. Use elemental sight within the quest area to see where to dig.
  3. Confront Saimon Jirou
  4. Find Saimon Jirou on Jinren Island
  5. Confront the Kairagi leader
  6. Defeat all opponents:
  7. Open the "treasury" front door using the key
  8. Open the stone gate of the "treasury"
    • Use the 4 Old Stone Slates to place the 4 additional panels for the panel puzzle.
    • Complete the panel puzzle by stepping on all of the panels. Lighting up all the panels will unlock the circular door. If you step on the same panel twice, the puzzle will reset.
  9. Find the treasure
  10. Report back to Saimon Katsumi in Konda Village



UI Quest.png Quest Description

Saimon Jirou, a son of a farming family, dreams of finding treasure, but has met with an unexpected crisis instead...
(Dialogue prior to starting The Farmer's Treasure can be found on Searching for Saimon Jirou page)
(After finding all 4 Old Stone Slates)
(If you did not torture Jirou)
Saimon Jirou: How are things going? I can already smell the treasure, haha!
Paimon: Mm-hmm, us too!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, here they are.
Saimon Jirou: One, two, three, four... Hmm, no, that's not right.
Paimon: Eh—?
Saimon Jirou: We're missing one slate.
Paimon: This guy is untrustworthy. He's trying to play us!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's going on, Jirou?
Saimon Jirou: D—Don't be so hasty! Let me explain.
Saimon Jirou: I hid one other stone slate beforehand — here, beside a waterfall amidst the cliffs on Ritou's opposing shore. Here, I'll mark it out on your map.
Saimon Jirou: I just need you two to go on one last trip.
Paimon: Really...? Paimon still thinks this is suspicious.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg No tricks.
Saimon Jirou: There won't be, don't worry.
Saimon Jirou: See, if I didn't have that last slate, I wouldn't be able to get to the treasure either, would I?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Then why didn't you tell us from the start?
Saimon Jirou: Well, I didn't trust you all as much then. But since you've both helped me so much, there [sic] no reason for me to hide anymore.
Paimon: ...You do have a point.
Saimon Jirou: I'll leave it to you two, then. I'll be resting here. Just look for me again once you've found it.
Paimon: Hmph. Aren't you a pair of idle hands.
Paimon: We're doing all the work here... Maybe we should renegotiate our terms!
Saimon Jirou: Wait! We had an agreement on that one! You'll have a majority share!
Paimon: Are you sure?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg He's panicked, that's what's for sure.
Paimon: Well, since you look like you want that treasure so desperately, we'll trust you just this once.
Paimon: We're definitely gonna renegotiate once we get our hands on that last stone slate.
(Talk to Saimon Jirou again)
Saimon Jirou: Please go, you two. Time waits for no one!
(If you tortured Jirou)
Saimon Jirou: My lords! Here, sit, please! Sorry for the trouble...
Saimon Jirou: ...But how goes your search for those stone slates?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Are you rushing us?
Saimon Jirou: I don't mean to pry!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Hmm.
Saimon Jirou: Ah, so you must have been successful, then?
Paimon: Hmm?
Saimon Jirou: Please, my lords, continue speaking...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Here.
Paimon: This is all of them, right?
Saimon Jirou: Uh...
Saimon Jirou: Actually... No...
Paimon: Say that again?
Saimon Jirou: There's one missing.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What did you say?
Saimon Jirou: There's one stone slate missing...
Paimon: What do you mean "one missing"! We worked really hard to find these four!
Paimon: And now you say that we're missing one-!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (Paimon!)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (Your cover is slipping.)
Saimon Jirou: I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I won't do that again!
Paimon: Hmph!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I think we deserve an explanation.
Saimon Jirou: I've actually hidden the last stone slate somewhere safe. I just wanted to guard against-
Paimon: Us?
Saimon Jirou: Y-Yes...
Saimon Jirou: Uh, I mean no! Of course not!
Saimon Jirou: I just wanted to prevent people from finding the slates ahead of me...
Saimon Jirou: That way, the one slate that I hid away would serve as a final piece of insurance.
Saimon Jirou: Even if I couldn't obtain the other four slates, no one would be able to open the treasury.
Paimon: Hmm... Seems reasonable.
Paimon: So, where did you put that last slate?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Take us there.
Saimon Jirou: I won't!
Paimon: What?
Saimon Jirou: I don't want to, so I won't!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Afraid of something?
Saimon Jirou: Wh-What would I be afraid of?
Saimon Jirou: If you made me lead you there and get you the stone slate...
Saimon Jirou: That place is where... people dispose of bodies...
Saimon Jirou: You'd just get rid of me, wouldn't you? Wh-Why wouldn't I be scared.
Paimon: Woah, such clear logic!
Paimon: Well, he's got a point. Why didn't we think of that?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Let's do it your way, then.
Saimon Jirou: Hey! I haven't told you where the stone slate is hidden yet!
Saimon Jirou: Are you just going to get rid of me... right here? The secret of the stone slate will die with me, you know?
Saimon Jirou: J-Just spare my life, and I'll tell you where it is. And after that... I'll do whatever you tell me.
Paimon: (Let's not press him too hard. And since he's already said this much...)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Fine. We'll spare you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Tell me where to find the slate.
Saimon Jirou: There's a place, beside a small waterfall, hidden amongst the cliffs across the sea from Ritou. That's where I buried the stone slate.
Saimon Jirou: If you fear you might forget, my lords, I'll mark the location on your map later...
Paimon: Thanks!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg *cough*
Paimon: Hmph. Looks like you've got your uses, huh?

(Upon arriving at the location of the 5th Old Stone Slate)
Paimon: This is the place Jirou was talking about, right? Now then, where are those stone slates~
Paimon: Hm-Hm-Hm~, Oh slatey slatey slatey~ Where are you?
Paimon: There's nothing here... Let's look somewhere else, shall we?
(Dig ×2)
Paimon: There's nothing here...!
(Dig ×3)
Paimon: What's going on? Ooh, Paimon's starting to get mad!
(Dig ×4)
Paimon: Eh? There's nothing here! That guy must have tricked us!

(Confront Jirou)
Paimon: Jirou's gone! That lying...!
(Confront Jirou on Jinren Island)
Saimon Jirou: Help me! Help me, please!
(Confront the Kairagi leader)
Bandit Leader: Who are you? Name yourselves!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That's our line. Who are you?
Bandit Leader: What's that got to do with you?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I will not cut down a nameless person.
Bandit Leader: Hah! You outlanders have such a rule as well?
Bandit Leader: How interesting...
Saimon Jirou: There's no need to waste time here, just fight him already!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Silence, you.
Saimon Jirou: Uh, okay...
Bandit Leader: You've come to save this kid?
Saimon Jirou: No, he/she hasn't...
Bandit Leader: Silence, you!
Saimon Jirou: A—Alright, you speak first.
Paimon: We're here to settle a score with him!
Bandit Leader: Oh? What a coincidence!
Bandit Leader: I'm here to do just that myself!
Bandit Leader: In which case, I'm afraid you're going to have to get in line.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Hmm. Would you like to know...
Paimon: ...Who saved him the previous time?
Bandit Leader: You did.
Bandit Leader: He told me so at least a few times.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Oh, then that's alright.
Bandit Leader: He bluffed you into helping him find the stone slate, didn't he? Bet he didn't tell you that the treasure still needs a key to open it, huh?
Paimon: A key?
Bandit Leader: Hah! You see, the treasury doesn't just have one gate, but three.
Bandit Leader: Want to open that door? Slates, key, you'll need 'em both.
Bandit Leader: This fellow is a little snake. Had us all fooled.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...
Bandit Leader: How about this? I suggest that you and I settle this whole treasure business between us.
Bandit Leader: From the looks of you, you aren't with the Shogunate. That suits me just fine. I'd sooner trust an outlander than one of those lackeys.
Bandit Leader: And if you can prove your ability, I'll let you into my group. It's a good deal for you!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What about Jirou?
Bandit Leader: Oh, him? I'll have the dogs tear him to shreds. We'll pack the pieces up and chuck'em into the sea.
Saimon Jirou: You have other dogs?
Bandit Leader: What do you mean by that?
Saimon Jirou: I mean that Toratarou doesn't bite.
Bandit Leader: And how do you know that?
Saimon Jirou: He's a good dog, he wouldn't bite anyone!
Bandit Leader: I think you're in need of a few dog bites, alright!
Saimon Jirou: But that's the thing, Toratarou wouldn't bite anyone! He's a real friendly dog!
Bandit Leader: Shut up!
Saimon Jirou: But...
Bandit Leader: But, but, but! Just shut up already, or do you need me to smash you, cage and everything!?
Saimon Jirou: ...
Bandit Leader: Now, where were we?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You were talking about a key...
Bandit Leader: It's on his person.
Bandit Leader: That smart aleck thought that he could hide the treasury key and keep all the treasure for himself.
Bandit Leader: But he was way too hasty for his own good. He's just full of openings!
Bandit Leader: Now in our line of work, the most important thing is a sense of "fairness."
Bandit Leader: Things don't end well for those who try to hoard everything for themselves.
Bandit Leader: It's just the principle of the matter, you know? And when someone doesn't listen to his brothers, then slightly... harder measures are required.
Bandit Leader: So he fled into the cage, locked himself inside, and threw the key away—
Paimon: What...?
Bandit Leader: I know, right? He stunned us right into silence too.
Bandit Leader: And then he gave a cry of shock—
Saimon Jirou: I threw the wrong key... I threw the cage key into the trees opposite us.
Paimon: Pfft!
Paimon: Bwahahahahaha! What in the world is that?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Heh...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That's a classic...
Bandit Leader: So, the person you're trying to save is this hapless, worthless man.
Bandit Leader: Not much to his character either: he's a deserter, hated by all!
Bandit Leader: And finally, he even got on the bad side of someone he couldn't afford to offend!
Bandit Leader: But you on the other hand — you're a smart person. You've got brains, brawn, and you've got your ways.
Bandit Leader: Between him and I, it should be pretty obvious who you should choose, eh?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I wouldn't call myself that intelligent.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'd say you're the unintelligent one here.
Bandit Leader: ...And what do you mean by that?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The treasure. I'm taking all of it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Give me Saimon Jirou.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'll take both him and the treasure.
Paimon: Alright!
Bandit Leader: Is that so... Well, that's a shame. A real shame.
(Enter fight)

(Defeat Forgot to Name Himself)
Bandit Leader: W—Wait! I... haven't figured out my... exit lines...
(Treasure Hoarders arrive)
Treasure Hoarder Boss: Aha! Let's hope we're not too late!
Paimon: Who are you guys?
(Defeat Kojirou)
Treasure Hoarder Boss: They're tough nuts to crack... Let's fall back for now!
(Fatui arrive)
Fatui Skirmisher: What's that? Did you— This is bad, someone found us!
Paimon: Paimon thinks you'll be the one needing a doctor soon enough!
(Defeat all of Fatui)
Fatui Skirmisher: Why am I always singled out first...

(After defeating the enemies)
(If you did not torture Jirou)
Saimon Jirou: Phew... I... I'm very sorry, you two.
Saimon Jirou: To tell you the truth, I—I'm still a little frightened by everything that happened...
Paimon: Oh, forget that for now. We're here for the treasure, y'know? The treasure!
Saimon Jirou: *sigh* Don't... be in such a rush. Just let me take a break, and we'll head off.
Paimon: Hmph. You can forget about fooling us this time, Jirou!
Saimon Jirou: I won't. I wouldn't dare...
Saimon Jirou: *sigh* You know what? I'll just give you the key. Just don't lose it now.
Saimon Jirou: And don't worry, it isn't the cage key this time...
(If you tortured Jirou)
Saimon Jirou: N—No! D—Don't come any closer!
Saimon Jirou: Noooo! I wanna go home! I don't wanna be a bandit! Or a treasure hunter!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Calm down, Jirou.
Paimon: There, there... We're here to rescue. We're gonna take you home.
Saimon Jirou: No! No! I want to live! I still want to see my mother...!
Paimon: Agh, now Paimon's feeling guilty...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Me too, actually.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You know what, I'm actually quite glad.
Paimon: Hey—!
Paimon: (Just look at him! Paimon doesn't think he's gonna listen to a word you say... We might as well just keep up the act!)
Saimon Jirou: Stop! Stop! Don't come any closer!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Hey, listen here...
Paimon: I—It's like this, alright?
Paimon: You've caused us lots of trouble, and your repeated deceptions are a sin that cannot be atoned for!
Saimon Jirou: ...!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg However!
Paimon: You have contributed to the Shogun's righteous cause in aiding in the defeat of those bandits!
Paimon: By these actions have you thus redeemed yourself, and thus, you shall not be punished. Indeed, we shall bring you home to be reunited with your parents!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Indeed.
Saimon Jirou: ...
Paimon: Hey, Jirou, are you alright?
Saimon Jirou: ...
Saimon Jirou: ...
Paimon: Hello! Jirou! Are you there?
Saimon Jirou: ...?
Saimon Jirou: Is this...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...?
Saimon Jirou: Is this...some kind of newfangled interrogation technique?
Paimon: Pfft! No, it isn't! We're going to bring you home! C'mon, aren't you happy?
Saimon Jirou: Oh...
Saimon Jirou: Ohh...
Saimon Jirou: Ohhhh!
Paimon: Whoa, what are you trying to do, bite someone?
Saimon Jirou: ...So you're saying that not only am I not going to be "dealt with," but that I made a contribution, right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Th—That is the case, yes.
Saimon Jirou: Hahaha! That's right, that's right! That was my intention all along!
Saimon Jirou: I won't beleaguer you with the details, but I was merely baiting those crooks in when I was captured the previous two times...
Saimon Jirou: I redirected you and intentionally got myself captured, for I had calculated perfectly that you would find me here, just as I fell into the trap!
Saimon Jirou: But little did they know that I had risked myself to serve as the lure while you closed the net! Ah like the praying mantis hunting the cicada, they did not see th—
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We were just randomly passing by.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We weren't looking for you.
Saimon Jirou: *sigh* Indeed, even the wisest of the wise cannot account for every coincidence.
Saimon Jirou: Of course, I'm not calling myself wise here. I am a very humble person after all.
Paimon: Whoa, and here we were worried that we might have scared the stupid out of him...
Paimon: Seems like this guy has forgotten everything.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'd say that his thick skin is a small miracle in and of itself.
Saimon Jirou: Hehe. Well, now that you've said all this, I feel like there's no need to go home just yet!
Paimon: *sigh* This guy is... Ugh, he's such a waste of our breath!
Saimon Jirou: Why don't we just get all that treasure while we're at it. Two big scores in one day shall set us all at ease.
Paimon: Hmph. *If* there's any treasure, you mean...
Paimon: But why don't we go have a look anyway? We've come all this way. It'd be a shame not to take some of that treasure~
Saimon Jirou: That's more like it! Here's the key. Don't lose it, now.
(Obtain "Treasury" Key)

(Unlock the treasure)
Paimon: What in the world is all this...
Paimon: *cough* Pah...! So much ash!
Saimon Jirou: We've looked all over the place. Nothing but rotten provisions and old pottery...
Saimon Jirou: Famous swords and armor, precious gems and gold... There's nothing like that here.
Saimon Jirou: There's nothing hidden underneath, either...
Saimon Jirou: Why did this happen?
Paimon: Hey! You aren't tricking us again, are you!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Steady, Paimon...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg He isn't tricking us this time.
Paimon: Huh...? But there's nothing here!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I think I get what happened...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'll explain it to you later, Paimon.
Saimon Jirou: What is this!? We did so much, planned for so long, but in the end...
Paimon: Uh, come on, don't get too down...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Let's go home, Jirou.
Saimon Jirou: ...
Paimon: Alright, come on, there's no need to be so sad. Let's go home, shall we?
Paimon: Maybe you think that returning home empty-handed might be embarrassing, but actually, it's fine...
Paimon: You've been through three super dangerous adventures, and you survived.
Paimon: The mistakes you've made have also been made up for. Though you didn't get the treasure you expected, you didn't lose anything in the end anyway...
Paimon: Compared to all those dangers you've been through, being scolded by your dad is nothing, right?
Saimon Jirou: Alright...
Saimon Jirou: Let's go home, Jirou.
Paimon: (Yay! We did it!)

(Return to Konda Village)
Saimon Katsumi: Haha! My Jirou's back!
Saimon Katsumi: You little brat! Bet you've been slacking off instead of fighting for Her Excellency like you ought to have, eh? And to top it off, you didn't even have time to write to me!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Jirou's been working hard.
Saimon Eri: Working hard at everything but fighting, am I right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Entirely so, I fear.
Saimon Jirou: ...
Saimon Katsumi: Wait. What do you mean?
Saimon Eri: It means you're an old mouth breather...
Saimon Eri: This kid can always count on your falling for his fibs. But not me— I always see through his little lies.
Saimon Eri: I'll bet he ran away to have his own little adventures because he thought army life was hard, boring, and dangerous.
Saimon Eri: ...Just like you when you were young.
Saimon Eri: Lazy, impatient, and feckless, but fond of a good brag. Ah, you men are all the same...
Saimon Katsumi: Hey! Why'd you start trashing me all of a sudden?
Saimon Katsumi: Let him speak for himself! What happened?
Saimon Jirou: Well... It's a long story...
Saimon Jirou recounts his recent experience.
Saimon Katsumi: Hahahahaha! You're... You're an embarrassment!
Saimon Katsumi: Hahahahahaha! The what to the what now? What is this nonsense? Hahaha!
Saimon Katsumi: I'm ashamed to call you my son!
Saimon Katsumi: You should just sod off to be a comedian in the city— and don't come back, you hear?
Saimon Eri: Hehe, I'm just glad that you didn't lose a limb, Jirou.
Saimon Eri: Though to be honest, we'd be more relieved if you did...
Paimon: Whoa. That's a guy's real parents for you, huh...?
(If you tortured Jirou)
Saimon Katsumi: So...are you two really ninjas from the Tenryou Commission?
Saimon Jirou: If you ask me...
Paimon: Nope!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We're not.
Saimon Jirou: ???
Saimon Katsumi: ...
Saimon Eri: ...
Paimon: ...
Saimon Katsumi: ...Pfft!
Saimon Katsumi: Ahahahahahahaha!
Saimon Eri: Hahahaha... All right, give our son a break, you old geezer.
Saimon Jirou: But you've been laughing at me too, mom!
Saimon Katsumi: Well, again, we're just glad that you came back safe.
Saimon Katsumi: After all, you only had to join the army because of that little crime you committed...
Saimon Katsumi: Ever since you left, neither we nor the village chief have been able to protect you.
Saimon Katsumi: But you've got to learn to look out for yourself, too. How to choose your path wisely, how to assess the risks...
Saimon Katsumi: You're a clever kid, but that's not enough when you're away from home. You need to be cautious and...
Saimon Eri: All right, that's enough nagging, you old fossil. What our boy needs right now is a bath and a good rest.
Paimon: Um, Paimon heard you mention that he committed a "little crime."
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What was that about?
Saimon Katsumi: ...
Saimon Eri: ...
Saimon Eri: Oh, it was nothing... Just a stupid mistake made by some reckless young men who bit off more than they could chew.
Saimon Katsumi: I wouldn't call it a mistake though...
Saimon Eri: Ahem!
Saimon Katsumi: Y—Yes, as I was saying, they made a mistake, and there was no excuse for that.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So, about his being a deserter...
Saimon Katsumi: Thanks for reminding us about that. But I'll just say this: Don't underestimate the wisdom of us farming folk, youngster.
Saimon Katsumi: Did I ever mention that the place where you found the "treasure"...
Saimon Katsumi: Was actually a granary where ancient farmers stored their surplus grain? Back when I was a kid, it was common knowledge that such things existed.
Saimon Katsumi: But over time, ignorant adventurers and city people mispronounced its name...
Saimon Katsumi: One wrong name snowballed into another, and eventually a "granary" became a "treasury".
Saimon Katsumi: Not that this didn't make sense—food is priceless treasure to us in times of war, after all.
Saimon Katsumi: The principle we'll follow for this whole deserter business is the same.
Paimon: How exactly can these two things be treated the same?
Saimon Katsumi: Metaphorically, of course!
Saimon Katsumi: As long as we can still afford to, we won't give any young person up to war.
Saimon Eri: Don't worry, the old man and I will hide this child well.
Saimon Eri: And once we've ridden out the storm, we'll kick him out of the house again... He can go find himself a decent job then.
Saimon Katsumi: Ah! Silly me! I've talked so much but left your payment out!
Saimon Katsumi: Well, since my own son isn't worth pinning my hopes on... I'll hand our heirloom blade over to you!
Saimon Katsumi: Please accept this priceless family heirloom of ours as weregild for his life.
Saimon Katsumi: I hope that the path ahead won't render this blade bloodstained, youngster...
Saimon Eri: Hah! I wouldn't worry about that—this blade's so blunt, it's nearly turned back into a billet!
Saimon Katsumi: Tch, old woman! Don't show such disrespect to our heirloom blade!
Saimon Katsumi: Come, take this drawing with you as well.
Saimon Katsumi: See? This is how our blade used to look like...
Saimon Katsumi: Look at that beautiful pattern...
Saimon Katsumi: The smooth arc...
Saimon Katsumi: The lovely cross section and sharp edge...
Saimon Eri: Alright, alright. How long are you going to caress that artwork, huh? Give them the gift already!
Saimon Katsumi: Hmph...!
Saimon Katsumi: Take good care of them, youngster.
Saimon Katsumi: Oh, right! Take our heirloom armor too! I was gonna give it to Ichirou, but he's also good for nothing... so it's yours!
Saimon Eri: Geez, stop it! Can't you see how this armor's practically dripping rust!? You're embarrassing yourself!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You're too kind...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg But your gifts are more than enough already...
Saimon Katsumi: Alright, alright then...
Saimon Katsumi: Thank you once again, youngster from a foreign land...
Saimon Katsumi: I wish you good fortune in your adventure ahead.

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Upon completion of the quest, the Missing Person Bulletin Board can no longer be interacted with.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English The Farmer's Treasure
Nóngmín de Bǎozàng
The Farmer's Treasure
Nóngmín de Bǎozàng
Japanese 農民の宝
Noumin no Takara
The Farmer's Treasure
Korean 농민의 보물
Nongmin-ui Bomul
The Farmer's Treasure
Spanish Tesoro campesinoPeasant Treasure
French Le trésor d'un paysanThe Treasure of a Peasant
Russian Сокровище фермера
Sokrovishche fermera
The Farmer's Treasure
Thai สมบัติของชาวสวน
Vietnamese Kho báu nông dân
German BauernschatzFarmer's Treasure
Indonesian Harta Karun PetaniFarmer's Treasure
Portuguese Tesouro dos Camponeses

Change History

Released in Version 2.0