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The Exile, also called Legacy in the Adventurer Handbook, is an Artifact Set available at 3-star and 4-star rarities which can be obtained from Elite Enemies, Domain Reliquary: Tier III, Domain Reliquary: Tier II, Normal Bosses, Weekly Bosses, and Chests.

Dropped By

All Lv. 1+ Weekly Bosses drop The Exile.

12 Normal Bosses drop The Exile:

Enemy Ruin Serpent Icon.png Lv. 1+ Ruin Serpent

All Lv. 1+ Elite Enemies drop The Exile.

Gameplay Notes

  • 4-Piece Bonus:
    • The 4-Piece Bonus is not affected by Energy Recharge.


Item Exile's Flower.png Exile's Flower

A withered flower worn on the shirt. Its former owner insisted on wearing it even in exile, so it must mean something.

It all happened before the exiled aristocrat was involved in the family feud.
This flower bloomed before the first blood was shed.
Having witnessed the cruelty of humanity, the exile left his kindness and gentleness in the past.
But this faded flower and the innocent smile he once had will always be his treasure.

Item Exile's Feather.png Exile's Feather

Not an actual accessory per se. Just a random bird feather that was found somewhere in the wilderness by the exile.

Through plains and forests, the exile traveled alone in the wild.
Through thick layers of dark clouds, an azure feather fell on his shoulder.
The feather came from a panicked bird escaping from the falcon, just like the exile.
The feather represents the spirit of a nestless, free bird, just like the exile.

Item Exile's Pocket Watch.png Exile's Pocket Watch

Even after the crystal watch face was shattered and the hands lost, its former owner kept it until the end.

The aristocrat acquired this pocket watch back in his youth.
This delicate timepiece recorded every moment of his childhood.
But tragedy brought his carefree days to an abrupt end.
The aristocrat was forced into a long and lonesome exile.

Item Exile's Goblet.png Exile's Goblet

A dull goblet made of a heavy metal. It was once inlaid with gemstones, but they have since been stripped off.

This silver goblet is a family heirloom of an exiled aristocrat. The exterior was once inlaid with a gem engraved with his family crest.
But after the exile had brought shame to his family, he carved out the symbol of which he was once proud.
As a result, this cup is broken and can no longer hold liquid.
But the exile still carries it with him until the end of his journey.

Item Exile's Circlet.png Exile's Circlet

A prestigious circlet. However, the royal insignia has been scratched out, and it is no longer the symbol of distinguished status that it once was.

As a child, the exile lived in a noble house. His childhood was carefree, and his playground was a palace built with silver.
In times of old, the circlet of his father was a symbol of gentility and nobility.
However, years later, a family feud painted the collapsing palace blood-red.
The circlet became the evidence of the exile's crime and has been with the exile ever since.


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Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishThe Exile
The Exile
ThaiThe Exile
VietnameseKẻ Lưu ĐàyThe Exile
IndonesianThe Exile
PortugueseO ExiladoThe Exile

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 1.1
  • The description of The Exile was changed.
    • Old description: 4-Piece Set: Using an Elemental Burst regenerates 2 Energy for other party members every 2s for 6s. This effect cannot stack.
    • New description: 4-Piece Set: Using an Elemental Burst regenerates 2 Energy for all party members (excluding the wearer) every 2s for 6s. This effect cannot stack.

Version 1.0

  • The Exile was released.