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"I never want the magic performances to end... If only the pigeons, balloons, and all manner of strange objects could fly out of my hat without ever stopping, that would be perfect..."
"That would be a performance of magical power, not of magic tricks." Lynette takes a sip of tea. "Though if you really want, I could continuously create pigeons and balloons for you. It's not like it's hard."

The Curtain Never Falls on Magic is a Permanent Event released in Version 4.0.



This event's rewards can only be obtained once, after which the event page will close.

"Elegance in the Shadows" Lynette (Anemo)!

LynetteAnemo Lynette


Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishThe Curtain Never Falls on Magic
Móshù Yǒng Bù Luòmù
Magic Never Ends
Móshù Yǒng Bù Luòmù
Shoo wa Eien ni Owaranai
The Show Never Ends
Korean끝없는 마술쇼
Kkeudeomneun Masulsyo
Endless Magic Show
SpanishQue la magia continúeLet the Magic Continue
FrenchLe rideau ne tombe jamais sur la magieThe Curtain Never Falls on Magic
RussianШоу без конца
Shou bez kontsa
Show Without End
VietnameseẢo Thuật Bất TậnInfinite Magic Show
GermanDer Vorhang der Zauberschau fällt nieThe Curtain on the Magic Show never falls
IndonesianSulap Tak Pernah BerakhirMagic Never Ends
PortugueseA Cortina da Magia Nunca se Fecha
TurkishSihir Asla Son Bulmaz
ItalianIl sipario non cala mai sulla magiaThe Curtain Never Falls on Magic

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