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The Crux Clash is the second part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter II: Prologue - Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves.


  1. Talk to Zhuhan, who is in charge of registration for The Crux Clash
  2. Take part in the tournament and win
  3. Talk to Beidou and Kazuha
  4. Talk to Zhuhan again and enter the next round
  5. Win the semi-finals
  6. Talk to Rongshi
  7. Ask around for info about your final opponent
  8. Continue asking around for more info about your final opponent
  9. Ask Beidou and Kazuha about your final opponent
  10. Follow Kazuha to a more peaceful location
  11. Talk to Kazuha
  12. Defeat the monsters to show Kazuha your elemental abilities
  13. Talk to Kazuha


  • During The Clash, Traveler will retain their level, weapon, and artifacts during the fight.
    • Their stats will increase by 12,000 HP, 5,000 ATK, and 800 DEF
    • The player may consume food to heal or buff themselves
    • The player may also level up their unaligned Normal Attack talent, Past Memories
  • Logging out in the middle of a fight or dying in a fight will bring the player back to the non-combat step prior to the fight (e.g. Speak to Zhuhan). If the player dies in a fight, they will revive at the nearest Teleport Waypoint as normal.
  • When a fight is ended by either logging out, dying, or winning, the Traveler will become aligned with Anemo even if they were previously aligned with Geo.



(Talk to Zhuhan, if "Not quite" was chosen in the previous quest)
Zhuhan: You seem like you're raring to go. Are you ready to compete?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yes, I'm ready.
Zhuhan: Good, then please follow me into the arena.
(Begins the first fight)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Not quite.
Zhuhan: Not a problem, there's still time. Make sure you're fully prepared!
(Does not start the fight)

(After the first fight begins)
Beidou: Our next competitor is seen by many as the favorite to win this tournament. (His/Her) first bout begins now!
Jinyou: Y—You... You're the hero they're talking about?
Jinyou: Argh! How am I supposed to win now!?
(After defeating the first opponent)
Paimon: What a strange guy, why was he so confident to being with...?
Paimon: Well, now that we've won, let's go and see Beidou. She'll probably have something to say to us.

(Talk to Beidou or Kazuha)
Beidou: Hahaha, I knew I wouldn't regret introducing you as the favorite!
Beidou: So what do you think, Kazuha? (He/She) totally dominated that guy, and did it with style, too.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Impressive. But I also observed our favorite exercise some restraint, as if to protect the opponent from serious harm.
Beidou: Well, I've fought my fair share of battles, both big and small. And I say, after the show (he/she) put on just now, (he's/she's) more than convinced me of his ability.
Beidou: So come on, we all know you've got a wide vocabulary in there — can't you spare a word or two to congratulate our up-and-coming champion?
Kaedehara Kazuha: Alright... Let me think how to aptly phrase these words of praise...
Kaedehara Kazuha: ...You fought well.
Beidou: Ugh, alright then. I was thinking your inner poet might want to join in the fun, but... I guess I shouldn't put you on the spot like that.
Beidou: You know, a lot of competitors came to me saying how surprised they were that Liyue's hero was entering the tournament...
Beidou: ...And since you signed up, we've had many others do the same, with more than a few top-tier fighters among them. I'm sure lots of them are here to find out how they stack up against you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Didn't know I was so popular.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I don't see what all the fuss is about.
Beidou: Haha, well, since everyone sees you as the one to beat, I figured I should start treating you that way too.
Beidou: For one thing, we don't want you wasting all your energy in the early rounds fighting people who are well below your level. Not to mention... you must be itching to fight someone in your league, too, right?
Beidou: So, I'm putting you straight through to the semi-finals!
Paimon: Huh? But we only just started on the qualifiers... Seems like a crazy system if we just skip straight to the semi-finals.
Kaedehara Kazuha: This is how Captain Beidou works. You won't persuade her otherwise.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Besides, at your level, you would have made it to the semi-finals anyway.
Paimon: Huh. To be fair, Paimon was thinking that too...
Beidou: Alright, I'm gonna watch some more of the tournament. If there's any potential contenders for you out there, I want to know who they are and what they're about.

After a long wait, your opponent in the semi-final is finally decided.

Beidou: We're finally here, folks! The real show is about to begin!
Kaedehara Kazuha: Hehe... the captain seems to have high hopes for this tournament. I have not seen her so excited in quite some time.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Your opponent has fought many rounds to get to the semi-finals. This makes him a seasoned warrior.
Kaedehara Kazuha: You may well be stronger than him, but this should not give you cause to lower your guard.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I won't.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I haven't forgotten why I'm here.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Very well. Show me that you are ready to push through the storm that lies ahead.
Beidou: Alright, that's enough chit-chat for now. The audience is waiting. Go find the crew member that signed you up, she'll take you into the arena.
(Talk to Zhuhan)
Zhuhan: Your opponent in the semi-finals is new to The Crux Clash, but he has quickly become the dark horse of the tournament.
Zhuhan: I do not doubt your abilities, but I would suggest that you make sure you are fully prepared before you begin.
Paimon: Relax! My (guy/girl)'s at the top of (his/her) game, (he/she) ain't gonna lose!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm ready.
Zhuhan: Okay. Follow me.
(Advance to the fight)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Interesting... getting a few butterflies over here.
Zhuhan: Don't worry, take some time to compose yourself.
(Advance to the fight)

(Upon starting the second fight)
Beidou: At last, the moment we've all been waiting for — the semi-finals have begun!
Beidou: Who's it going to be this time — the hero, or the dark horse?
Rongshi: I don't care about the prize...
Rongshi: You're a strong opponent. That's what I'm here for.

The opponent proves surprisingly persistent. Faced with a less easy fight than anticipated, you have to get serious.

(After defeating the second opponent)
Rongshi: I'm sweating all over. It's a good feeling.
Rongshi: Congratulations, I was beaten by the best. I need to train harder.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You fought very well yourself.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I believe you have the potential to be champion.
Paimon: Right! For a moment there, Paimon was a little worried...
Paimon: If you had a Vision, you'd definitely be one of the strongest around.
Rongshi: I wanted a Vision, once, when I was a kid. People said that if you're strong enough you'll have your chance to get one.
Rongshi: But mine never came.
Rongshi: I lost interest, eventually. You can't depend on a Vision like you can your own body.
Rongshi: I've fought and won against Vision bearers before. The power they have was given to them by the gods. I don't envy it.
Paimon: Huh? You mean, you didn't sign up to try to get your hands on that Masterless Vision?
Rongshi: No, I didn't. I only wanted to pit myself against other fighters and see who was the strongest.
Rongshi: Only in defeat can you understand your weaknesses and learn from them. So, I'm pleased with today's outcome. I don't often have the pleasure of experiencing defeat.
Paimon: Wow... now that's true strength talking!
Rongshi: If you have the chance in the future, please come and spar with me again. I will be stronger next time.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So will I.
Paimon: By the way... do you know who else made it into the finals? ...Is it gonna be someone even tougher than you?
Rongshi: Whether they'll be as tough as me I don't know... But what I have heard is that they're extremely quick.
Rongshi: So don't get too cocky.
(After talking to Rongshi)
Paimon: There he goes...
Paimon: Maybe we should ask around, see what we can find out about our opponent in the final round. Paimon thinks we might need to up our game a little.

(Talk to Uncle Yun)
Uncle Yun: Ah, it's you, haha! I watched your match. What a stunning performance!
Uncle Yun: I myself was eliminated in the third round. *sigh* Shame... If only I could have advanced one more round...
Paimon: Ah, maybe next time, huh? By the way, do you happen to know who else advanced to the final round?
Uncle Yun: Why, yes. He's the same one who defeated me. He is a formidable opponent, quick on his feet and swift to take advantage of his opponent's missteps.
Uncle Yun: I faltered for but a brief moment, but before I knew it, he had me on the floor.
Uncle Yun: Given my stature, I have no fear of squaring off with physically strong opponents. But faced with a nimble, agile opponent such as him... I found myself completely out of my league...
Uncle Yun: Still — I'm sure he'll be no match for you, haha!
(Talk to Uncle Yun again)
Uncle Yun: You've got nothing to worry about. Nobody here can stack up against the likes of you! No way...
(Talk to Liang)
Paimon: Hey there... uh, but where did the other guy go?
Liang: He tried to use force dispersal to deflect a punch, but instead he took it straight to the nose. There was blood all over the place...
Liang: His opponent was pretty freaked out by it. He kept asking him "why didn't you dodge?" But he was pretty much out cold by that point and couldn't reply.
Liang: "Why don't you dodge?" they ask... Because to not dodge is the very essence of Lingshan Clan kung fu. It's just that he hadn't quite mastered it yet.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How did your match go?
Liang: Don't even get me started... I spent all my energy helping him get from here to the boat to take him back to the harbor. But by the time I got back, my scheduled match time had already passed, and I had to forfeit.
Liang: I don't dare tell my master about this... Otherwise, I'd never hear the end of it.
Liang: Sorry, I shouldn't be complaining in front of you like this. I'm afraid I'm still a bit out of sorts at the moment, so I probably won't be able to help you with whatever you were here to ask me about.
Paimon: Oh, alright then... hope your buddy makes a swift recovery. Hang in there!
Liang: Thanks, I'll do my best...
(Talk to Liang again)
Liang: *sigh* I missed my only chance. I guess I should be heading back to Liyue as well.
(After talking to Liang and Uncle Yun)
Paimon: *sigh* We still haven't got any useful information yet.
Paimon: Hmm, maybe we can go talk to Beidou. Surely she's gotta know something.

(Talk to Beidou or Kazuha)
Kaedehara Kazuha: You gave an outstanding performance. Truly commendable.
Kaedehara Kazuha: I could sense that you are not familiar with bouts of this kind, and it could have cost you the match.
Kaedehara Kazuha: But you were quick to adapt, and managed to claim victory over your opponent. That is a most invaluable skill.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You have a keen eye.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You are very observant.
Kaedehara Kazuha: In fact, I discerned this not from what I saw, but what I heard — the ground beneath your feet and the pattern of your breathing. But it is nothing remarkable, for I discerned nothing more than Captain Beidou did.
Beidou: Ahaha, he's right. But in my case, I was purely relying on previous experience.
Beidou: I guess not using your elemental powers must be quite new for you, huh?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It sure is.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yeah, glad it's almost over!
Paimon: We wanted to ask about who our opponent will be in the final round. Do you think th ey'll be stronger than the one we faced in the semi-finals?
Beidou: Not exactly. Contenders that reach the finals aren't necessarily "stronger," they tend to have something unique about their style.
Beidou: As for the guy you'll be facing, his skill lies in his speed, and he has superior form. It's also obvious that he's seen his fair shares of battles.
Beidou: What's the matter? Worried that you've bitten off more than you can chew this time?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Better to be safe than sorry.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's vital that we make it to Inazuma.
Kaedehara Kazuha: If that is the case, then I have a proposal for you. Let's go somewhere a little quiet, shall we?
Kaedehara Kazuha: I haven't properly introduced myself yet. In the land of Inazuma, I was a wandering samurai.
Paimon: Uh, yeah, we could tell that from your getup. But at the same time... When you talk, you don't really sound like someone who's used to waving a sword around.
Kaedehara Kazuha: It is true that I am versed both in literary and martial traditions. But on the straggling path of a wandering samurai, is there harm in acquiring a surplus skill?
Kaedehara Kazuha: I do not mean to flaunt my martial prowess, but I myself have witnessed reputable fighters hailing from across the lands. I do possess some knowledge regarding your opponent's particular skillset.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Given your talents, a few hints from me will be all that's necessary to bring your opponent down.
Beidou: Hang on! Don't you think you're bending the rules a bit there?
Kaedehara Kazuha: Gathering intelligence is an essential part of any duel. You must know your enemy.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Besides, our favorite here has fought many battles on their journey from Mondstadt. Such impressive feats require more than just bravery alone.
Paimon: You betcha!
Paimon: Huh, wait a second. We never told you that we've been to Mondstadt.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Hehe, does one not leave a trail when traveling through the wild? In return, nature also leaves its traces upon you.
Kaedehara Kazuha: However, there is only so much that can be discerned from these traces. I sense that many things about you elude me still... These are the things I am curious to know about.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Come with me. Some post-match entertainment is in order.
(Talk to Beidou again)
Beidou: Kazuha has had his eye on you from the moment you arrived.
Beidou: If you've got anything to ask him, this'll be your chance.

(Talk to Kazuha)
Kaedehara Kazuha: Now that we're alone, let me cut to the heart of the matter...
Kaedehara Kazuha: You are skilled in manipulating the elements. And not just a single element, but multiple. Is that correct?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ah, so you already know.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png No wonder you didn't bring this up at the arena.
Paimon: Paimon knew that you were hinting at something from the moment we met. You've known all along.
Kaedehara Kazuha: That's right. If the other contenders were to catch wind of your elemental abilities, let's just say it would cause some unwanted misunderstandings.
Kaedehara Kazuha: If I'm not mistaken, you share these considerations, given your reluctance to use elemental skills even in the heat of a match.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yes, but how did you know?
Kaedehara Kazuha: Hehe, when I talk about that which I see or hear in you, this is not poetic symbolism at play. I mean this things in the truest sense possible.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Since a young age, I have been attuned to the tidings of nature. I hear the breath of the wind and the whispers of the leaves.
Kaedehara Kazuha: It is things of this nature that I also hear from within you, nothing more.
Paimon: As crazy as all that sounds, somehow Paimon still believes you.
Kaedehara Kazuha: My humble abilities are negligible compared to your incredible feats.
Kaedehara Kazuha: To think a human could wield the elements without a Vision...
Kaedehara Kazuha: And not to mention your incredibly complex scent, like that of some mysterious being...
Paimon: Hey, stop evaluating us based on our smell! It's weird!
Kaedehara Kazuha: Could you perchance enlighten me as to how you managed to obtain your combined elemental abilities?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm afraid I don't know either.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png All I did was touch the Statue of The Seven.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Hmm, extraordinary.
Kaedehara Kazuha: So then, might I be so bold as to inquire how exactly it is that you learned to channel elemental energy, and even wield it in combat?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's all thanks to Paimon's knowledge.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's all thanks to Paimon's companionship.
Paimon: Aw, it's nothing, really. Paimon just told (him/her) whatever came to mind.
Paimon: It's been a long journey, and many thing have happened along the way. Somehow, (he/she) just naturally learned to use the elements through it all...
Paimon: Honestly, even Paimon doesn't understand how it all works.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Perhaps such unfathomable things are the essence of the gods and the Visions they grant.
Kaedehara Kazuha: However, I still wish to have the honor of seeing how you wield the elements, perhaps it may reveal something to me.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Of course, I too shall share with you all that I've learned. That will make it a fair exchange.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Fair enough.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Finally, a real battle.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Now then, let's test your skills, shall we?
(Talk to Kazuha again)
Kaedehara Kazuha: Hmm... You control the elements without a Vision, that means...
Kaedehara Kazuha: Oh, pay no attention to me, I was just talking to myself. Ahem... I will be sure to observer your battle intently.

(Talk to Kazuha after defeating the monsters)
Kaedehara Kazuha: Hmm, your skills in battle are truly beyond reproach. Even with your opponent's speed, he shouldn't be able to overwhelm you.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Your opponent is skilled at controlling his breathing and maintaining balance, which enables him to execute moves that many would find impossible.
Kaedehara Kazuha: He relies entirely on the element of surprise to defeat his opponents.
Kaedehara Kazuha: In other words, as long as you remain mindful of his ability to detect weak points, then his attack should pose no threat to you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Thank you, I will not underestimate him.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Please, save your thanks. If anything, I should be thanking you for the opportunity to witness your command of the elements that defies all known principles.
Kaedehara Kazuha: The world is a truly mysterious place, it seems, and one will always encounter that which is still unknown.
Paimon: You seem kinda obsessed with Visions... but don't you already have your own? Why are you so intent on exploring the connection between Visions and the elements?
Kaedehara Kazuha: I desire to know what meaning Visions have to the gods.
Kaedehara Kazuha: And what influences the gods' decision to grant humans these Visions.
Kaedehara Kazuha: My apologies, you must be completely in the dark regarding such matters.
Kaedehara Kazuha: For allowing me the honor of witnessing your mystical ways, I am willing to answer any questions you may have regarding Inazuma.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I am indeed in the dark, so please enlighten me.
Kaedehara Kazuha: So that's what you're curious about? Haha, then allow me to tell you more.
Kaedehara Kazuha: As you well know, a Vision Hunt Decree is currently underway in Inazuma.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Visions are a gift bestowed by the divine. People that have accepted this gift are now having their Visions confiscated inexplicably, sometimes in circumstances that leave their original recipients dead.
Kaedehara Kazuha: In the outset, supposing each of the Seven Archons had their criteria for granting Visions to living beings — then, does the current Electro Archon now doubt these criteria, or even the act in and of itself?
Kaedehara Kazuha: Not to mention, with no new Electro Visions having been granted for such a long time, it would seem that we can infer something of the Raiden Shogun's feelings on the matter...
Paimon: She sounds less like an archon and more like... a tyrant.
Kaedehara Kazuha: As far as I know, she is an archon that pursues "eternity." She will relentlessly carry out her will with no regard to what others may think or feel.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Liyue's "contracts" are meant to benefit all who reside within Liyue. But what does Inazuma's pursuit of "eternity" bring to its people?
Kaedehara Kazuha: ...It goes without saying that the people locked within Inazuma do not fare well these days.
Paimon: Sounds a lot like something the god you encountered in the beginning would do.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Oh? Have you encountered the Electro Archon before?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm not sure.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It was already a long time ago now.
Kaedehara Kazuha: With time, we will change. But the shogun will remain the same.
Kaedehara Kazuha: If you wish to find her, she will forever be there.
Kaedehara Kazuha: There will come a day when I too shall wish to understand the answers to "eternity" from her.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Ah! The time for your match is approaching.
Paimon: Oh, right! We got so distracted talking about Inazuma that Paimon forgot all about the tournament.
Kaedehara Kazuha: If you have no other matters to attend to, then we can return together.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Sure, let's go together.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Very well, let's go. I wish to see who will obtain the Vision.
(Teleports you to the arena)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'll head back on my own shortly.
Kaedehara Kazuha: Very well. Just be sure to not be late for the match.


  • Traveler will become Unaligned during The Clash. Their clothes will not glow the attributed element before the fight, and they will have access to their unaligned Normal Attack talent, Past Memories.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English The Crux Clash
Nánshízi Wǔdòu Huì
Battle Gathering of the Crux
Nánshízi Wǔdòu Huì
Japanese 南十字武闘会
Minami Juuji Butou Kai
Battle Gathering of the Crux
Korean 남십자 무술대회
Spanish El Torneo CruxThe Crux Tournament
French Le Clash du CruxThe Crux Clash
Russian Бойцовский турнир Южного Креста
Boytsovskiy turnir Yuzhnogo Kresta
The Southern Cross Fighting Tournament[• 1]
Thai การประลองแห่งกองเรือ Crux
The Showdown of the Crux Fleet
Vietnamese Hội Đấu Võ Nam Thập Tự
German Crux-TurnierCrux Tournament
Indonesian Turnamen Crux ClashCrux Clash Tournament
Portuguese Torneio da Frota CruxCrux Fleet Tournament
  1. RU: "The Southern Cross" comes from the translations of "The Crux" in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Change History

Released in Version 1.6