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The Crux (Chinese: 南十字 Nánshízì, "the Southern Cross") is an armed fleet based in Liyue Harbor and led by Captain Beidou. The Crux is famous throughout Liyue for their daring adventures and rich bounties.

Its flagship, the Alcor, can be found (and boarded) off the shores of Guyun Stone Forest, by the southeastern end of the island Domain of Guyun is on.


The Crux's expeditions are "more or less" approved by the Liyue Qixing due to Beidou's unusual relationship with the Tianquan Ningguang: Beidou has no fear of her like the rest of Liyue's citizens and adamantly proclaims that no one is her boss, while Ningguang claims she never hires the Crux's services—just Beidou's.[1]

Whenever the Crux returns from a voyage, they hold a three-day celebratory feast. Once, they hired Xiangling, hoping they could save Mora by hiring the not-yet-famous chef. She impressed both Beidou and the crew with her skill, and Beidou ordered the crew to call the girl "Madam Xiangling," proclaiming she would soon become renowned throughout Liyue. Afterwards, Xiangling became a regular guest aboard the fleet in search of new and exotic ingredients.[2]

The Crux's dealings go beyond Liyue's borders, having done business in Inazuma. Beidou's Chief Mate, Juza, has an Inazuman name.[3] Yoimiya occasionally commissions the fleet to send fireworks to Liyue.[4] Beidou and her crew were also hired by Sangonomiya Kokomi as mercenaries for the Sangonomiya Resistance.[5]

Sometime after Baal enacted the Vision Hunt Decree, Beidou took in Kaedehara Kazuha as a "temporary crewmember", allowing him to escape his pursuers for the time being.


The following characters are members or regular guests aboard the Crux:


Most of the following crew members can be found aboard the Alcor.

Former Members



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