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A mysterious space beneath The Chasm. It would have been exceedingly hard to get here if not for your accidental fall, and the way out is just as unclear

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The Chasm's Bed is a quest exclusive location in The Chasm: Underground Mines accessible only during the Archon Quest Interlude Chapter: Act II - Perilous Trail. During the archon quest, the player can re-enter this location at an entrance beneath the Chasm Nail. After completing Perilous Trail, the entrance will disappear and it becomes permanently inaccessible.



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Perilous Trail Event

The Version 2.7 limited time event Perilous Trail featured the Archon Quest of the same name. During this event, players could access the Realms of Guile and War event mode after completing the "Chasmic Maze" quest at a location marked by the Icon Realms of Guile and War.png map icon in The Chasm's Bed.

After completing "At Tunnel's End, Light," this instance becomes inaccessible and the location to access Realms of Guile and War was moved to a location marked by the Icon Realms of Guile and War.png map icon near the Chasm Nail.


The Chasm's Bed (hereafter, the space) is a location in the depths of The Chasm. It is a space that has existed for a very long time before the Cataclysm. Yanfei remarks that the rocks in the space are extremely old Liyue Mountain Rocks.[1] Yelan believes there is some higher power at work that is responsible for the strange effects of the space. The Traveler speculates that maybe the Ruin Serpent could have carved out the caverns but how the space and its effects came to be is unknown.[2]

When the Cataclysm began, an "iron meteorite" impacted the chasm and then the monsters of Khaenri'ah began pouring out of the Chasm. In response, Morax sent the Millelith to defend Liyue and evacuate the miners. Boyang was among those who had been sent to fight as he and his comrades were ordered by Qixing to take the Fantastic Compass and assist the Millelith.[3] Around the same time, Bosacius, having already lost his sanity by then, was attracted by the bloodshed and was drawn to the battle. He fought in defense of Liyue while mistaking the Millelith around him for his Yaksha comrades.

As they fought, the surface of the Chasm was damaged, revealing a "great and enigmatic underground palace in the bowels of the earth." This underground palace is likely the inverted structures around the Nameless Ruins, remnants of an ancient civilization destroyed by Celestia using the Chasm Nail. The Millelith and Bosacius discovered that the monsters would grow weaker as they continued into the depths, perhaps due to the effects of the nail. So they devised a plan — by using the Fantastic Compass, a catalyst which had the power to manipulate space, they could trap and seal away the monsters. However, this plan came with a great cost: the catalyst required significant energy from both a mortal and an adeptus to power it, and the trap would seal some of them away along with the monsters. With no other choice, Bosacius and Boyang volunteered to sacrifice themselves for the sake of Liyue.

As the Millelith pushed against the monsters and marched deeper into the Chasm, they began noticing strange effects — while the monsters were being severely limited, the Millelith too were becoming limited. They passed through breaches in the caverns but those breaches would close on their own behind them; they would attack rifts but those rifts would regenerate; and they began to lose their sense of time and became very tired.[3] To resist these strange effects, the Millelith used an Orichalceous Time-Dial to mark the passage of time between each battle as they continued their advance.[4] Eventually the Millelith would figure out that no matter how many rifts they tried to attack open, there was no way out.[3][5]

After an unknown amount of time, the Millelith had lost many of their comrades but emerged victorious against the monsters. The monsters had lost all mobility and disappeared as they were devoured by the space.[5] And, so too, the surviving Millelith were also eventually devoured and disappeared leaving only Boyang and Bosacius left in The Chasm's Bed. Together, Boyang and Bosacius wandered the space aimlessly and Boyang began seeing illusions of his family, to which he thought he must be going mad.[3] Eventually Bosacius sees illusions of his Yaksha comrades and remembers his name and purpose, and together with Boyang, they use the Fantastic Compass to complete the seal around the Chasm's Bed.[6] Bosacius then perishes leaving Boyang the last one left until eventually he too perishes.[3]

Five hundred years later, the Traveler enters the Chasm and encounters the Ruin Serpent. As the Traveler fights the serpent, Yelan shoots at the Chasm Nail causing it to fall and hit the Ruin Serpent. Some time later, the Traveler returns to the Chasm and meets Yanfei, Arataki Itto, Kuki Shinobu and Yelan and the group accidentally enters The Chasm's Bed. While within the space, Yelan explains she had shot the crystal Chasm Nail because it is highly effective against remnants of Khaenri'ahn civilization. The Traveler and Yelan speculate that when the nail hit the serpent, it caused some kind of opposing force that may have damaged the seal.[2] When Yelan and Itto were about to fight, their power gave the last push to open an entrance through the seal and so they fell inside.

Inside, the group discovers that the space is reading their minds and creating illusions from their memories. Together, they devise a plan to imagine the Fantastic Compass in order for the space to create it for them, and then they use it to successfully escape The Chasm's Bed, after which the illusionary Fantastic Compass disappears.


The Chasm's Bed is a strange and chaotic space that can influence time and space, as well as read people's minds. The purpose of this space seems to be to entrap those who enter it, using various techniques and illusions to lure them deeper inside, before finally devouring them, causing them to perish and disappear. The space seems to work against all manner of creatures, including both humans and the monsters of Khaenri'ah. During the Cataclysm, the Millelith and Bosacius found the Chasm's Bed and devised a plan to take advantage of it by trapping the monsters inside it and then sealing it off with the Fantastic Compass.

Those who have entered it have felt as if the space was a living being, with Boyang wondering if they accidentally entered "the belly of some mighty leviathan."[3] The space seems to do whatever it can to prevent anyone from escaping, sending shadowy ghost-like entities after the Traveler's group when they attempted to use the illusionary Fantastic Compass to escape. A theory is that these shadowy figures may be lost souls who were devoured.

The space has a variety of effects it employs against those inside:

  • Distorts space, creating an ever-changing Labyrinth
    • During Chasmic Maze, the party tries to follow a path only to come back to where they originally were. Itto speculates they're in a similar situation to an Inazuman legend about a bake-danuki which tricked a merchant into circling around the same place the whole night and by morning they still hadn't found a way out. This distortion of space can even prevent Xiao from hearing the Traveler call out his name.[7]
    • The space can create spatial rifts to lure the entrapped deeper within.[7] It combines this ability with its ability to read minds in order to lure people into traps.
      Yanfei: Don't you think it's a strange coincidence that as soon as you told us about the Conqueror of Demons, we heard his voice in that place?
      Yanfei: It almost seems deliberate... As if something was trying to convince us that the Conqueror of Demons was there in order to lure us into the unknown.[8]
    • A strong enough attack can also create rifts in the space, but these rifts are small and will close on their own.[3][9] Xiao had proposed a plan to get the group out of the space by using all of his power, which was rejected by the group as Xiao would be left behind.[9]
  • Distorts time
    • The space can suspend people's physical conditions and distort their perception of time, with Paimon feeling 20 days has passed and Arataki Itto feeling 3 to 5 days has passed, despite only one day having passed.[8]
      Yanfei: Hmm, according to the current evidence, it seems our physical condition was suspended in this space before, which granted us immunity to the effects of fatigue and hunger.
      Yanfei: And we don't feel hungry because the state of our bodies is suspended. It's as if... time itself has stopped for us.
      Kuki Shinobu: Now that I think about it, not only am I not hungry, but I don't feel any real signs of fatigue either... Whether I sleep or not doesn't seem to have any effect on how I feel.[8]
  • Selectively causes fatigue and tiredness
    • The group notices that after spending some time in the space, they are beginning to feel tired. This contradiction with their physical condition being suspended does not go unnoticed by them. Perhaps the space chose to no longer employ the suspension of physical condition, causing accumulated hunger and fatigue to hit them all at once.[8]
      Kuki Shinobu: On top of that, I'm starting to feel tired after that experience. But I thought we'd established that getting tired doesn't happen down here...
      Kuki Shinobu: I'm starting to worry that we're being affected by the changes in this space. In order to avoid the sudden accumulation of hunger and fatigue, we should eat and rest regularly from now on.[8]
  • Reads minds and creates illusions
    • The space can read people's minds and create illusions to lure them further into the depths. Boyang and Bosacius saw illusions of their families; Arataki Itto, Yanfei, and Kuki Shinobu saw illusions of what they were afraid of; and the Traveler saw an illusion of the Abyss and their sibling.[8] According to Yelan, "[the space is] constantly changing, and its changes seem to be targeted at us."
      Yanfei: At first glance, that door may seem like a prank. It shows you whatever you're afraid of. But if it manages to lure you inside...
      Yanfei: ...There's no way of knowing what might be in there. One minute, it's playing a joke to get you to lower your guard, the next, the danger is real, and it's trapped you.
      Yanfei: This space is a powerful opponent. It wants to use our minds against us.[8]
    • The illusions can even become real within the space and attack:
      Xiao: This battle confirmed my suspicions. As we had speculated, this space reflects information from people's minds.
      Xiao: In other words, despite going mad, Bosacius came here. The illusion we saw just now is the impression he left behind.
      Xiao: This space recreated him as he was during the battle. The way he fought was so self-destructive... He couldn't possibly have survived.[9]
    • The effect of the space can be used against it. The Traveler and Yanfei imagine Xiao to get the space to create a spatial rift, which Xiao uses to reunite with the group and then the group imagines the Fantastic Compass to get the space to create an illusion of it, which the group uses to escape.
  • Devour
    • After staying in the space for too long, one may become "devoured." When the Traveler asks Xiao what happens when they get devoured, he answers "...You might become a shadow of your former self, wandering the underground like a lost soul."[2]
    • During the Cataclysm, the monsters that were trapped in the space eventually lost their mobility and disappeared.[5] The trapped Millelith also lost themselves to the space and became lost souls.



  • Paimon will not appear in the pause menu while she is resting in the Chasm's Bed.

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishThe Chasm's Bed
Jùyuān Shēn Dǐ
The Deep Bottom of the Huge Abyss
Jùyuān Shēn Dǐ
Kyoen no Shinbu[!]
The Depth of the Huge Abyss
Korean거연 심층
Geoyeon Simcheung
The Chasm's Deep Bed
SpanishHondonada de la SimaThe Chasm's Hollow
FrenchFond du GouffreBottom of the Chasm
RussianДно Разлома
Dno Razloma
ThaiChasm's Bed
VietnameseĐáy Vực SâuThe Bottom of the Abyss
GermanUnter der Großen KluftBelow the Great Chasm
IndonesianThe Chasm's Bed
PortugueseRavina do Despenhadeiro

Change History

Released in Version 2.7


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