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The junction between Liyue Harbor and the great mines of the Chasm. Work has ceased here as of late due a shift deep within the Chasm.

Beyond the Chasm

The Chasm is an area located west of Lisha, Liyue and is the primary source of ores in the nation. Recently, a series of mysterious accidents led the entire mine to be closed, putting its workers out of a job for the time being.

Esther remarks that the Chasm's climate is completely different from the rest of Liyue, though she does not give any details on how.[1]

It is mostly not accessible in-game at the moment, and it's shown as a black area on the map. However, a small section of the chasm is open at the moment where it is rich in mining resources, however monsters reside there so one must be prepared for a number of firefights to freely move about and collect the said resources.


According to legend, the Chasm was formed by a falling star somewhere around 6000 years ago. This meteorite had a "proud and agitated temper," and during the Archon War, the constant strife caused this meteorite to leap back into the heavens, leaving behind the massive expanse that was the Chasm. Dunyu Ruins was created by a fragment of this same meteorite.[2]

Sometime during or after the Archon War, the people of Liyue came to the area to mine. Azhdaha, who resided inside, greatly suffered when the humans disturbed the Ley Lines within. Morax and the Mountain Shaper, Moon Carver and a third unknown adepti would fight the crazed elemental being, fighting their way down to the deepest depths of the Chasm, which also resulted in the creation of Dragonfall. After Azhdaha was sealed, humans returned to the Chasm once more to mine.

In Liyue, the Chasm and Dunyu Ruins are two known locations majorly impacted by the cataclysm. Monsters poured out of the Chasm and in response, Morax sent the Millelith to defend and evacuate the miners. An unnamed yaksha who had once abandoned their duty to defend Liyue returned to fight alongside the Millelith, and both yaksha and the Millelith who chose to lead the vanguard ultimately perished in battle. What occurred in Dunyu Ruins is unknown, but its people decided to abandon the city and move to Liyue Harbor; none of the refugees nor adepti have spoken about what happened there.[3]

In recent times, a mysterious series of accidents has led to the Chasm being closed entirely despite its wealth. Hilichurls have taken over the area outside the Chasm and even Treasure Hoarders are scouting it as a result of less activity. Treasure Hoarder Crushers were originally miners from the Chasm. Recent discoveries in the area have exhumed machines similar to the Ruin Sentinels that are found in Inazuma.


(Notice Poster)
Notice: "The myriad mountains of Tianheng are a trove of a thousand treasures, for deep within the rocks bounteous jade gleams gloriously. Yet, sinister forces now beset the Chasm; its glorious gems are hidden and their crimson glow gone. The road to the retrieval of riches is rife with ruin... perilous is the path to the procurement of precious elixirs..."
Notice: "Wherefore did I immediately proceed to discuss this predicament with all Yuehai Pavilion, that they might vote on the fate of mining activities at the Chasm. Their verdict today was that it is inadvisable to continue, and all activity should cease immediately. Let it be known to all: eschew lust for riches and instead pine for a better tomorrow; be drawn not to noctilucous glow, but instead set your gaze on the perfect guidance of fate and time."

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English The Chasm
Céngyán Jùyuān
Huge Abyss of Stratified Rock
Céngyán Jùyuān
Japanese そうがんきょえん
Huge Abyss of Stratified Rock
Korean 층암거연
Huge Abyss of Stratified Rock
Spanish SimaChasm
French GouffreChasm
Russian Разлом
The Fault
Thai Chasm
Vietnamese Vực Đá SâuDeep Rock Canyon
German Große KluftGreat Chasm
Indonesian Chasm
Portuguese DespenhadeiroCliff

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