The Cat and the Cocktail is the first act in Diona's Hangout Event. In order to unlock this quest line, the player needs 2 Story Keys, must have completed Song of the Dragon and Freedom, and reached Adventure Rank 26.


They say that there's a popular bartender at The Cat's Tail.


The Cat's Tail's Bartender What the Kitties Like
(To Catch a Kitten)
To Catch a Kitten When the Cats Come Home
(To Catch a Kitten)
Ending: Cat Party
Ending: The Unfathomable Felines
A Special Base Drink The Shadow Over Dadaupa Dead-Drunk Draff
(The Shadow Over Dadaupa)
Diona's Special
(The Shadow Over Dadaupa)
Ending: Diona's Special
Samachurl Herbal Soup A Sobering Affair
(Samachurl Herbal Soup)
Ending: "I... Only Had... a Little..."
Special Cocktailing Condiments A Chance Encounter...?
(Special Cocktailing Condiments)
Exchanging Pointers Ending: The Ultimate Special


11 Characters appear in this Hangout Event:

Ending Rewards

Hangout Memories


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How about we explore the area ahead of us later?
This page contains unmarked story spoilers. Read at your own risk.
Branch Description Reward Photo
Aether Lumine
Cat Party Looks like a cat party is about to get started at The Cat's Tail.
The Cat and the Cocktail Ending1-Aether.png
The Cat and the Cocktail Ending1-Lumine.png
The Unfathomable Felines Cats truly are... inscrutable creatures...
The Cat and the Cocktail Ending2-Aether.png
The Cat and the Cocktail Ending2-Lumine.jpg
Diona's Special If it's mixed by Diona... surely it can't be that bad?
The Cat and the Cocktail Ending3-Aether.png
The Cat and the Cocktail Ending3-Lumine.jpg
"I... Only Had... a Little..." Wine is fine... in moderation.
The Cat and the Cocktail Ending4-Aether.png
The Cat and the Cocktail Ending4-Lumine.jpg
The Ultimate Special "Grr... STOP JOKING AROUND! You two old drunks!"
The Cat and the Cocktail Ending5-Aether.png
The Cat and the Cocktail Ending5-Lumine.jpg


There are 3 Achievements associated with The Cat and the Cocktail:

  • But There's a Catch... - Help Diona Find a special base drink.
  • Kitten Queen - Bring all the cats back to The Cat's Tail.
  • Diona Special, Stirred, Not Shaken - Complete "The Cat and the Cocktail" and unlock all endings.

Change History

Released in Version 1.5
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