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The Black Serpent Knights' Glory is the fourth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter II: Act IV - Requiem of the Echoing Depths.


  1. Check the situation at the center of the ruins' summit
  2. Defeat the Abyss Lector
  3. Talk to Dainsleif
  4. Destroy all the charging devices (0/4)
  5. Reach Halfdan
  6. Talk to Dainsleif



UI Quest.png Quest Description

Dainsleif figures out the Abyss Order's plan from the twins' memories left within the Inteyvat flower. Now to see if you can stop them or not...
Cutscene's Travel Log summary:
The device activates, causing Dainsleif, the hilichurls, and almost everyone on the scene great pain. In this key moment, Halfdan strides forth and uses his body to block the powerful light.
Dainsleif: Look, the amplification device!
Paimon: Dain!
Dainsleif: Am I too late...
Dainsleif: They're in agony...
Dainsleif: This is no way for them to meet their end
Dainsleif: Find a way...
Dainsleif: To stop that thing!
Dainsleif: Halfdan!
Dainsleif: Don't do it...
(Check the situation at the chamber at the center of the ruins' summit)
Dainsleif: I thought he would've been turned to ashes in an instant... Halfdan's soul is extraordinarily resilient.
Abyss Lector: Meddling fool! Encumber us no more...
Dainsleif: Don't you have a greater encumbrance to worry about? Come on, this is your grand opportunity to get rid of me.
Abyss Lector: ...Dainsleif!!!
Dainsleif: Take him out, and deactivate the device!

(After defeating the Abyss Lector)
Paimon: What do we do now? The Abyss Lector's gone, but the device won't stop...
Paimon: And Halfdan...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let me take his place.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The cleansing won't have any effect on me.
Dainsleif: No! As long as the device is active, the cursed are rendered powerless. Only you can take on the Abyss.
Dainsleif: If you value his sacrifice, then do not waste any more time here.
Dainsleif: See all these rays of light and portals? They must have installed several of these energy devices in various locations. Find them! Quickly!
Paimon: So we have to... go through these Abyss portals? ...Hey, wait for Paimon!

(After destroying the first charging device)
Paimon: The hilichurls are really suffering... Wait! Dain, this must be unbearable for you, too, right?
Dainsleif: Never mind that. Halfdan and the others are enduring far greater suffering than I. There's no time to lose!
(After destroying the second charging device)
Paimon: Quick, destroy the devices and put an end to the hilichurls' suffering!
(After destroying the last charging device)
Paimon: Okay, it's gone dark all around now. Shall we head back to the room in the center?

(Reach Halfdan and talk to Dainsleif)
Paimon: So that's it, right? The device is fully shut down now?
Dainsleif: The burning sensation has indeed stopped...
Paimon: So we managed to stop the Abyss Order's plan?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png But... Halfdan...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png He seems to have breathed his last.
Dainsleif: ...
Dainsleif: Let me check.
Paimon: Dain must be really upset...
Paimon: Of all the ways to be reunited with one of his former comrades after so long... This is rough...
Dainsleif: ...
Dainsleif: ...Let's go.
Cutscene's Travel Log summary:
Just as you thought it was all over, a light once again shines from behind you: the final radiance of Halfdan's soul. He says to Dainsleif:
"Apologies, Captain Dainsleif, Twilight Sword. Back then... I failed you, and failed to protect our people."
"No, for five hundred years, you have faithfully done your duty."
"To this day, I am proud of you all."
"Khaenri'ah... didn't fall, did it? Since you're still here..."
Having received Dain's acknowledgment, the valiant knight can finally rest in peace.
"So... no need to revive the homeland," Dainsleif murmurs softly.
(Cutscene transcript)
Dainsleif: Light?
Halfdan: Apologies, Captain Dainsleif, Twilight Sword. Back then... I failed you, and failed to protect our people
Dainsleif: No, for five hundred years, you have faithfully done your duty
Dainsleif: To this day, I am proud of you all
Halfdan: Khaenri'ah... didn't fall, did it? Since you're still here...
Dainsleif: Correct
Dainsleif: So... no need to revive the homeland
Paimon: That was Halfdan's soul...
Dainsleif: More than one kind of strange power exists here. Souls are no strange sight under the circumstances.
Dainsleif: Still, if you intend to venture deeper in and continue your investigation, you ought to be careful.
Dainsleif: *cough*...
Paimon: You bet, we'll be super careful. Oh, but... Dain, does this mean you're not coming with us?
Dainsleif: That device took a severe toll on me. It will take me some time to recover.
Paimon: Oh, right... Well, actually, Paimon already knew that. You've clearly been pushing through the pain this whole time!
Paimon: You've earned a good rest, Dain... Ooh, you should take a vacation!
Dainsleif: "Vacation"? Huh, the very notion. This word has no business being in my vocabulary.
Dainsleif: There are more important things that demand my attention. The "Loom of Fate" operation is still underway.
Dainsleif: And I suspect that these amplification devices are connected to that plan.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I will be on the lookout.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We will talk more next time. After you've recovered.
Dainsleif: Thank you for understanding.
Dainsleif: I only hope that next time we meet, you know whose side you're on.
Paimon: Sheesh! He sure knows how to hold a grudge, saving that snide remark right till the end...
Paimon: Well, shame that we didn't get to see your (sister/brother) again, but at least we learned some useful info, huh?
Paimon: As long as you keep pressing on with your journey, you guys will definitely meet again, and everything will be back to normal, right?
Paimon: Oh, Paimon almost forgot — the real reason we came here was to investigate what was going on with the hilichurls, wasn't it?
Paimon: We've probably seen enough to report back to the miner now. But, uh... how are we going to explain it to him? This is all way too complicated for regular people to understand!
Paimon: Meh, we'll figure it out — just don't forget about the commission when we're done here.

(Talk to Yuehui again after the quest ends)
Paimon: Mr. Miner, we're back and ready to report!
Yuehui: Ah! Am I glad to see you again! I was getting nervous... At first, I figured I'm paying a fair price, and these are professionals. But then I thought... Goodness, I'd hate to send someone off on a strange commission and then for something bad to happen to them...
Yuehui: I'd never be able to forgive myself if you came to any harm!
Paimon: Don't you worry, mister, it was nothing we couldn't handle! Anyway, we're back, aren't we? And the good news is, we got to the bottom of what's been going on!
Yuehui: Excellent, excellent! So then, what's the situation down there?
Paimon: Uh... Heh, well... Ummm...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's like a hilichurl hospice.
Yuehui: Huh? ...Hospice?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Hilichurl utopia. Hili-topia, if you will.
Yuehui: Sorry, hili-topia...?
Paimon: ...Uh, basically, the hilichurls down there don't wanna fight anymore. Leave them in peace, and they won't cause you any trouble.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What Paimon said.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You have nothing to worry about.
Yuehui: Well, we certainly wouldn't be going out of our way to provoke them, you can count on that. The last thing any of us miners are looking for is to stir up trouble... All we're looking for is, well, all that glitters.
Paimon: Now there's a philosophy that Paimon can get behind.
Yuehui: ...I gotta be honest, I didn't really understand the situation you were describing, but having your assurance that everything's okay is the main thing. It means we can get back to work straight away.
Yuehui: I'm very grateful to you both! You came a long way for this. Please take these as compensation.
(Obtain Crystal Chunk Crystal Chunk ×5, Noctilucous Jade Noctilucous Jade ×5 and Cor Lapis Cor Lapis ×5)

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishThe Black Serpent Knights' Glory
Hēi Shé Qíshì de Róngguāng
Glory of the Black Serpent Knights
Hēi Shé Qíshì de Róngguāng
Kokuja Kishi no Eikou
The Black Serpent Knights' Glory
Korean흑 뱀 기사의 영광
Heuk Baem Gisa-ui Yeonggwang
The Black Serpent Knights' Glory
SpanishLa gloria de los Caballeros Serpiente NegraThe Glory of the Black Serpent Knights
FrenchLa gloire des Chevaliers des Serpents noirsThe Glory of the Black Serpent Knights
RussianСлава Рыцарей Чёрного Змея
Slava Rytsarey Chyornogo Zmeya
Thaiเกียรติยศแห่ง Black Serpent Knight
Kiattiyot Haeng Black Serpent Knight
Honor of the Black Serpent Knight
VietnameseVinh Quang Của Kỵ Sĩ Hắc XàGlory of the Black Serpent Knights[※]
GermanDer Ruhm der Schwarzen SchlangenreiterThe Glory of the Black Serpent Rider
IndonesianKejayaan Black Serpent KnightThe Glory of Black Serpent Knight
PortugueseGlória do Cavaleiro da Serpente Negra

Change History

Released in Version 2.6