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The Art of Hospitality is a quest in Noelle's Hangout Event Act I: Chivalric Training.


  1. Go to Mondstadt's gate
  2. Head to the Angel's Share
  3. Go to Good Hunter
  4. Go to With Wind Comes Glory
  • Branch 1
    1. Send Alois off from Mondstadt
    2. Return to the gate and talk to Noelle


Guest From Afar

(Approach the gate)
Swan: Aha, Honorary Knight and Noelle. Were you two out on a mission?
Swan: Wait, who is this person behind you?
Alois: I... My name is Alois I'm a humble merchant.
Swan: Ah, Mondstadt welcomes you, strange yet respectable traveler.
Swan: Please state your identity and purpose. The Knights of Favonius are here to ensure your safety.
Alois: Uh... ahem... I came to Mondstadt to import wines back to Liyue...
Swan: I see, but are you not carrying any luggage or goods?
Swan: I also don't see your name among the wine merchants that Mondstadt regularly deals with...
Alois: I... It's my first time visiting Mondstadt, but I expect to come back often...
Swan: Hmm... In that case, please show me the relevant documents issued by Liyue's Ministry of Civil Affairs. I need to verify your identity.
Alois: Huh? What on earth is the Min— ...Oh! Right, right, I... put them in my luggage!
Swan: ...Luggage?
Noelle: Oh, our apologies... This gentleman was just attacked by a monster and lost both his luggage and his goods.
Noelle: Could you allow him to calm down a bit before we register him with the Knights?
Swan: Hmm, according to Article 10 of the Knights of Favonius Handbook, caution should be exercised with regard to unfamiliar visitors.
Noelle: But Article 2 of the Knights of Favonius Handbook also says that one must not offend our visitors, right?
Swan: Mmm, well... In this situation... umm...
Swan: ...I—It seems the Knights of Favonius Handbook has a bit of an overlap...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'll keep an eye on him. Nothing bad will happen.
Swan: Well... if you are keeping watch, there shouldn't be a problem...
Noelle: After all, this is our Honorary Knight, the one who defended Mondstadt from the claws of the frenzied Stormterror.
Alois: Storm... terror?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Many times your height, without jumping.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg He's a little fellow, not worth worrying about.
Alois: Haha... indeed... good one...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Leave it to Noelle. She can take care of the situation.
Swan: Hmm... if Noelle is willing to vouch for him, then I can rest easy.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg After all, she is the most reliable maid in all Mondstadt.
Noelle: I'm... just doing my job...
Noelle: "Most reliable"? I've got a way to go, but I will try to live up to that!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'll be there too.
Swan: Well then, I'm counting on you two to take care of this gentleman while he's in Mondstadt.

(After the cutscene)
Noelle: So you're a wine merchant? You must have excellent wine knowledge.
Noelle: Would you like to rest awhile at Angel's Share? It's our signature tavern.
Alois: Such a... warm welcome... how could I refuse?

(Approach Angel's Share)
Alois: Ah... Angel's Share. So this barrel must be full with Mondstadt's celebrated wine, right? If only it could be imitated...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg "Imitated"?
Alois: Oh, uh... imported! That's the word.
Noelle: Sorry to keep you waiting. Drink up!
Noelle: This is a Dandelion Wine-based cocktail — I asked the bartender to add Calla Lily because it has a calming effect.
Noelle: I know you've been on the road for a long time and cold drinks would be bad for your stomach.
Noelle: So I requested less ice. Hope it's to your liking.
Alois: Calming?
Alois: Is this what they give to all visitors in Mondstadt?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...Made especially for you.
Alois: Hehe... because you know I'm interested in Mondstadt wines?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You're very interested, no?
Alois: Y—Yes! Just interested, mind you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...Noelle's way of showing hospitality.
Alois: Aha... o—okay then...
Alois: On another note, that drink's made me realize just how empty my stomach is...
Noelle: Oh, so you're hungry too!
Noelle: ...How terrible of me. If I'd realized, I would've saved some pancakes for you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Not to worry. Let's go to the Good Hunter restaurant.
Alois: Oh, good idea! That sounds like a good place!

(Approach Good Hunter)
Alois: Mmmm... smells incredible! So it's true... If you really want to sell Mondstadt wines, you can't do without Mondstadt dishes...
Alois: Maybe recipes will be easier to obtain than the brewing process...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Brewing process?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Easier to obtain?
Alois: Oh! Uhh, what I mean is... the Dandelion Wine brewing process is unique — difficult to imitate! That's why we merchants can buy with confidence!
Alois: Haha, where was I... Let's see, what's on the menu... Hmm, so many dishes... hard to decide...
Noelle: Can I help?
Alois: Uh, sure... What do you suggest?
Noelle: Hm... Well, do you prefer red meat or white?
Alois: I like 'em both.
Noelle: The Steaks here are cuts of freshly shipped Springvale Boar. I'd recommend having it served medium to really bring out the natural sweetness of the meat.
Noelle: Mm... oh! Sweet Madame is another specialty. Crispy skin and tender meat — goes perfectly with wine!
Noelle: However, those dishes alone aren't very healthy from a nutritional standpoint.
Noelle: I recommend a Mushroom Pizza and a Satisfying Salad too on the side.
Noelle: If that sounds okay, I'll place the order for you. This meal is on me, to make up for my inattentiveness.
Alois: That's too generous of you...
Noelle: Please, enjoy. After all, it's your first meal here as a new visitor, and your last. I wouldn't want to give you the cold shoulder.
Alois: Huh? *coughing* M—My last!? *choking*
Alois: ...You give this meal to... all new visitors, right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg This one was made especially for you.
Alois: Wait... Is it really my last meal?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Your last meal as a new visitor, of course. So enjoy!
Alois: Ah, haha... so that's what it means... Well, then I better make the most of it...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It's just Noelle's way of showing hospitality.
Alois: Aha... o—okay then...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Where are we going after the meal?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Noelle, do we have anything else on the itinerary?
Noelle: How about With Wind Comes Glory?
Noelle: For our final stop, I want to leave Mr. Alois with something to commemorate his time here.
Alois: So... that's the final stop, yes?
Alois: Wait... what are we commemorating?

(Approach Marjorie)
Marjorie: Oh, here's your order, Noelle.
Noelle: Thanks, Marjorie.
Noelle: Mr. Alois, please accept this souvenir.
Alois: Eh-he, thanks. I will treasure this wood carving forev— ...Eh?
Alois: Wait, what's on the... Is that... the insignia of the Knights of Favonius?
Noelle: I, maid Noelle, on behalf of Mondstadt and the Knights of Favonius, officially welcome you!
Alois: Wait... Knights of Favonius? How can you be both a maid and a part of the Knights of Favonius?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg She's a maid of the Knights of Favonius.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg She's a future knight of Favonius.
Alois: So, so this gift is also a...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg This one was made especially for you.
Alois: So it's... a warning!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It's just Noelle's way of showing hospitality.
Alois: ...So, just a regular souvenir?
(If the "made especially for you" dialogue option was chosen two or more times, go to Branch 1)
(If the "Noelle's way of showing hospitality" dialogue option was chosen two or more times, go to Branch 2)

Branch 1

Noelle: Oh, I'm afraid this is all I had time for...
Noelle: However, I hope it leaves you with a lasting impression of your trip to Mondstadt.
Noelle: Now then, if you wouldn't mind accompanying me to the Knights of Favonius, the registration process only requires—
Alois: Ah—! N—no need! I uhh... suddenly I remember where I lost my luggage!
Noelle: Oh? Well then we should at least go and file a report with the Knights—
Alois: —Nope, not necessary! Now that the danger's past, I'll just head over and retrieve it!
Noelle: Huh? But... what about the savage monsters...?
Noelle: For your protection, I feel strongly that one of our knights should escort you there.
Noelle: Or... perhaps it's a little too soon but...
Noelle: ...I'll escort you. Let's go!
Alois: Ugh...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg No need.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Allow me.
Noelle: Oh? ...You want to escort him yourself, (Traveler)?
Noelle: ...That would certainly put my mind at rest...
Noelle: In that case, I'll report the situation to Swan. Let's meet back at the gates of the city a little later.
Noelle: Please take care of Mr. Alois.

After Hospitality Comes...

(Approach the end of the bridge)
Alois: *whimpers*
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Okay, no further.
Alois: ...So this is the end?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I can't see anyone around.
Alois: Meaning this is a good spot!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg If you understand, then nothing needs to be said.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg If you don't understand, it's pointless to explain.
Alois: Archons above! Oh, honorable knight, please have mercy! Forgive me! I'll confess! I'll confess to everything!
Alois: I was planning to investigate Mondstadt's Dandelion Wine — to see if I could find a way to imitate it!
Alois: I didn't expect you to see through it right from the start! Please! I—I never actually did anything!
Alois: It's attempted fraud at worst, right? Tell me it isn't punishable by death!
Alois: Or... or is it because you have no intention to try me at all...?
Alois: W—Which explains why you didn't expose me in the city — you simply chose a location to finish me!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...Go.
Alois: Spare me, noble kn— ...Wh—What...?
Alois: Go...? I can go? Really?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg No more scheming against Mondstadt.
Alois: Of... Of course! With you and the maid around, who would dare?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...Change your ways, and you are welcome to visit Mondstadt again.
Alois: Yes sir! I understand! Goodbye, most honorable Honorary Knight!

(After the cutscene)
Paimon: So... he really did have ulterior motives...
Paimon: Should we tell Noelle... ? Let's head back and see how she's doing first.

(Approach Noelle)
Noelle: Ah, (Traveler), you're back.
Noelle: Eh? How come... Mr. Alois isn't with you?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg He left.
Noelle: Left? Already? Left Mondstadt...?
Noelle: ...And I didn't even get around to arranging his accommodations, or introducing the wine merchants to him...
Noelle: ...I must have been... negligent in some way... Did I leave him with a bad impression of Mondstadt...?
Noelle: Why else would he have left without a farewell...?
Noelle: Oh, I... I couldn't even handle this smallest of tasks...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg He had a sinister plot, so I drove him away.
Noelle: A plot? ...So he was scheming the whole time?
Noelle: As expected, I'm still too naive...
Noelle: And that's why we have the Honorary Knight to rely on, in times of trouble...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg He had to get back, it had nothing to do with you.
Noelle: You're just... trying to make me feel better...
Noelle: Thank you, but...
Noelle: I must have done something wrong! Our visitor would never have left in such a hurry...
Noelle: *sigh* How can I ever become a real knight of Favonius like this...?

Ending: A Cold Reception

Aether Lumine
Hangout Noelle Act 1 A Cold Reception (Aether).png Hangout Noelle Act 1 A Cold Reception (Lumine).png

Not every attempt at passionate hospitality is given perfect closure.

Branch 2

Noelle: I'm afraid this is all I had time for...
Noelle: However, I hope it leaves you with a lasting impression of your trip to Mondstadt.
Alois: I... really don't understand... why you went to all this trouble...
Alois: I don't have any goods or relevant documents... plus I don't exactly look like your everyday honest merchant.
Alois: Even if there were nothing to suggest otherwise... surely it would've been better to take me straight to the Knights for investigation...
Alois: ...And yet you still went to all this effort... to prepare all this for me...
Alois: Didn't you wonder whether the savage monsters — the missing cargo... What if it were all lies?
Noelle: Why would I think that? I'm just doing what a maid of Favonius should do.
Noelle: Knights of Favonius Handbook Article 2: "Do not exhibit suspicion or hostility towards visitors, no matter how suspicious they may seem."
Noelle: You are a visitor from far away. You should be welcomed by me and by Mondstadt.
Noelle: Even if there really is only a slight possibility that everything you say is true...
Noelle: Being attacked by savage monsters, losing goods and documents... Isn't it times like these that people need help the most?
Noelle: And if I failed to offer our hospitality on such an occasion, despite there being no evidence to back up your claims...
Noelle: ...That's not the way a maid of Favonius should behave!
Alois: I see... Well, thank you...
Alois: It's... time for me to leave Mondstadt.
Noelle: Huh? Why the hurry...?
Noelle: We haven't recovered your lost property yet...
Alois: No need. I've just remembered where I left them.
Alois: Somewhere far, far away...
Alois: I'll be sure to keep a better eye on them next time.
Alois: Perhaps when I'm a visitor worthy of your hospitality, I can return to Mondstadt.
Noelle: Umm... I'm not sure I fully understand what you mean...
Noelle: But if you think you can retrieve your lost property, that's great.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You two clearly aren't talking about the same thing...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg But at least the problem seems to be solved.
Alois: What a short trip...
Alois: But... thank you for your care and hospitality, I've learned a lot...
Alois: Goodbye, Mondstadt. Goodbye, maid of the Knights of Favonius!
Noelle: Ah, okay then... goodbye!
Noelle: Mondstadt and I, maid Noelle of the Knights of Favonius, will always welcome you when you return!

Ending: "Goodbye, Miss Maid!"

Aether Lumine
Hangout Noelle Act 1 Goodbye Miss Maid (Aether).png Hangout Noelle Act 1 Goodbye Miss Maid (Lumine).png

Each time she heads out, she brings her gentle intent along.

Change History

Released in Version 1.4