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The Abyss is a mysterious region located both beyond[1] and beneath Teyvat.[2]

It is also known as a "land of endless darkness",[3] and is often described as holding an "unworldly" power.[4][5]

Creatures of the Abyss

All creatures of the Abyss are Elite Enemies.

Abyss Mages
Abyss Heralds
Abyss Lectors

Abyss Order

The Abyss Order appears to largely be comprised of non-human beings that come from the Abyss and seek to ruin Teyvat for reasons unknown. For also unknown reasons, the Traveler's Sibling has also become the leader of the Abyss Order. They usually conscript Hilichurls to do their work.


Denizens of the Abyss use the abyss language, based on the text that can be seen above Abyss Mages' heads when talking to hilichurls and in their Adventurer Handbook description. Abyss Mages also have the ability to manipulate elemental energy without the use of Visions.

Furthermore, it appears that the "unworldly" power of the Abyss is diametrically opposed to Celestial power. It is described as the only kind of power that could dye Morax's stone pillars black,[4] and Durin's poisoned blood, corrupted by abyssal magic, was capable of poisoning Venti, an archon, by spreading from Dvalin.[6] Only by visiting the massive oak tree at Windrise, which has a strong connection to Celestia, could Venti expunge the abyssal poison from himself.

Time in the Abyss passes faster than on Teyvat; Tartaglia spent three months in there, but returned to a Teyvat that had only seen three days pass since his disappearance.

The Abyss appears to be attracted to — and draws in — those with great ambition, such as Gold and Tartaglia. Those who have personal ties to the Abyss have been known to gain an uncanny ability to wreak havoc and conflict.[2][7]


The Cataclysm

Five hundred years ago, during the cataclysm, the fall of Khaenri'ah's Eclipse Dynasty came at the hands of some not-yet-identified gods. It appears that the alchemist Gold had a role in the curse that caused the people of Khaenri'ah to turn into the monsters of the Abyss.[5][7][8]


When Tartaglia was fourteen, he ran away from home and, after falling into a deep hole, found himself in the Abyss. There, he encountered a swordswoman,[2] likely the one named Skirk,[9] who trained him, taught him to navigate the Abyss, and nurtured his ability to raise endless conflict no matter where he went.[2]


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