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That Green Fellow is the third part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Prologue: Act II - For a Tomorrow Without Tears.


  1. Find the Green Fellow
  2. Listen to the Bard's performance
  3. Talk to the mysterious bard


(Cinematic – listen to the Bard's performance)
What is to be sung transpired in days of yore,
When the divine archons still walked the earth.
A dragon cast his curious gaze on the world below
As he parted from the heavens that gave his birth.
The dragon sought truth amongst common folk,
But mortal trifles only fogged his mind.
The windborne bard strummed his strings dolce
And the Holy Lyre answered his questions kind.
The dragon was but a child full of wonder,
And soared the heavens free from care.
The bard's songs invited him to sing along,
For he yearned to let all perceive him fair.
Enchanting legends the bard and dragon were,
But the tides of despair soon engulfed the land;
The lion fang perished[Note 1] and the falcon flag slept.
As a vile dragon approached Mondstadt in lone stand,
Over the Cathedral loomed death and his friends.
Of the people's agony the bard soon sang.
The soaring dragon heeded his grave calls,
And amidst the windstorms a brutal war sprang.
Blood of venom sent the sky dragon into slumber,
Only to awake to be expelled in abhor.
"Why do people in this age loathe me so?"
But the Holy Lyre replied no more.
Wrath and woe, vigor and venom,
Poured from the dragon's bitter eyes.
The dragon's curse sprawled in silence,
But the Lyre could no longer soothe his cries.
(Talk to the mysterious bard)
Green Fellow: Wait, you guys are...
Green Fellow: Oh, that's right! You're the ones that scared Dvalin away.
Paimon: Dvalin? Who's that?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That's Stormterror's real name.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Lisa told us already, weren't you listening?
Paimon: Huh? ...Oh, right. Most people seem to call him "Stormterror."
Paimon: Why do you call him that... are you two meant to be close or something?
Green Fellow: Oh, so close...
Paimon: Hey, (Traveler). Paimon thinks this guy has a screw loose...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ahh... hi.
Green Fellow: Good day, outlander. Seems we meet again.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm sorry, you are...?
Venti: I'm Venti the bard.
Venti: Three-time winner of the "Most Popular Bard of Mondstadt," to be precise.
Venti: So, what do you need from me?
Paimon: Given you recognize us, Paimon doesn't believe we need to explain any further.
Paimon: Of course it's about Stormterror.
Venti: Storm...?
Paimon: Hey! Cut it with the amnesia act!
Paimon: (Traveler), show it to him.
You show the crystal to Venti...
Venti: Oh! Isn't this–
Paimon: What!? The crystal has been purified!? When?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Not sure how this happened.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The last time I checked, it was full of impurities.
Venti: Dvalin, he...
Venti: The anguish he feels... has brought him to tears...
Paimon: Tears...?
Venti: He was once such a gentle child. Now so full of rage and suffering...
Venti: I also came across a Teardrop Crystal.
Venti: Can you purify it?
Venti hands you another Teardrop Crystal, and you purify it for all to see...
Paimon: Ehhhh!?
Venti: You... really do have some wonderful abilities...
Venti: Someone like you is going to end up getting written into a bard's poem.
Venti: Oh, a hero so bright, should (he/she) stand in the light. Though stand in the shade, and you'll be met by a blade...
Venti: Alas... I've really not the time to compose a melody for you at this moment.
Venti: Anyway, even if Dvalin is not taken down, his life will still wither away in the breeze...
Venti: He'll burn himself out in the flames of anger...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I also feel sorry for Dvalin.
Venti: Thank you for that, and you for purifying the Teardrop Crystal.
Venti: But I have my own plans for what is to follow.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Is there anything I can do to help?
Venti: I really must thank you for purifying the Teardrop Crystal, it has helped me greatly.
Venti: But I've already come to devise my own plan.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png As a knight, I suggest you turn yourself in along with the dragon.
Venti: Do you really deem that necessary?
Venti: You can forget about me turning us in for now... I have another plan.
Paimon: Oh? And what plan would that be?
Venti: Seeing this tear has brought to mind a friend so dear.
Paimon: Friend?
Venti: Heh-heh, one must be going.
Paimon: Hey! Where're you running off to!?
Venti: To the "Symbol of Mondstadt's Hero." Bye-bye~
Paimon: Huh... (Traveler), what do you make of that?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png This "weirdo" as you put it — we need to keep an eye on him...
Paimon: As far as he's concerned, you're a weirdo too ya know...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You know...
Paimon: Know what?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png His voice seems familiar...
Paimon: Familiar? I don't know... You're alone on that one...
Paimon: But did he just say "Symbol of Mondstadt's Heroes"? What could that be?
Paimon: Oh, Paimon knows! It's that huge tree.
Paimon: You know, the gigantic one! You can't miss it, surely you still remember!

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  1. During this time, the Lionfang Knight was Arundolyn, who actually did not perish; it was his friend and prospective successor, the Wolf Pup Rostam, who died. However, Arundolyn gave up fighting after Rostam's death, leaving him unavailable to fight Durin.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English That Green Fellow
Nàgè Lǜsè de Jiāhuō
That Green Fellow
Nàgè Lǜsè de Jiāhuō
Japanese あの緑のやつ
Ano Midori no Yatsu
That Green Fellow
Korean 그 초록색 녀석
Spanish La persona de verdeThe Person in Green
French Ce jeune homme en vertThis Young Man in Green
Russian Парень в зелёном
Paren' v zelyonom
Thai เจ้าเสื้อเขียวนั่น!!!
Chao suea khiao nan!!!
That Green-Shirted Person!!!
Vietnamese Tên Nhóc Màu Xanh Đó
German Der Typ in GrünThe Guy in Green
Indonesian Pria Berbaju HijauMan in Green
Portuguese O Sujeito de VerdeThe Subject in Green

Change History

Released in Version 1.0