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The residence of the most exalted one in all of Inazuma. Standing tall on the highest point in the city, it watches over all under the Electro Archon's dominion.

Version 1.5 Special Program

Tenshukaku (Japanese: てんしゅかく Tenshu-kaku) is a location in Inazuma City, Inazuma, and is where the Raiden Shogun resides. Tenshukaku is one of the three parts that makes up Inazuma City, the other two being Hanamizaka and Tenryou. The headquarters of the Tenryou Commission is also located inside Tenshukaku.

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  • Tenshukaku (Japanese: 天守閣), or simply Tenshu (Japanese: 天守), refers to the tower keep of a Japanese castle.
    • Tenshu (Japanese: 天守) literally means "Heavenly Protector."
  • The antler-like decorations seen along the center of the building are called kuwagata (鍬形), and are typically seen on samurai helmets (kabuto, ) as part of the crest adorning the front of the helmet (maedate, 前立).
  • Like the top of Favonius Cathedral, a Precious Chest can be found above the second level balcony on a rooftop.

Change History

Released in Version 2.0