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The Tenryou Commission (Japanese: 天領奉行 Tenryou-bugyou) of the Tri-Commission is the executive arm of the Raiden Shogun. It is led by the Kujou Clan and is responsible for managing security and military affairs, including enforcement of the Vision Hunt Decree,[1] enforcement of the Sakoku Decree,[2] and military drafts.[3] Compared to the Kanjou Commission and Yashiro Commission, the Tenryou Commission sees a higher desertion rate due to the reality and horrors of war plaguing them as a result of the Vision Hunt Decree in which the soldiers fight and kill other people, contrary to the expectations of some who had expected to fight ancient monsters and denizens of the Abyss.[4]

During the events of Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow, the Traveler is placed on a wanted list by the Tenryou Commission after escaping the Vision Hunt Ceremony with Thoma and Paimon. After the events of Omnipresence Over Mortals, the commission is currently in disarray due to Kujou Takayuki's collusion with the Fatui, with the Shogun intending to mete out appropriate punishment when ready. With a replacement yet to be found, Kujou Sara occupies the role as a temporary fill-in.



  • In feudal Japan, the term "Tenryou" referred to land directly held by the Shogun, as opposed to land held by a Daimyo (大名, feudal lords, such as Hiiragi Shinsuke). The original term for this kind of land was shihaisho (Japanese: 支配所); but since the Meiji period, the term Tenryou (Japanese: 天領 "Emperor's land") has become synonymous, because the shogun's lands were returned to the emperor.[5] However, in Genshin Impact, there is no Inazuma emperor, so the use of this term indicates land directly governed by Raiden Ei. The Tenryou Commission is given great authority to manage the security of Tenryou and the public security of Inazuma, showing that Ei has great trust in the Kujou Clan.
  • The Tenryou Commission is mentioned in the descriptions of the following Furnishing items:

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Tenryou Commission
Chinese reading of Japanese name
Japanese てんりょうぎょう
Bugyou of the Emperor's Land
Korean 텐료 봉행(天領奉行)
Tenryo Bonghaeng
Tenryou Bugyou
Spanish Comisión TenryouTenryou Commission
French Commission administrativeAdministrative Commission
Russian Комиссии Тэнрё
Komissii Tenryo
Tenryou Commission
Thai สำนัก Tenryou
Samnak Tenryou
Vietnamese Hiệp Hội TenryouTenryou Association
German Tenryou-VerwaltungTenryou Administration
Indonesian Tenryou Commission
Portuguese Comissão TenryouTenryou Commission