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Tenryou (Japanese: 天領 Tenryou, "Emperor's Land") is one of the three parts that make of Inazuma City, the other two being Hanamizaka and Tenshukaku. Within the streets of Tenryou is the famous commercial street.


The many streets and lanes of Tenryou intersect and cross paths, and finally gather in front of the Tenshukaku - the undisputed center of power in Inazuma. Under the eternal and silent gaze of Her Highness the Ogosho Shogun, the people living in the hustle and bustle of the city will finally be free from the worries of obsession, and move to a paradise where they no longer need to chase and compete for their aspirations — but what is the view of the eternal paradise that the Shogun sees?


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  • In feudal Japan, the term "Tenryou" referred to land directly held by the Shogun, as opposed to land held by a Daimyo (大名, feudal lords, such as Hiiragi Shinsuke). The original term for this kind of land was shihaisho (Japanese: 支配所); but since the Meiji period, the term Tenryou (Japanese: 天領 "Emperor's land") has become synonymous, because the shogun's lands were returned to the emperor.[1] However, in Genshin Impact, there is no Inazuma emperor, so the use of this term indicates land directly governed by Baal. The Tenryou Commission is given great authority to manage the security of Tenryou and the public security of Inazuma, showing that Baal has great trust in the Kujou Clan.

Change History

Released in Version 2.0