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In these ruins you discover a now destroyed training ground belonging to an ancient civilization. To pass this trial, you need to take hold of vicious fire and crackling lightning to take down your enemy.

Temple of the Wolf is a One-Time Domain entrance. It has one level, Trial: Scorching Fire and Raging Lightning.



  1. Head up the stairs towards the area, which contains some Hilichurls and Large Pyro Slimes.
  2. Pick between the Hydro, Electro, and Pyro Trials. One doorway will open accordingly.
    • The Hydro Trial always opens the left door, the Electro Trial the middle door, and the Pyro Trial the right door.
  3. Go up the stairs and defeat all enemies. The enemies will match the chosen elemental trial.
    • There is an Exquisite Chest on the top ledge towards the left-hand side of the room, but you will need a Wind Catcher or a character that can either create a climbable Geo Construct or lifts you (such as Venti and Kazuha's Elemental Skills) — you can climb up to the lower ledge, but not the top ledge. Note that climbing to the lower ledge requires either an adult-height character (such as Kaeya) or climbing up from the area behind the Door of Resurrection for a teenage-height character (such as Amber).
  4. After completing the trial, choose your next trial. The options will be the same as the previous mechanisms.
  5. Go up the stairs and defeat all enemies.

First Time Completion Rewards

Item Mora.png 15,000 Mora

Story Domains

The following Story Domains take place in the Temple of the Wolf:

Change History

Released in Version 1.0