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Though it lies deep underground, the strong winds filled every corridor of the ruin. Don't be discouraged! Find the treasure deep within the ruin!

Temple of the Falcon is a domain entrance. It contains the One-Time Domain Windy Cliff and two story domains.


First Time Completion Rewards

Item Mora.png 10,000 Mora

Story Domains

The following Story Domains take place in the Temple of the Falcon:

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Temple of the Falcon
Xīfēng zhī Yīng de Miàoyǔ
Hawk of the West Wind's Temple[• 1]
Xīfēng zhī Yīng de Miàoyǔ
Japanese 西風の鷹の神殿
Korean 서풍 매의 사당
Seopung Mae-ui Sadang
Temple of the West Wind Falcon
Spanish Templo del HalcónTemple of the Falcon
French Temple du FauconTemple of the Falcon
Russian Храм Сокола
Khram Sokola
Temple of the Falcon
Thai Temple of the Falcon
Vietnamese Đền Chim Ưng Tây Phong
German Tempel des FalkenTemple of the Falcon
Indonesian Temple of the Falcon
Portuguese Templo do FalcãoTemple of the Falcon
  1. ZH: 西风/西風 xīfēng can alternatively be translated as "Favonius."

Change History

Released in Version 1.0