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Temperature is a mechanic that drains HP under the right conditions. Normal temperature is encountered throughout much of Teyvat and domains.

Two separate mechanics directly relate to temperature: Sheer Cold (which appears in very cold areas, such as Dragonspine) and Blazing Heat (which appears in very hot areas, such as Narukami Island: Tenshukaku phase II).

Normal Temperatures

Normal temperatures appear in areas not affected by extreme cold or warmth. This includes areas with different climate effects, like Balethunder. In normal temperature, the character neither accumulates Sheer Cold nor Blazing Heat.

Extreme Temperatures

In extreme temperatures, such as in areas affected by Subzero Climate or in Narukami Island: Tenshukaku, players either gain the Sheer Cold or Blazing Heat gauge. This gauge normally accumulates at a rate of 1% per second. Certain conditions like swimming in cold water (for Sheer Cold) or being near cold/hot surfaces will accumulate the rate of Sheer Cold or Blazing Heat by up to 2.5%/s. In the Tenshukaku Trounce domain, getting struck by one of Signora's attacks will cause the gauge to spike by up to 10% briefly. Once either Sheer Cold or Blazing Heat reaches its limit, players will lose 1% max HP + 150 HP per second. Visibility is also greatly reduced by an icy or fiery effect over the camera until the status is cleared.

When Sheer Cold/Blazing Heat starts, the sound of an ice shard or the sound of a fire plays at the beginning alongside three beeps. After reaching ~70%, the gauge beeps once every two seconds until the gauge fills up. The gauge border then glows a solid red color, the edges of the camera are filled with ice or fire, a freezing or burning sound plays, and the player starts to lose HP.

It is not known if Sheer Cold and Blazing Heat are polar opposites, but during Narukami Island: Tenshukaku, Sheer Cold clears almost immediately after the Blazing Heat effect starts.

Leaving an area with extreme temperatures will not reset the gauge; rather, it will cause it to drain more slowly until the gauge is cleared. However, teleporting between discontinuous areas with extreme temperatures will cause the gauge to reset.


  • Temperature effects were first revolutionized in the open-world genre in The Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and is also present in Immortals: Fenyx Rising. Breath of the Wild handled temperature differences by draining HP if the temperature needle touched red or blue (or if the area had burning air). Immortals handled temperature differences by immediately draining all stamina upon entering an extreme temperature area.

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