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Odd devices that are scattered across Teyvat, seemingly forming a certain order. People on the continent see them as ancient gimmicks — they are accustomed to their existence despite not knowing their purpose. To the foreign traveler, however, their function becomes quite apparent.

Players can find and unlock Teleport Waypoints throughout the world of Teyvat. When a player first unlocks them they are granted Adventure EXP Adventure EXP ×50 and Primogem Primogem ×5. Clicking on a Teleport Waypoint on the Map offers to fast travel to their location.

As of Version 2.6, there are 169 Teleport Waypoints in Teyvat.

Any Statue of The Seven or Domain, including Event Domains, also acts as a Waypoint and can be fast traveled to. Players can refer to Teyvat Interactive Map for their locations.

Certain significant locations also act as teleport waypoints:

Location Completed quest requirement to unlock
Alcor A Lone Ship In Guyun
Jade Chamber The Crane Returns on the Wind


Most Teleport Waypoints need to be unlocked by interacting with them. The location of most locked Waypoints can be seen on the Map once the area they are in is lit up, which is done by touching a Statue of The Seven on the Map of Teyvat and through other means, such as quest progression, in other maps. A navigation pointer will indicate a locked Teleport Waypoint's direction on the screen if the player is within 40 meters[30, 40, or 50?] of it.

Some Teleport Waypoints do not show up on the Map when locked, even when the area they are in is lit up, until another requirement is completed:

Location Requirement
In the Upside-Down City in the Nameless Ruins Only shows up when unlocked (access requires sufficient progressionThe Grave of the Guarded)
Various Teleport Waypoints in Tsurumi Island Permanently shown after completing Through the Mists
In the northwest of the Dainichi Mikoshi Gain access to the Dainichi Mikoshi in The Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent [no earlier than this; no later than beginning part 2 of that quest]
In the center of the Dainichi Mikoshi
In the east of the Dainichi Mikoshi
In the south of the Dainichi Mikoshi
Yachimatahiko's Locus Talk to Eboshi for the first time in The Three Great Martial Trials
Yachimatahime's Locus
Kunado's Locus

Some Teleport Waypoints are automatically unlocked upon completing certain Quests:

Location Requirement
At the dock of Ritou Complete Setting Sail
Between Ritou and Konda Village Complete Ritou Escape Plan
In the southernmost part of The Serpent's Bowels Complete The Still Water's Flow
In the top-left of Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel Unlocked during Chasm Spelunkers

Portable Waypoints

Portable Waypoints are items that function similarly to Teleport Waypoints, except they can be summoned and placed anywhere by the user and only last a set amount of time.

Sub-Space Waypoints

Sub-Space Waypoints are furnishings that function similarly to Teleport Waypoints. They can be placed anywhere in a player's Serenitea Pot.

Corrupted Waypoints

Corrupted Waypoints are waypoints shrouded in darkness lose their original functionality. Unlocking them requires specialized materials. They are only available during the "Three Realms Gateway Offering" event.

Temporary Teleport Waypoints

Some Teleport Waypoints were introduced in Event-exclusive areas, and therefore were only accessible for limited amount of time.


  • A message stating "Teleport Waypoint unlocked" appears when interacting with a Teleport Waypoint, common Domain entrance or Statue of The Seven for the first time, although this message may also appear in other cases:
    • After completing Quests which unlocks access to a Domain as a reward.
    • After completing certain Archon Quest steps, which does not actually unlock any location that the player may choose to teleport to, but instead acts as a checkpoint where the party will be revived if all the characters fall, similarly to a Door of Resurrection.
  • After the player's party dies, the player is teleported to the nearest Teleport Waypoint that they have unlocked.
    • In Co-Op Mode, the player is teleported to the nearest Teleport Waypoint that they have unlocked in their own world, even if the host has not unlocked it.
  • Teleport Waypoints are sources of warmth in Subzero Climates, such as in Dragonspine.
  • Teleport Waypoints in The Chasm can recharge the Lumenstone Adjuvant's energy.
  • Tsurumi Island's fog prevents the usage of its Teleport Waypoints by hiding them on the Map, even if the player previously unlocked them. They will however be accessible again after the fog is cleared without requiring to be unlocked again.
  • The Teleport Waypoint near the east of Dainichi Mikoshi, Enkanomiya, currently has the furthest distance between the waypoint and the players' actual spawn location when compared to other Teleport Waypoints.
  • There is an upside-down Teleport Waypoint in Nameless Ruins, The Chasm: Underground Mines that cannot be unlocked normally if players are standing at the ground level.
  • The shape of Teleport Waypoint icons in Genshin Impact appear to be similar to Honkai Impact 3rd's open-world game mode.

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishTeleport Waypoint
Chuánsòng Máodiǎn
Teleportation Anchor
Chuánsòng Máodiǎn
Waapu Pointo
Warp Point
Korean워프 포인트
Wopeu Pointeu
Warp Point
SpanishPunto de teletransporte
FrenchPoint de téléportationTeleportation Point
RussianТочка телепортации
Tochka teleportatsii
Teleportation Point
VietnameseĐiểm dịch chuyểnTeleportation Point
GermanTeleportationspunktTeleportation Point
IndonesianTeleport Waypoint
PortuguesePonto de Teleporte

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 2.6

Version 2.5

Version 2.4

Version 2.2

Version 2.1

Version 2.0

Version 1.6

Version 1.2

Version 1.1

Version 1.0

  • Teleport Waypoints were released with 61 in Teyvat.