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... witness the giant skeleton and the palpable aura of the Tatarigami at Yashiori Island where the Raiden Shogun battled a great serpent...[1]

The Tatarigami (Japanese: 祟り神 Tatarigami, "Curse God") refers to the curse caused by the festering of the slain serpent god Orobashi whose remains rest across Yashiori Island, Inazuma. The Tatarigami manifests as a black aura around certain enemies in the island and the persistent storm overshadowing the island when players first explore that area. When the wards suppressing it are disrupted, it causes sickness and calamities around the island.



The Tatarigami was spawned after the serpent god Orobashi was slain by the Raiden Shogun on Yashiori Island. The people of Inazuma then created wards housed within three Narukami Pillars to suppress the soul of Orobashi, hence subduing the Tatarigami, while the Yashiori Guardians led by the Kitain Clan also took up the mantle of suppressing the Tatarigami.[2] This allowed Crystal Marrow mining from the remains of Orobashi and smelting of Jade Steel in Tatarasuna through the Tatarigami core within the Mikage Furnace.

Present Day

The wards which suppressed Orobashi were later destroyed by Orobashi fanatics that infiltrated the Watatsumi Army, with the help of Nathan, a Fatui agent. This led to the Tatarigami spreading again[3] by the time of the events of the game. The Kitain bloodline also ended for reasons unknown, leading to the fall of the Yashiori Guardians. The Tatarigami caused strange diseases and contaminated flora[4] around Yashiori Island, leading them to evacuate the entire island, and ironically reduced the fights over Fort Fujitou.[5] Those afflicted by the Tatarigami have a black aura around them, but is simply a visual effect.

In addition to diseases, the Tatarigami causes persistent rain and thunderstorms to occur on Yashiori Island. After completing Orobashi's Legacy, the Tatarigami will be dispelled and the skies above Yashiori Island will clear up, although the malevolent energy continues to remain around enemies as the Tatarigami that was already in the atmosphere would take time to dissipate.[6]

While most people were susceptible to the Tatarigami, both Chouji and his mother were unaffected by it, the latter even having it flow "freely" inside her.


  • In Shinto religion, Tatarigami (Japanese: 祟り神) are powerful gods or spirits that bring all forms of calamity upon their victims, such as "death and destruction, fire and famine, plague and war." In order to appease these spirits, shrines dedicated to them have been built across Japan in the hopes that their curses can be lifted.[7]
  • Orobashi's Tatarigami is similar to the festering corruption created after the death of Durin in Dragonspine, the curses of the countless slain gods in Liyue,[8] and the Miasmic Tumor that is supposedly an accumulation of evil the Sacred Sakura absorbs over the years.[9]
  • The Tatarigami only appears to be capable of infecting sentient beings without Visions or Delusions based on the enemies present on the island. Non-sentient beings like slimes appear to be unaffected by it.

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