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The mountain surrounding the Mikage Furnace. Blossoms continue to bloom here, impervious to the effects of war.

Version 1.5 Special Program

Tatarasuna (Japanese: たたら砂 Tatara-suna) is located in Kannazuka, Inazuma. It was revealed in the Version 1.5 Special Program.


This ring of islands surrounded by jagged, rocky terrain is the perfect topographic barrier to the Shogunate's smelting facilities. The magnificent Blast Furnace here is used to produce a steady stream of high-quality Jade Steel for Inazuma. Recently, however, due to the war, the Mikage Furnace that drove the production has been damaged.


The center of the Shogunate's weapon production. Large-scale production has been halted by warfare, but the furnace remains warm, as if awaiting a chance to start up again.

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Special Program: Insight

Version 2.0 Special Program

Cissie, Environment Art: There's also a place in Inazuma that's full of magical wonder which is Tatarasuna, Kannazuka. It is a great place where human history meets natural wonder. Just now, our colleague mentioned the battle between the Raiden Shogun and the great serpent after which the remains of the Tatarigami were sealed on this island. With the remains as the core, the energy can gather the surrounding rock which forms a huge visual center in the middle of the scene. Mikage Furnace, the largest smelting facility in Inazuma, is located here. To further enhance the visual depiction of this energy, we directed the surrounding plankways towards the middle to connect with the furnace in the center. Next, we enveloped the inner space in purple and added special effects of flying sand and flickering lightning to the environment to express a sense of danger and mystery.

It is also closely related to "Tatara Tales," a large-scale open world themed quest. Before unlocking relevant quests, there will be a huge energy shield that looks like an electric wave on the outskirts. You can feel the strong surge of energy inside by just getting a little closer.


  • The tatara is a traditional Japanese furnace used for smelting iron and steel, such as in sword-making.
    • Tatara originally referred to only the foot bellows used in the furnace.


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Unlocking Tatarasuna Guide

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Tatarasuna
Chinese reading of Japanese name[• 1]
Japanese たたらすな
Tatara Sands
Korean 타타라스나
Spanish Tatarasuna
French Tatarasuna
Russian Татарасуна
Thai Tatarasuna
Vietnamese Tatarasuna
German Tatarasuna
Indonesian Tatarasuna
Portuguese Tatarasuna
  1. ZH: Based on possible kanji for Japanese name.

Change History

Released in Version 2.0