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Talents are special abilities that characters possess. They are split into two types: Combat and Passive.

Most characters have three Combat Talents and three Passive Talents. Mona and Ayaka have a fourth Combat Talent in the form of an Alternate Sprint. Kokomi has four passive talents. The Traveler does not have a Utility Passive.

List of Talents[]

Combat Talents[]

Upon obtaining a character, all Combat Talents come unlocked at Level 1.

A Combat Talent's level can be raised mainly through the following ways:

  1. Using Character Talent Materials, with their current maximum Talent level determined by their Ascension Phase, up to Level 10.
  2. Unlocking certain Constellations that raise a specific Talent's effective level by +3. Using this method also raises the Talent's Level cap from 10 to 15.
  3. Certain characters also have Passive Talents that can raise a party's specific category of Talent Level.

Additionally, certain Events may grant special bonuses that temporarily increase a character's talent level:

The level of Alternate Sprints cannot be raised.

Using Talents[]

Kazuha attacking slime

Kazuha attacking a slime. Note the arrow indicating that the slime is currently selected.

Each talent is used by pressing the appropriate button. By default on PC, clicking Left Click will use a Normal Attack, holding Charged Attack, E Elemental Skill, Q Elemental Burst, and, if equipped, clicking Right Click or pressing ⇧ Shift casts an Alternate Sprint.

When near an enemy or group of enemies, an arrow (🔽) serves as an indicator for the currently selected enemy. Talents will attack the selected enemy by default. Moving to a different portion of the battlefield will move this arrow toward a different enemy. Alternatively, some attacks have the ability to be aimed or will affect an area of effect either around the character or the selected enemy, and thus allows for attacking an enemy other than the one currently selected. When no enemies are selected, talents will directly affect the area in front of the playable character.

Defense Mechanisms cannot be selected. Slime Balloons can only be selected if there are no other enemies nearby. Invisible enemies such as Dendro Slimes buried in the ground or Fatui Pyro Agents also cannot be selected.

Combat Talent Scaling[]

When a Talent is upgraded, its attribute values increase by a multiplier based on the Talent level:[1]

Base Talent Attribute Value is the damage/healing/shield HP value a Talent has at level 1 (e.g. Geo Traveler's Starfell Sword has 248% Skill DMG at level 1).

For Talents with both a percentage (x%) and a flat component (+x) (e.g. Let the Show Begin), the percentage value scales with the same multiplier as other Talents, but the flat value scales with a different multiplier.

Normal Attack Talents also scale with a different multiplier. The multiplier is estimated and within 1% of actual values; there may be errors are due to internal rounding and/or slight estimation errors.

Certain characters like Zhongli and Xiao have different scalings for their talents. These exceptions are discussed in the next section.

Talent Level Percentage Value Multiplier Flat Value Multiplier Normal Attack Multiplier
1 100% 100% 100%
2 107.5% 110% 108%
3 115% 120% 116%
4 125% 132.5% 127.5%
5 132.5% 145% 135%
6 140% 157.5% 145%
7 150% 172.5% 157.5%
8 160% 187.5% 170%
9 170% 202.5% 182.5%
10 180% 220% 197.5%
11 190% 237.5% 212.5%
12 200% 255% -
13 212.5% 275% -
14 - - -
15 - - -


Xiao's Burst Bane of All Evil (the Attack DMG Bonus %) and Zhongli's Burst Planet Befall (Skill DMG %) follow different scalings from those above. Several other characters like Yoimiya, Beidou and Hu Tao also follow different scalings for certain talent stats. These are discussed in Talent/Level Scaling.

Talent Level Zhongli Burst Multiplier Xiao Burst Multiplier
1 100% 100%
2 110.8% 106.0%
3 121.6% 112.0%
4 135.1% 119.7%
5 147.3% 125.6%
6 159.5% 131.6%
7 175.7% 139.5%
8 191.9% 147.2%
9 208.1% 155.0%
10 224.3% 162.7%
11 240.5% 170.6%
12 256.8% 178.3%
13 270.3% 186.2%
14 283.8% 193.8%
15 - -

Passive Talents[]

Of a character's Passive Talents, only the third comes unlocked upon obtaining them. The first two are unlocked at 1st and 4th Ascension Phase. Passive talent levels cannot be upgraded.

Note that the effects provided to Combat Talents by Passive Talents will not be reflected in the information screens of Combat Talents, even if the effects are unconditional. For example, the unconditional cooldown reductions provided by Shattered Darkrock and Rekindle are not reflected in the information screens of Starfell Sword and Passion Overload, respectively.

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Change History[]

Version 2.7
  • Added the ability to view Talent Upgrade Recommendations based on the choices of other players.

Version 1.0

  • Talents were released.