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The Symbol of Mondstadt's Hero is the name of the massive oak tree at Windrise. It is believed to have grown after Vennessa ascended to Celestia around a thousand years ago.


A thousand years ago, Vennessa led the rebellion that overthrew the corrupt Mondstadt Aristocracy and became known as the hero of Mondstadt. According to legend, at the end of her life, she ascended to Celestia in reward for her great deeds. Following her ascension, the towering oak tree rose at the place where she ascended.[1][2]

After Venti witnessed the Traveler's presence purify Dvalin's teardrop, he thought of "a friend so dear" and runs off to the "Symbol of Mondstadt's Hero."[3] When the Traveler finds him sitting on the branches of the tree, Venti remarks that he could feel the Abyssal poison being removed from his body after it transferred into him when his attempt to communicate with Dvalin was interrupted.[4] After Signora rips his Gnosis from his chest and Barbara's healing powers fail to have any effect on him, Venti instead returns to the Symbol of Mondstadt's Hero to recuperate.[5]

While conducting research into the power of "wind," Dr. Edith attempts to investigate the Symbol of Mondstadt's Hero and posts a commission to gather help. The Traveler brings back some leaves from the tree, which turn out to carry some Anemo elemental power.[2]

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishSymbol of Mondstadt's Hero
Méngdé Yīngxióng de Xiàngzhēng
Symbol of Mondstadt's Hero
Méngdé Yīngxióng de Xiàngzhēng
Mondo no eiyuu no shouchou
Symbol of Mondstadt's Hero
Korean몬드 영웅의 상징
SpanishSímbolo de la heroína de MondstadtSymbol of Mondstadt's heroine
FrenchOrigine de MondstadtOrigin of Mondstadt
RussianСимвол героев Мондштадта
Simvol geroyev Mondshtadta
Thaiสัญลักษณ์ของฮีโร่แห่ง Mondstadt
Symbol of the Hero of Mondstadt[• 1]
VietnameseBiểu tượng anh hùng của Mondstadt
GermanWahrzeichen der Helden von MondstadtSymbol of the Heroes of Mondstadt
IndonesianLambang pahlawan MondstadtSymbol of Mondstadt's hero
PortugueseUm Símbolo do Herói de Mondstadt
  1. Thai: Also written as สัญลักษณ์แห่งฮีโร่ของ Mondstadt, which has the same meaning but changes the order of two words.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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