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The Syavushi Bakshesh Shoppe is a shop in Ritou, Inazuma, that is owned by Vahid. During the events of In Another Land, Alrani joins Vahid and works on marketing the fertilisers that are sold by Vahid at the shop.



The shop's name may be translated as "Generous Siyâvash" in Persian.

  • In the Iranian Shahnameh epic, Siyâvash (Persian: سیاوش‎) was a martyred prince, from whose blood grew a plant known as Khune Asyavushan (Persian: خون اسیاوشان "Blood of Siyâvash"). Because of this, he is associated with the growth of vegetation in Iranian mythology.
  • Bakhshesh (Persian: بخشش) is a Persian word that can be translated as "forgiveness" or "generosity".

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