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Sweet Flower Seed is a Gardening Material which can be obtained by harvesting Sweet Flower with the Seed Dispensary or purchased from the Realm Depot for Realm Currency Realm Currency ×5.

Shop Availability

1 Shops that sell Sweet Flower Seed:

Item NPC Realm Currency Cost Stock Notes
Sweet Flower Seed Sweet Flower Seed Tubby 5 5

Craft Usage

There is 1 item that can be crafted using Sweet Flower Seed:

Item Craft Type Recipe
Sweet Flower Sweet Flower Jade Field Sweet Flower Seed Sweet Flower Seed ×1

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishSweet Flower Seed
"Tiántián-huā" de Zhǒngzǐ
"Sweet Flower"'s Seed
"Tiántián-huā" de Zhǒngzǐ
"Suiito Furawaa" no Tane
"Sweet Flower" Seed
Korean「달콤달콤꽃」 씨앗
"Dalkomdalkom-kkot" Ssiat
"Sweet-Sweet Flower" Seed
SpanishSemilla de flor dulceSweet Flower Seed
FrenchGraine de fleur sucranteSweet Flower Seed
RussianСемена цветка-сахарка
Semena tsvetka-sakharka
ThaiSweet Flower Seed
VietnameseHạt giống Hoa Ngọt
GermanZuckerblumensamenSugar Flower Seed(s)
IndonesianSweet Flower Seed
PortugueseSemente de Flor DoceSweet Flower Seed

Change History

Released in Version 2.0