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Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering is a World Quest in The Chasm, Liyue. It is the first required part of The Chasm Delvers World Quest Series, or the second part if the optional World Quest The Chasm Charters was accepted.

Completing this quest unlocks the Underground Mines of The Chasm.


  1. Talk to Muning and find out the situation in The Chasm
  2. Look for the adventurer Zhiqiong
  3. Go to the miners' warehouse
  4. Fend off the Treasure Hoarders
  5. Obtain the Lumenstone Adjuvant
  6. Tell Zhiqiong about what happened at the warehouse
  7. Look for a way to destroy the Bedrock Keys
  8. Talk to Zhiqiong
  9. Use the cage-shaped object to destroy the three remaining Bedrock Keys (0/3)
    • The cage-shaped objects must be hit in the direction of the Bedrock Key
    • The cage-shaped objects must be used in the order of highest elevated to lowest. If hitting one doesn't work, try finding another that is higher up.
    • One of the Bedrock Keys coincides with the World Quest, Undetected Infiltration.
  10. Report the destruction of the Bedrock Keys to Zhiqiong
  11. Look for the final Bedrock Key
  12. Destroy the final Bedrock Key
  13. Talk to Zhiqiong
  14. Talk to Muning and Zhiqiong



(Talk to Muning)
Muning: Ten crates of meat, ten crates of vegetables, various amounts of firewood and camping equipment to be given to the Millelith outpost... Three crates of various ores to be sent to the Huishan Hall warehouse in exchange for spare parts for tools... in various amounts...
Muning: Alright, sorry for making you wait. What do you need... Ah, it's you!
Paimon: Eh? Since when were we all that familiar with you...?
Muning: I mean, you are the heroes who saved Liyue. Your deeds are remembered by us all.
Muning: Since you're here at The Chasm, you must be here on some important business. In which case, I'm sure you must have a permit from Lady Keqing, right?
Paimon: Uh...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We don't.
Muning: Really? I mean, sorry to trouble you... Since you must be very familiar with Lady Ningguang, a permit from her might hold still more weight. Could I see it, please?
Paimon: Hehe...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, we don't have that, either.
Muning: Well, the Lord Tianshu is reclusive yet approachable, and also has great vision and the good of the people at heart. Surely he was the one who gave you permission to enter the Chasm, then?
Paimon: May... maybe?
Muning: In that case, would you mind letting me see your papers?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Muning: Huh, I guess you don't have that, either. Well, Ms. Ganyu works at Yujing Terrace, supporting the Qixing directly, so I'm sure her opinion would be in lockstep with theirs. You at least have her permission, don't you?
Paimon: (Actually, you know what? We could have just asked Ganyu to sign off on this!)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I can, uh, go look for her right now...
Muning: ...
Paimon: ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Muning: *sigh* ...
Muning: So... you've come at a bad time. This is really not the season to be visiting The Chasm. The Ministry of Civil Affairs is still working on eliminating a great safety hazard within, so this is still very much a danger zone.
Muning: If you have been commissioned by some merchant to urge us to open the mine faster, then I suggest you read the report I submitted to Shenglu Hall carefully.
Paimon: Uh, what's this person talking about, exactly?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You still owe Lan Mora for drinks. Don't you forget that. (If the player chose the "Lan Branch" in The Chasm Charters)
Muning: Eh? Oh, so that's what you're here for? Hmph... Alright, alright. These adventurers... Can't ever trust them to come out and speak their minds.
Muning: Alright, then. If you have any questions, ask away. I will answer them — provided that I know the answer.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Could you tell me more about The Chasm?
(Dialogue continues below)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So, about Lan...
Muning: Ah, did she tell you about some "special commission"? Well, I am the representative of the Ministry in this place, and as far as they are concerned, any commissions from the Adventurers' Guild hold no weight here.
Muning: So you can't... I mean, don't you also try using her to put pressure on me. It won't work...
Paimon: Pfft. That wasn't convincing at all!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I mean, you do owe her money for liquor...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png "Also"? I take it that someone's done this to you before?
Muning: Alright! Alright! Can we change the topic, please? Let's get back down to business!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Could you tell me more about The Chasm?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Here's the Mora that Xingqiu said he'd lend you. (If the player chose the "Xu Branch" in "The Chasm Charters")
Muning: Oh my! As expected of Liyue's great hero — coming in the nick of time to my aid!
Muning: *cough* Uh, I mean, considering your long-term partnership with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, just ask me any questions you might have.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Could you tell me more about The Chasm?
(Dialogue continues below)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So, about Xu...
Muning: I've been friends with the two young masters of the family he serves for a long time. The younger of them, Xingqiu, is a warm-hearted and chivalrous soul for someone of his age. I was definitely right to put my faith in him.
Muning: Of course, I also have you and Xu to thank in this case... *sigh* If this sum hadn't come in this month, I'd have some trouble making ends meet before my next payday.
Muning: Either way, I can now start worrying about next month's expenditures.
Paimon: Man, how much Mora does this guy owe...
Muning: Heh, well, old habits die hard, you know?
Muning: But to be honest, I haven't had the time to go to Yanshang Teahouse in a long while. Not since I got assigned here, anyway.
Muning: It's just that old debts still need paying, you know? I... guess I'll have to trouble all of you in the future as well.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You should probably manage your finances better.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You shouldn't waste the goodwill of your friends.
Muning: *sigh* You're right. I suppose I just don't consider these things enough.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Could you tell me more about The Chasm?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Could you tell me more about The Chasm?
Muning: Right, so about the Chasm... If you don't intend to leave just yet, you're free to explore the area a bit. But please do keep your actions within the remit of Liyue's laws and statutes.
Muning: I should mention, though, that there is a place that I highly recommend you avoid.
Muning: For example, the great mine in the center of The Chasm has had a Seven-Star Array cast over it... By which I mean exactly what I say — it is a seal placed over the area by the Qixing.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, that's quite the clear explanation.
Muning: As for the weak... I mean, focal point of the array, it lies in the Bedrock Keys surrounding the area. These were placed by the Qixing themselves. Connected in series, they affix the energy flowing through the array.
Muning: The area around the Bedrock Keys has seen an abnormal amount of Geo elemental coalescences. It's almost as if the "thing" beneath yearns to finally emerge...
Muning: ...Uh, never mind me, I was just talking to myself. So yes, that's how things are. Please do not — and I repeat, do not — go near the Seven-Star Array, and don't even think about going down there to explore.
Muning: The Bedrock Keys are definitely not losing structural integrity, and the surrounding areas are most certainly not plagued by any strange Geo elemental convergences. So please, don't you think of doing anything at all.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png But...
Muning: Hmph, I know what you're going to ask.
Muning: There are most certainly no precious treasures down there, nor are there any prehistoric fossils to be had. And banish any thoughts you have about giant ancient ruins... Yes, please do not bear any fruitless expectations toward this place.
Paimon: The way you're saying all this is super suspicious!
Muning: Not even mushrooms will grow down there! Nor are there wish-granting stones! And there are definitely no sailors who grow strong just by eating mushrooms! Again, do not get your hopes up!
Paimon: Uh, yeah, sure! There's no need to be so fierce...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Anything else I should look out for?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Got it, then. Come, Paimon, let's go.
Paimon: Yup, let's go!
Muning: Wait! I haven't finished!
Muning: I suggest that you go speak to Zhiqiong first. She is an adventurer hired by the Ministry and was once a miner here. She knows The Chasm's geography like the back of her hand...
Muning: Also, let me write you a certification real quick. When she sees it, she'll know that you're trustworthy.
Muning: That said, I must warn you that Zhiqiong is definitely not the sort of person who has trouble standing still, and definitely has no thoughts of undoing the array and having a look underground.
Muning: So there's no way that she would ever put a team of idle adventurers together to brazenly enter hazardous areas! As such, you can forget about asking her to help you enter The Chasm's mines.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Uh huh. Got it.
Muning: Did... did you really?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Uh... yeah, I got it.
Muning: As long as you understand, we're good, in which case, I won't take up any more of your time.
(Obtain Muning's Note)
UI Quest.png Quest Description

You have accepted a commission that requires you to pay The Chasm a visit. Who knows what the situation in the long-sealed mines might be like...
(Talk to Muning again)
Muning: If you understood what I said at all, please stop hanging around this place.
Muning: If not...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png If not...?
Muning: *sigh* If not nothing, really. All I can do is write weekly reports.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Weekly reports?
Muning: Just a somewhat bothersome, meaningless, but nonetheless necessary document.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Why don't you just stop writing them?
Muning: That won't do. I have to at least inform people that you've shown up here, you know?
Muning: The last report was sent out yesterday. In other words, the Ministry of Civil Affairs should get word of your presence here in a couple of days.
Muning: When that happens, someone might actually drop by and forcibly get you to leave.
Muning: So you're free to act before then, got it?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Got it.
Muning: That's good. Hmph, if it wasn't for your great deeds in Liyue's service... Eh, you know what? Forget it.

(Talk to Zhiqiong)
Zhiqiong: Ah, it's you! Hello there!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Muning was the one who introduced me. This is his...
Zhiqiong: Yes, yes, forget that sheet of paper. I already know who you are just fine!
Zhiqiong: That Muning... All he does is put on airs and write papers. Everything's gotta follow this or that procedure and all that tripe. You know, stuff that makes you look important. I couldn't care less for that stuff...
Zhiqiong: In any case, your name is already well-known throughout the Adventurers' Guild, never mind any of your other contributions to Liyue.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm that famous?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, this is me we're talking about.
Paimon: That's right! We're the legendary duo — (Traveler) and Paimon!
(If the player has completed In the Mountains[verification needed])
Zhiqiong: Of course, many new recruits at the Guild have heard of your exploits on Dragonspine from Iris. Hehe, that includes me, you know?
Zhiqiong: Piercing the frigid blizzard to open a path, discovering an ancient, forgotten kingdom beneath the ice and frost, reaching the perilous summit, confronting the great change that came over that place with a mortal form...
Zhiqiong: The things you've experienced, the obstacles you've overcome, the truths you've uncovered... They can be summed up in one word: adventure! True adventure!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Precisely!
Paimon: Wow. This is actually quite a shock to Paimon. Are we really that awesome?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ah, someone give me a compass...
Paimon: Wow, you really don't take praise well, do you?
Zhiqiong: Haha! And this isn't even mentioning the great battle you had with that sea monster on the Jade Chamber. Now, I wasn't there to witness it, mind you, but I haven't missed a single telling of that story!
(If the player has not completed In the Mountains[verification needed])
Zhiqiong: Haha! I mean, you had that great battle with that sea monster on the Jade Chamber. Now, I wasn't there to witness the event, mind you, but I haven't missed a single telling of that story!
Paimon: Huh, so there are stories about us too...
Zhiqiong: Of course! They are very popular in the city, you know? If you ask me, I'd say that Tea Master Liusu and Iron Tongue Tian are both good in their own way, but I just prefer Iron...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png *cough*
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Um, I'm not too familiar with the storytelling tradition...
Zhiqiong: Oh, don't worry, I get it, I get it. Iron Tongue Tian's style is definitely not for everyone. I do sometimes find that his choice of words and phrases features too much slang...
Zhiqiong: But as for Liusu... He takes a while to get going, you know? Sometimes, you're there for two hours before you start going "oh hey, this is pretty good!" Some people like that style, but I find it uninteresting...
Zhiqiong: And if you mean to say that "this is just a story, it won't get stale," let me just say this — if this were food or drink we were talking about, it would surely go bad if we wrapped it up and covered it for half a day without opening it up...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png *cough*
Zhiqiong: Oh, are you alright? Something wrong with your throat?
Paimon: No, no... It's probably just a case of too much information.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I think I said that I wasn't all that interested in storytelling.
Paimon: Yeah... We don't really know what you mean by all this.
Zhiqiong: Uh... Um, sorry. I got a bit too excited there and didn't really consider if you were interested in what I was saying. Hehe...
Zhiqiong: Still, since you're here, (Traveler), are you here at the Qixing's behest? Did Muning end up revealing some other information to you? Um, you know, like...
Zhiqiong: "Don't touch the Bedrock Keys! There's nothing under The Chasm! Zhiqiong won't help you!" You know, stuff like that, repeated over and over?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Muning did indeed tell us all that.
Paimon: Hah! Well, he didn't scare us!
Zhiqiong: Hehe, indeed, he wasn't doing that at all.
Paimon: Eh?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So all the things he mentioned are true?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So, what did he intend to say?
Zhiqiong: *cough* Well, Muning is, in the end, a specialist hired by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Even if he wanted to ask for help, there's a lot that he's not allowed to reveal in public.
Zhiqiong: So he can only "warn" us, and thus impart the means of getting into The Chasm to you in a roundabout way. In essence, when he says "you shouldn't," he really means that "you can."
Paimon: What a weird guy...
Zhiqiong: In any case, you also mentioned that he wrote you a certification and told you to come find me.
Zhiqiong: That note which you now carry means that you have the authorization to travel through The Chasm without any obstruction. Of course, barring any personal intervention by the Qixing.
Zhiqiong: And the fact that he suggested that you find me means that I should tell you the way into the depths of The Chasm!
Paimon: Eh!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That Muning...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What a convoluted way of hinting...
Zhiqiong: Hahaha! Well, for what it's worth, I apologize for all the covering-up that we're doing. But trust me, we have very good reasons for doing so.
Zhiqiong: While the "thing" that they dug up under The Chasm is truly abnormal, our investigations cannot be done with too much pomp and ceremony, lest the people be alarmed... That is the Qixing's standing order.
Zhiqiong: As such, we can only function under the cover of a no-entry order, secretly gathering explorers and scholars to enter The Chasm and conduct investigations.
Zhiqiong: This is all to, if necessary and where possible, stave off the crisis that festers beneath the earth.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So all the people at the encampment were...?
Zhiqiong: That's right. They were all brought on as support staff. They're all pretty reliable... uh, well, mostly.
Zhiqiong: That you came here is also no coincidence. More than one big shot in the Qixing has already recommended that we enlist your aid. And honestly? We've little reason not to comply.
Zhiqiong: In any case, it is also said that your aid is not necessarily difficult to enlist...
Paimon: Eh? Doesn't that mean that we were tricked?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, Paimon, time to leave.
Paimon: Hmph, that's right! Don't you treat us like a bunch of idiots!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Oh, is that how it is? See ya then.
Paimon: Eh? Aren't we at least going to ask them what they're offering?
Zhiqiong: Uh, please wait! I was just passing on my superior's message. Those were her words, not mine! Just, uh, let me take those words back, alright?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Byeee!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Hmph.
Zhiqiong: Come now, this is the Qixing we're talking about! They won't short-change you for your aid!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's not as if I'm short on Mora or anything...
Paimon: Paimon too...! Well, that said, having more Mora isn't a bad thing...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I don't exactly need help putting up missing person posters this time.
Paimon: Then why don't you just ask for something else this time?
Zhiqiong: *cough* Well, if we could mitigate the safety hazards in The Chasm, any underground treasures or valuables will be given to the one who discovers them.
Zhiqiong: This is a special privilege given by the Qixing, just to the two of you.
Paimon: Really? No tricks now!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, in that case...
Paimon: That's right! Treasure!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png And Paimon's Treasure Time begins once again...
Paimon: Well, you see... The Chasm is such a big place... Just imagine how much treasure there's going to be for our taking...
Zhiqiong: Haha, alright, alright. Can we safely say that you've accepted this commission, then?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Alright, we'll do it for the treasure.
Paimon: Woohoo! New treasure!
Zhiqiong: Alright! Here's to a new adventure, then!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Alright, I'll do it for you, Paimon.
Paimon: Hehehe, that's right!
Zhiqiong: Again, let me apologize for wasting your time on all these other things. Let's get down to business, shall we?
Zhiqiong: If we wish to enter The Chasm, we first need to find an Adjuvant made from a material known as Lumenstone. Only with it can we move in the dark down there.
Zhiqiong: Only those with Visions can use this Adjuvant, but considering that you can use elemental energies without a Vision, it's my guess that you should have no problem making use of the Adjuvant.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So, where do we find this thing?
Zhiqiong: It's in a warehouse to the south. The warehouse is well-guarded, so it should be pretty secure. Just come back once you've gotten ahold of the catalyst.
(Talk to Zhiqiong again)
Zhiqiong: Don't worry, I won't run off. Just retrieve the Lumenstone Adjuvant, and things should go fine.

(Approach the miners' warehouse)
Paimon: Come on, no one's guarding this place at all!
Treasure Hoarder: Alright, stop moving all that useless stuff and grab more things for eating and drinking.. Our comrades underground are going to need them...
Treasure Hoarder: Oh no, we've been discovered!
(After defeating the Treasure Hoarders)
Treasure Hoarder: Ugh! Didn't that Clitopho guy say that there was no one standing guard!?
(Approach the Lumenstone Adjuvant)
Paimon: This should be the thing Zhiqiong was talking about, right? Let's take it with us.

(Talk to Zhiqiong)
Paimon: We're back, you big liar!
Zhiqiong: Eh? Me? What happened?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png No one was guarding the warehouse at all!
Paimon: What do you mean, "it's well-guarded"?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png There were even Treasure Hoarders over there!
Paimon: And even they were wondering why no one was guarding the place!
Zhiqiong: Huh? That... shouldn't be the case. When I was guarding the place, the Treasure Hoarders wouldn't even dare come near it.
Paimon: ...Wait a moment. Who did you say was guarding the warehouse, again?
Zhiqiong: Uh, me?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, are you guarding it right now?
Zhiqiong: Well, come on now. Which adventurer in their right mind would let themselves get tied down with such a boring task, am I right?
Zhiqiong: ...!
Zhiqiong: Ah. Right.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Paimon: ...
Zhiqiong: ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, putting your dereliction of duty to one side for the time being...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let's talk about how we'll undo the array instead, shall we...
Zhiqiong: R—Right.
Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

If you wish to enter The Chasm, you might find some way to dispel the magical array set up by the Liyue Qixing. The key to accomplishing such a deed lies in destroying the Bedrock Keys that surround the area...
Zhiqiong: Honestly, I'm not too sure about how the Bedrock Key works, but you could start from looking into those cage-shaped Geo elemental formations over there.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What is that?
Zhiqiong: These strange formations have been puzzling the Ministry of Civil Affairs for some time now. They seem to have grown up from the bedrock of The Chasm over the last two years, and their properties are very similar to those of the "thing" underground.
Zhiqiong: We say this because they can undergo some kind of disintegration when under the influence of the anomalies.
Zhiqiong: Later, Huishan Hall's investigations revealed that they have been absorbing Geo elemental energy from the surroundings, slowly eroding the structure of the Bedrock Keys...
Zhiqiong: It is a most ominous phenomenon, almost like something is consciously trying to break the sealing array.
Zhiqiong: We have to clear them out twice every month, but they will always grow back quickly... and they have only grown back quicker over time.
Zhiqiong: Perhaps that "thing" below is growing restless... and that is why the Qixing has sent us to investigate.
(Talk to Zhiqiong again)
(Same dialogue as above)
(After using Geograna to activate the Cage-Shaped Geo Formations)
Zhiqiong: *cough* Well, as for how we should remove the Bedrock Key here...
Zhiqiong: We could try hitting these formations and using the shards they release to affect the Bedrock Keys, perhaps.
(After destroying the first Bedrock Key)
Paimon: Well, that should do it!
(Talk to Zhiqiong)
Zhiqiong: Huh, you destroy— I mean, undid the bindings on the Bedrock Key so easily! Guess we were right to put our faith in you two!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm quite sure we just damaged public property...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Won't the Qixing investigate this matter...?
Zhiqiong: Eh, Muning has already sent a damage report ahead of us. So technically, the Bedrock Keys were damaged *before* we arrived, not after.
Zhiqiong: Well, that leaves four more that we need to handle. Ah, yes, I've drawn a basic diagram that shows where three of the four are. I hope it'll be of use to you.
(Obtain Bedrock Key Location Diagram)
Zhiqiong: As for the last one... Honestly, I'm not very sure where that is anymore. After the miners were dismissed, there was a seepage incident in that mine, causing the cylinder to be submerged under the waters...
Zhiqiong: In any case, just settle the other three sites. We'll meet up after that and think about what to do next...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Not coming along with us?
Zhiqiong: Not this time... I mean, I was originally assigned to guard the warehouse, but thanks to my slip-up, I nearly let the Treasure Hoarders in there. Honestly, I'm already in your debt for not reporting my error...
Zhiqiong: Things could get bad if Muning catches me and puts me on the trail of some errands again, so I'll just stand guard as I should... For now.
Zhiqiong: Still, I believe that this riddle will be no match for the two of you at all!
(Talk to Zhiqiong again at the warehouse)
Zhiqiong: Please don't talk to me for the time being, or I'll get in trouble again...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png "Again"...?
Zhiqiong: Uh, just don't sweat that...

(After bringing a Geogranum to the first cage-shaped object for all of the three Bedrock Keys, prior to successfully lowering any Bedrock Keys by any amount)
Paimon: Paimon remembers Zhiqiong saying that we need to hit this weird cage thingy so it'll release some fragments, right?

(Approach the first Bedrock Keys)
Paimon: Here's one of those Keys. Let's blow it up!
(Destroy the first Bedrock Key)
Paimon: It's gone! Paimon wonders how these cage-shaped objects and the Lumenstone are related...

(Approach the second Bedrock Key)
Paimon: Here, over here!
(Destroy the second Bedrock Key)
Paimon: Now that's efficient destruction! Uh, whoops. Ahem! We've undone the seal!

(Approach the third Bedrock Key)
(One of the following lines randomly plays)
Paimon: Here, over here!
Paimon: Here's one of those Keys. Let's blow it up!
(Destroy the third Bedrock Key)
Paimon: Looks like we're all done!
Paimon: ...Eh? Not yet? Alright, let's go look for Zhiqiong, then!

(Talk to Zhiqiong)
Paimon: We're back! The three Bedrock Keys have all been destroyed.
Zhiqiong: Shh!
Paimon: ...What's up all of a sudden?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What happened?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Are there enemies nearby?
Paimon: Eh? Enemies? Where?
Zhiqiong: Don't start! It's nothing much... just the earth shaking, that's all. Perhaps the mountain rocks are being destabilized by the loosening of the seal... Do you feel it?
Paimon: Not at all...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You fly, so of course you don't.
Paimon: Huh. That's a good point...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I didn't either.
Zhiqiong: I guess it's just a miner's instinct. If you grew up in a mine since you were young, you'd know a thing or two about the language of the stones.
Zhiqiong: Wait... Watch out!
Paimon: Whoa! The ground really is shaking! Paimon's having trouble standing straight!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You don't stand at all!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How does that even happen to you again?
Paimon: Aaaahhh! Eh... the shaking... stopped?
Zhiqiong: Phew... Looks like it's over for now. Thankfully, we were above ground. If we were in the mines when this earthquake happened...
Zhiqiong: Hopefully, Muning and the others don't blame this on us.
Zhiqiong: But now, the sealing array's power has been greatly decreased. We just need to deal with that last Bedrock Key. Let's go!

(When nearing the final Bedrock Key)
Zhiqiong: Speaking of which, the old miners used to call these passing earthquakes "Adakka's Breath."
Paimon: Adakka? What's that? ...Ooh, Paimon knows!
Paimon: It must be some plump giant buried beneath the mountains, whose snorts cause the mountains to shake!
Zhiqiong: Well... that's not quite right, but it isn't far off, either.
Zhiqiong: Adakka was a king who ruled Tianqiu Valley in ancient times... A dragon-king of the mountains.
Zhiqiong: It is said that he was defeated here by the Lord of Geo's martial mastery and sealed somewhere in Jueyun Karst, where he still sleeps today.
(If the player has completed No Mere Stone)
Paimon: This story sounds familiar... Hey, don't you mean "Azhdaha"?
Zhiqiong: ...M—Maybe? I mean, the ones who spoke most confidently of the dragon-king's tale were the old folks. Most of them passed on while I was still a kid, so I don't quite remember those stories all that clearly...
Zhiqiong: Still, isn't the goal of adventure to get closer to the truth buried underneath these tales and stories?

(Approach the ground beneath the Bedrock Key)
Zhiqiong: Careful! Looks like some monster is dropping down from above us!
(Two Geovishap Hatchlings spawn)
(After the two Geovishap Hatchlings are defeated, optional)
Zhiqiong: Even more monsters incoming! Mind your head!
(A Geovishap spawns)

(After destroying the final Bedrock Key)
Zhiqiong: Very impressive! That should be the last one. With this, the array sealing The Chasm has dissipated, and we can explore the area underground.
Zhiqiong: That said... We should probably go and pay Muning a visit first. Hmph, not that he's going to do anything other than scold us, though.
You follow Zhiqiong back to the camp.
Muning: See? What did I say? You weren't guarding the warehouse as you should've at all!
Muning: You've really done it this time, Zhiqiong. How are we going to resolve this matter, huh? Are you going to take responsibility for undoing the array of your own accord? Can you?
Muning: Ah, you're here. *sigh* So... how are you going to explain destroying the Bedrock Keys?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png From an aesthetic point of view, this place looks better without them.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png If you really wanted to stop me, you'd have chased me off some time ago now.
Muning: You...! Ugh, alright! You're taking responsibility for this. As for the rest, we'll wait for the Qixing to make their judgment first.
Zhiqiong: Hehe, don't you worry, Muning only gets mad at people who don't care. Otherwise, he's just a worrywart — not a bad person.
Zhiqiong: Well, let's leave his stubborn temper aside first. Once you're ready, I'll round everyone up to follow you down into the mines.
Zhiqiong: Our purpose this time is to reach the deepest level of The Chasm, map it, and... uh, investigate the source of the anomalies.
Zhiqiong: Ah, yes, I almost forgot — welcome to the Chasm Exploration Team!
Zhiqiong: If you'll allow me a bit of your time, let me introduce you to the team.
Zhiqiong: This is Khedive, a scholar specifically called in from Sumeru. His specialties are ores and biology. He's this exploration team's leading man... well, in scientific and financial matters, at least.
Zhiqiong: This is Jinwu, who's in charge of safety. The repair and maintenance of any facilities we use and our security is ensured by her.
Zhiqiong: And this is... Taliesin. He's a bard from Mondstadt... and goodness knows why he insisted on coming down here with us.
Zhiqiong: Also, perhaps you'll discover new allies once you get down into the mines, eh? Haha, who knows?
Zhiqiong: And last but not least, you have me, the super hands-on surveyor! My job is to help scout the way forward and draw maps, which I'll share with you all, of course!
Zhiqiong: Well, please head over to the crane by the mines once you're ready. Originally, it was meant to transport goods, but it can also bring a few people up and down the mines, no problem!
Zhiqiong: Hmm, that said, since you have your wind glider, I suppose that you'd be fine even without the crane, eh?


  • The English localization suggests the Traveler can get bashful over Zhiqiong's accounts of their deeds on Dragonspine. However, in the original Chinese version, the Traveler is instead making a statement which suggests they will accomplish equally-great deeds in The Chasm (请给我指北针。 "Please give me a compass."), while Paimon comments on their boastfulness(Paimon: 喂,你也太不禁夸了吧! "Hey, you're getting a bit boastful there, aren't you?!")

Video Guides

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Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishSurreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering
Qiǎo Mán Qīxīng Jiě Pánjiàn
Skillfully Concealing From the Qixing and Solving the Bedrock Keys
Qiǎo Mán Qīxīng Jiě Pánjiàn
Shichi-sei wo Azamuki Banken wo Toku[!]
Deceiving the Qixing and unlocking the geo key
Korean칠성 몰래 반건 해결
Chilseong Mollae Bangeon Haegyeol
Solve the Flat-Rock Key without Qixing's Knowledge
SpanishLas llaves rocosas de las Siete EstrellasThe Rocky Keys of the Seven Stars
FrenchFracture subreptice du sceau des Sept ÉtoilesSurreptitious Breaking of the Qixing's Seal
RussianТайна скалистых затворов Цисин
Tayna skalistykh zatvorov Tsisin
Khai phanuek son ren chet dara
VietnameseChe Giấu Thất Tinh Giải Thạch ẤnConcealing the Qixing (and) Solve the Stone Seal
GermanGeheimmission zur Auflösung der Qixing-FormationSecret Mission to Dismantle the Qixing Formation
IndonesianRahasia Batu Kunci dan Formasi Tujuh BintangSecret of the Rock Key and Seven Star Formation
PortugueseDestruição às Chaves de Rocha dos Qixing

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