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The Supreme Cuisine Machine is a device created by Cloud Retainer that debuts in the quest Contraption-Contrived Cooking Course: Part I during the event Moonchase Tales.

It involves adjusting the temperature of three stoves to be within a certain desired range on the thermometer. The heat of the stoves can be increased by applying Pyro and decreased by applying Hydro or Cryo.

Moonchase Tales

In the Contraption-Contrived Cooking Course, Cloud Retainer works with the Traveler to create dishes from the machine.

During the series, sometimes enemies such as Cryo Hilichurl Shooters and Large Cryo Slimes may appear. Their aggro will initially be focused on the machine, and their attacks can decrease the temperature of the stoves.

When activated, it will automatically search for nearby ingredients and mark their scent out. The machine also requires an adeptal flame to cook.

Each challenge lasts for 1:30 time (90 seconds).


Tutorial Cuisine Machine Test Run 1.png Take note of the Supreme Cuisine Machine's temperature at all times while using it to make gourmet dishes. If the temperature of the device is too high or low, the temperature meter will turn either red or green. If it remains in an over- or under-heated state for a few seconds, your current cooking process will fail. Maintain a normal temperature at all times and complete your culinary masterpiece with care!
Tutorial Cuisine Machine Test Run 2.png There are two pedals on the ground in front of the device. Stand on these pedals to shift the adeptal flame in the corresponding direction and adjust the heat on different mechanisms. When the adeptal flame is under a certain mechanism, its temperature will rise. A device that is not exposed to the adeptal flame will decrease in temperature.
Tutorial Cuisine Machine Test Run 3.png The Supreme Cuisine Machine's temperature will increase when it is exposed to Pyro. Conversely, Hydro and Cryo will decrease its temperature. Manipulate the elements to cook more efficiently.


Change History

Released in Version 2.1