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Sunsettias are a food item that the player obtains by foraging in the wild.

Sunsettia restores 300 HP to the target character. Like most foods, this can not target other players' characters in Co-Op Mode; this can only target characters of the player's party.

How to Obtain

Sunsettias grow in groups of three on some Cuihua Trees in Mondstadt and Liyue, and can be harvested by either climbing or hitting the tree to make them fall within the player's reach. Dropped Sunsettias may also be found at the base of such trees, in critter hideouts and on crates and tables of urbanized areas. They are most commonly found in Starfell Valley, Galesong Hill, Bishui Plain and Qiongji Estuary.

Sunsettias can also be dropped by destructible crates, barrels and pots or by Investigation points found all over Teyvat.

See the Video Guides section or the Teyvat Interactive Map for specific locations.

Additionally, the following NPCs give Sunsettias after following a certain dialogue branch for the first time:

Shop Availability

1 Shops that sell Sunsettia:

Item NPC Mora Cost Stock Notes
Sunsettia Sunsettia Bolai 170 10 Every 3 Days

Craft Usage

There are 4 items that can be crafted using Sunsettia:

Item Craft Type Recipe
Fruit Paste Bait Fruit Paste Bait ×10 Crafting Sunsettia Sunsettia ×1
Wheat Wheat ×1
Red Dye Red Dye Dye Sunsettia Sunsettia ×1
Jam Jam Processing Sunsettia Sunsettia ×3
Berry Berry ×2
Sugar Sugar ×1
Taiyaki Taiyaki Cooking Sunsettia Sunsettia ×3
Milk Milk ×3
Flour Flour ×2
Sugar Sugar ×2


  • One of the Expeditions available in Inazuma rewards Sunsettias, despite the complete absence of Sunsettia trees in the region.


Video Guides

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Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Sunsettia
rìluò guǒ
rìluò guǒ
Japanese 夕暮れの実
Yuugure no Mi
Dusk Fruit
Korean 일몰 열매
Ilmol Yeolmae
Sunset Fruit
Spanish Solsettia
French Pomme crépusculaireTwilight Apple
Russian Закатник
Sunsettia[• 1]
Thai Sunsettia
Vietnamese Quả Nhật LạcSunset Fruit[• 2]
German DämmerfruchtDawn Fruit
Indonesian Sunsettia
Portuguese Fruto do Pôr do Sol
  1. RU: Закат Zakat is the word for "Sunset," while the suffix -ник -nik is added to denote — in this case — an object. "Sunsettia" is an accurate translation.
  2. VI: Quả (果) = Fruit, Nhật Lạc (日落) = Hoàng hôn = Sunset

Change History

Released in Version 1.0