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The legendary freshwater amphibian that can spit out pearls.
They are found mostly where the water is clear and the reeds grow long.
It is said that their lovely hue is like the sunset upon the waters, or that the tranquility of sunset stays with them.
They will combine elements that can neither be absorbed nor digested, gravel and ores within their bodies to create sparkling, shining pearls, and will spit them out when threatened to confuse and distract predators.

Sunset Loach is a type of loach which can be found both as Wildlife and as a pet for the Serenitea Pot.

Outdoor creatures, as the name implies, can only be placed in outdoor spaces within the Housing system.


Catching one for the first time will add this creature's entry into your in-game archive.


See the Teyvat Interactive Map for specific locations.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Sunset Loach
Luòrì Qiūqiū
Luòrì Qiūqiū
Japanese 落日サンショウウオ
Korean 석양 추추어
Seokyang Chuchu'eo
Sunset Chuchu Fish
Spanish Locha del anochecer
French Loche crépusculaireDusk Loach
Russian Закатный аксолотль
Zakatnyy aksolotl'
Sunset Axolotl
Thai Sunset Loach
Vietnamese Cá Chạch Hoàng Hôn
German DämmerlurchTwilight Amphibian
Indonesian Sunset Loach
Portuguese Peixe do Anoitecer

Change History

Released in Version 2.1