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Sunfire Phantasms are distortions visible in in the air in Enkanomiya. They appear during Whitenight and typically indicate the location of an interactable object after switching to Evernight.

Interactable objects that may display as Sunfire Phantasms during Whitenight include Key Sigil seals and Elemental Monuments.


Tutorial Of Sun and Moon 1.pngIf you possess the Golden Bridle of Enkanomiya, you will have the authority to activate mechanisms that switch between Evernight and Whitenight. Such mechanisms, which can be found throughout Enkanomiya, are connected to the Dainichi Mikoshi and can be used to modify the day-nightcycle.
Enkanomiya appears different in the Evernight and Whitenight states. Use this ability to switch between day and night well in order to uncover the land's secrets.
Tutorial Of Sun and Moon 2.pngShield-Lights of Tokoyo present during Whitenight are dispelled during Evernight and vice versa.
Tutorial Of Sun and Moon 3.pngThere are certain distortions in the air visible in Enkanomiya, which are known as Sunfire Phantasms.
Switching between day and night can cause these illusions to disperse or show themselves.


After the creation of the Dainichi Mikoshi, the people of Enkanomiya began to observe some special phenomena — the mirages during Whitenight and the Sinshades during Evernight — which they indiscriminately referred to both as "Eidolons." It was not until the arrival of Orobashi that they were able to understand them and named the mirages "Sunfire Phantasms" and the Sinshades "Ghostfire Phantasms".[1]



  • Marishi (Chinese: 摩利支) is derived from Marici, a Buddhist deity associated with light and the Sun who rides on a fiery chariot.

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishSunfire Phantasm
Yángyán zhī Huàn
Dazzling Sunlight Illusion
Yángyán zhī Huàn
Kagerou no Maboroshi[!]
Heat Haze Phantasm
Korean양염의 환영
Yang'yeom-ui Hwanyeong
Phantasm of Heat Haze
SpanishEspectro solarSolar Ghost
FrenchIllusion solaireSolar Illusion
RussianСолнечные фантазмы
Solnechnyye fantazmy
ThaiSunfire Phantasm
VietnameseẢo Ảnh Lửa Mặt Trời
GermanSonnenflammenillusionSun Flame Illusion
IndonesianSunfire Phantasm
PortugueseFantasmas do Fogo SolarGhosts of Solar Fire

Change History

Released in Version 2.4


  1. Book: The Byakuyakoku Collection, Vol. 5